Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog Joystick Review

Thrust Master were kind enough to give me a Warthog Hotas for review and to build into a cockpit I am building for Star Citizen.
Unfortunately it got a little damaged on the way from France to me, but I have it all working now & have played some star citizen with it.

This HOTAS is not Left-Handed Friendly

So let’s talk about it
It is EXPENSIVE $400-500 range or £300
It is a replica of an A10-C US AIRFORCE Control System & is pretty much all metal
Both the Joystick and throttle are incredibly heavy – over 6.5kg between them.
Firstly I am in awe and slightly daunted by the amount of buttons, switches and hat triggers on this thing. It will take you an age setting up all the buttons to do what you want them to in any given game. For Star Citizen there are downloadable pre-made bindings for it, the problem with these is that when using these MANY buttoned HOTAS’ or Sticks that you need to work out how to configure it as you play really. You realise that you need a button to cycle friendly targets and want it to be “THIS ONE” or Eject for example. Not have to press buttons going… I wonder what they do… yay missiles… whoops Self Destruct. You could explore the Joystick and throttle and Joystick for hours & the lighting on it is pretty cool too.
Both the Joystick and Throttle are each connected by USB cable.

The Joystick & Hotas is of an AMAZING build quality, it is going to last the test of time, all the buttons have a real immersive feel to them & make you feel almost powerful. You would really have to go out of your way to break this thing.

The main issue of the Stick is that their is no twist, really to have a setup using the stick for star citizen you would need pedals. For me the twist is essential.
Their are TOO MANY buttons & remembering to flick switches back to their orgianl position becomes a choire rather than immersive… pretty fast.
It is pretty hard to transport, due to the size and wieght of these it is like bringing another PC to LAN, trust me I know.
Actually flying in Star Citizen with this HOTAS made me a worse pilot, the weight and resistance of the item makes dogfighting hard & flying a really fast ship HARDER.
For Star Citizen as a HOTAS I have to give this a 5 out of 10, it’s too expensive, a little sluggish, no twist, too many buttons & too much setup!
I do however think that if you were flying a Idris or something else big like a Hull C then this stick would FEEL AMAZING it suits that kind of ship.

My System Specs:
i7 4790K 4.5GHz Processor
16GB Corsair Vengeance Pro 2400MHz Ram
MSI Z97 G-55 Motherboard
XFX Radeon R9 290X 4096MB GFX
120GB SSD – Games / 60GB SSD – OS
Windows 7 64 Professional


All Music Provided by Matthew Huffaker aka Teknoaxe
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GawkyOrpheus510 says:

well would you reccomend??? thats hte entire point of a review is to get a recommendation or not. not to leave people hanging

Metriximor says:

They GAVE you? Really? You are soooo lucky, good luck with the rest of the cockpit!

Goliath Gaming says:

wow man i just subbed…feels like a genuine review and not a oh ima give them 10 stars for giving me $400 hotas…and i had no idea about the pedal thing…thts a big issue considering pedals are not cheap…i could see this being for AVID players or maybe people who are setting up simulation type cockpits for maximum immersion….i personally would LOVE one many years from now and have the time money and space to setup a immersive cockpit…in which case $ wouldnt be tht big an issue

Mark Hall says:

It’s just a photo and you talking. I don’t know about “BoredGamer” but this is BoredViewer

Runeclaw says:

The review could have been a bit longer. To me it was to much about the profiles and to little about how it feels in your hands and what functions it offers. I would have liked to see your hands as you show us how easy or hard it is to reach all the buttons and sticks on the joystick and how the switches works on the throttle. For example if they just go from on to off, or if they have three stages. Some details on the buttons on the side of the throttle to explain how they work.

Would you maybe use the throttle with your Logitech joystick, using the advanced features and functions from that one with the lighter joystick from Logitech?

So just my feedback on the video, hope it helps.

TESI303 says:

When you’re spending that much money, twist is not important. For that much $$$ you either have the extra cash for pedals, for an authentic feel or are willing to save up. When you’re going THIS far, its best to continue and go all the way. What I’m really disappointed at is your lack of mention of 6-dof. Is it at all possible to have that with this HOTAS? Is there some thumbstick like on a gamepad that you can use for sliding your ship around as well? 

Fiasco3 says:

Thanks for the review I was really looking at that stick, but without Yaw-Twist forget it.

Saigun X says:

it’s on sale Newegg 300 US as of May 12 2016

zeus anoxia says:

This thing is way to expensive.
If it is at all possible, try to get your hands on a Logitech G940 HOTAS.

