Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS HOTAS Review

Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS HOTAS Review

Today we take out Thrustmasters new T.16000M Flight Control System for a spin and see how it performs.
I spent a little over a week on this Hotas in order to get a good feel for it before making this review, I’ll do my best to revisit it in a couple of months to comment on durability over time.
I hope you enjoy!

Below is a list of online retailers from which you can order this new Hotas solution, I stress THESE ARE NOT SPONSORED LINKS.
I’m simply putting them here to make life easier for those considering buying the system.


And finally this is NOT a sponsored video, A review sample of the T.16000M FCS was supplied for testing purposes however I was not contracted or payed for the creation of this video.
If Thrustmaster would like to sponsor me of course I am open to negotiation 😛

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Intro with thanks to Laurent Caccia.
Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound.

System Specs:
CPU: Skylake i7 6700k
RAM: 16gb 3600MHz DDR4
GPU: Galax GTX 980 HoF
HDD Boot: 120GB SSD
HDD Storage: Seagate Barracuda 3TB (7200RPM)
HoTaS: Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS
Flight Pedals: Thrustmaster T.Flight
VR: Oculus Rift DK2


Diamond 482 says:

Might you do a video on setting up the 1600 fcs hotas for those of us new to flight sticks / hotas for elite and war thunder ??

ChozoSR388 says:

I only wish that it were available in more color options; I have a black setup with blue LEDs and red accents inside. Would like to see it in either black/blue, or black/red.

Yoshiro Poh says:

Is the joystick sold alone?

Matthias says:

Hi, I am from Singapore and have been looking to get a TM 16000, any variant, where did you get yours? Any website I see is either not shipping it to Singapore, if not it is out of stock

The Architect says:

honestly the joystick thing sells it for me. also all the hats.

Andreas Czudai says:

Thanks for the review! But I have a different question: I am interested in these planes you have there in the background? Where can I get these, please? Greetings from Germany!

yosharian says:

I have the old version of the 16000M and I can confirm this thing is fucking indestructible. Actually want to buy this new version now… for the yellow trim. Yes, I’m shallow.

Billy Leroy says:

Hey Magz,
I’m happy to report…that after asking all the youtube experts if the T.16000 was compatible with the ps4 which they said it was Not .. it is! ..I love it and your videos.

the holy cow says:

its 40 pounds in amazon xD

Zsavage1 says:

was wondering.. did you buy this stick or was it given to you for review? you seem kinda bias toward it..

Tiramisu Corleone says:

I am also missing a third slider axis, but I think I will additionally use my old joystick in order to control the third axis.

Jose mar says:

thank you for making this video I been looking for a good review on this ,and you have done an excellent review.

Richard Clark says:

Magz, you have some tiny thumbs…does this effect your gameplay overall?

mossaic13 says:

Anyone know if this works on ps4 and Elite Dangerous?

Ellros says:

My only sticking point on this throttle, is the lack of a detent on the throttle (like on the T Flight Hotas) for going to WEP/afterburner, rather than normal power. Otherwise it looks good. I like having the wide array of buttons.

Thomas Gandy says:

Would you please export you rise of flight profile? For some reason I am having trouble setting up this hotas in rof.

JohnnyQ85 says:

hi guys! Does anyone know for a fact if the throttle rocker can be used as buttons instead of axis?

Roester says:

thats like the best thing ever omg!:D!!


i still have the original t16 000m since 2011:3

Real Rogue says:

I know this is old, but I’m curious to know if you were using some form of trackIR when you tested with ED, or whether you were using the POV stick to look around. It looks almost obviously like some IR because of the fluid direct movements to specific points, but I figured I would ask first.

Tekdees says:

When are you going to release your pedals update? I want to pick this setup but I want to know if the pedals are worth getting

Andi Gewehre says:

can you share your mapping for elite dangerous ?

221b says:

I currently have a Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS stick, but I’ve been considering upgrading to something a bit more high-end. Will I notice an improvement in smoothness and precision with this stick?

Also, does this work entirely as a standard USB input device or does it have features that require special software to work?

PIK says:

Fuck me. What a fantastic, concise review. Now I have to subscribe… *sigh*

A quick point on the mini-stick: I have a CH Products HOTAS and rudder peddal set up. I noticed that the ministick on the CH throttle suffers the same centering flaw as that of the stick on the Thrustmaster throttle. I contacted them for comment, they replied with “some inaccuracy is considered normal and acceptable with the throttle ministick.” Yes. This is CH Products we’re talking about. Renowned for their quality. I fear that to become good at ministicks, you really need to be making millions of them over the course of decades. Something even CH hasn’t managed if we’re honest. For the Scarab SRV controls in Elite, I use a PS3 controller. As expected, the mini sticks on these Dual Shock controllers perform perfectly with no centering issues and no deadzone other than what might be hardwired into them. A testament to the millions of Dual Shock controllers, of all generations, that have been made by Sony over the years.

Continuing with the CH set up: Aside from the mini stick flaw, the old fashioned flight stick gimble has a clunkiness and stiffness to it that is slowly getting better with use. I much prefer the more free motion of modern joysticks that use a spherical gimble mount, even when they’re using potentiometers. I imagine Hall Effect Sensors are even smoother. Speaking of the POTS, this is another fault with CH Products’ set up. Even though the POTS are of high quality, and I expect them to last a long time, I’ve noticed that, for the rudders at least, they seem to lose their calibration easily. This seems to be rectified simply enough by a quick re-calibration, although sometimes even that isn’t enough and a rescan/reconnect is required. Not fun when you’re in the middle of a RES in ED.

I know that CH Products rant was a bit off topic, but I thought you might have had some experience with them, so I’d mention my gripes.

Once again, great review. Fly safe!

HybridEnergy says:

Rise of Flight ever coming to VR? That would be great.

Darth Stewie says:

So would you recommend this HOTAS over the Saitek x52?

allen joiner says:

This might be a dumb question, but does this work with the XBOX ONE S. Would love if this is. Thanks for everyone’s information

Richard Clark says:

That overlay on your video is very annoying – you should tame it a little and just stay at a logo in corner

bkingk8 says:

Excellent review
How would you compare it to the X-56?

Superbadger10 says:

Does anybody know if it works well with Microsoft flight simulator?

jacob smith says:

I’ll just stick with my T.FLIGHT H.O.T.A.S X thanks.

jim kotefas says:

Im relatively new to DCS. Should i buys this hotas , or is it worth it to give $450+ to buy the warthog setup ( joystick , throttle and pedals) ? The thing is that if i buy the t16000m hotas now im afraid that later i will regret having spent money on it ,instead of buying the warthog setup straight away. But again, im not sure if i want to pay 450+ now , without knowing how much free time i will have in the future or if i will be dedicated in flight sims.
I currently use the Logitech Extreme 3d Pro for DCS , IL-2 , Arma 3 and War Thunder.
And im also planning to buy track ir some day or use some of the free solutions first.

Pedro Romano says:

Should I buy a T.16000m FCS hotas or a saitek x52 ?

JAnx01 says:

This or Saitek X52 FCS? They’re almost the same price.

Astearon says:

I have most of those model planes from a magazine that circulated in Romania 🙂 they are nicely detailed and were not expensive!

Easton Williams says:

Why does everyone always say “Elite Dangerous Simulator”, it’s not a Simulator at all, simulators are ONLY simulating what’s already in reality, not Fiction

Martin Maclean says:

What desk is that you have. It looks great??

Bart Blom says:

wait…. landing gear aint critical???????????? XD

JohnnyQ85 says:

hi guys! Does anyone know for a fact if the throttle rocker can be used as buttons instead of axis?

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