Darth's Lounge says:

i ended up with the warthog and t flight peddals. now first of: if you like quality and immersion. this is it. period. ive never played sims, never played with stick either before sc and it took me awhile to get used to it. but boy. i tell you its rewarding getin gud with this badass. but beware, since there isnt any twist you really need pedals, which can get your brain to overload in the begining… 10 out of 10. coming from a dedicated flyingsim newbie

Amigo says:

So I bought the Thrustmaster warthog. I got combat pro pedals, should have them beginning of January.

Is the stick really that bad for SC?

TKrios97 says:

I like this joystick but it is pretty expensive and there’s also just too many damn buttons lol 

Peter Taylor says:

You can adjust it’s stiffness 5 out of 10 are you insane I have been using this in DCS for 2 years watching my Saitek friends fail over and over again yes it costs alot but so does replacing plastic poorly made ones 🙂

Ove ng says:

just epic

Silas Farseer says:

Just to save you a lot of time, there is no perfect Star Citizen joystick setup right now.  If you mix and match you can get something with a lot of functionality for it but not the sweet styling you get from the Warthog.  I’m enjoying my Thrustmaster Warthog + Pedals, but they are not for everyone.  Cheers.

172Floater says:

I’ve got the Warthog and I agree with this review. SC is too much of a twitch shooter right now where you need a stick or gamepad with less resistance to maneuver with than the Hog. It’s great to use with slower paced sims like DCS where you need the more precise inputs but for right now, I’m sticking with my DS4 controller for SC.  

Star Citizen Speakeasy says:

I’m not sure too many buttons could be a problem for me.  I only program a button as i find a need for it so im using each one over and over again and I basically only have to learn one button at a time.  It takes longer this way but works best for me.  More frustrating would be if I wanted to bind a button only to find that i ran out of buttons (Logitech 3D Pro) sigh

rogantu says:

The hotas works brilliant for me in Elite Dangerous. I felt just as good as when I used mouse and keyboard, but it was slightly better overall. In SC I haven’t been able to get the game to recognize the devices yet, so I haven’t tested it there. I have currently used all the buttons on the joystick itself and it’s just perfect. The Throttle has less keybindings currently in use by me, but it’s over half. So for me, I’m pretty sure I will enjoy this in SC whenever I keybind it. I just can’t fly with that mouse pointer thing. It does not work for me at all, so I will need this Joystick up and running by release.

Spore Spawn says:

I’ve read that using a stick extension helps a lot with the stiffness. Something like this:

Maybe something to consider if you’re building a cockpit.

Regardless I would say give the stick some time, it probably has a break-in period.

Adam Olympia says:

The warthog joystick is only $200 at microcenter. Hurry before they sell out! Just got mine from there today, after about a week that it took to ship.. The only downside is that you can’t buy the throttle separately and I haven’t seen any on ebay. I need a decent one.

Paddzr says:

I’d like to see some real video of you playing with the product. 

hydrobigbang says:

I use the warthog and I’m one of the best pilots out there.The increased effort to move the stick around is something that you get used to the more you use it.You just need to work it harder! Make that stick your bitch! And the ridiculous amount of buttons is also something that you will learn with time.This HOTAS can seem pretty intimidating at first but once you tame the beast it has the potential to bring you to the top!

Järn Varg says:

Interesting comment you made there, that it feels wrong for the current ships in Arena Commander, but might be just right for the bigger ones. Having a heavy joystick with more resistance will probably feel better for slower ships. I hope to hear your views on this HOTAS once AC 2.0 comes out.

What prevented me from buying this one was all the switches. To me it just looks and feels wrong, I want a few buttons on the throttle, not a bunch of sharpen sticks that will pierce my wrist if I get a bit tired and move my hand from the throttle to rest it a bit. I do however understand that it is designed as a 1:1 replica of the real thing and that is why it looks the way it does.

Ashleigh Syller says:

thanks for the great use of video

Gabriel Griffon says:

It doesn’t have extra analog axis for strafing that’s why I ordered thd stick but with the twcs théorie

The Manicus says:

Great honest review! Still an amazing product. I always love enthusiastic products.

Separate question: Why do most people use thrust sticks for there setups? Why not have not peddles for that and get and free up an extra hand that could be used for a mouse aiming (gimbal mounts)? Am I missing something?

I’m not able to set it up myself at the moment but would love know if it is good setup or not 🙂

The Angry Astronaut says:

So if you think it’s too stiff and you need more of a response out of it why not just adjust the curve then? In fact I would much prefer that kind of a set up because it would allow you to have fine adjustments and quick reactions depending on the deflection of the stick. There is software for these peripherals for a reason.

Damon Czanik says:

Thanks for the info! For me, the twist is really important too. Space sims and flight sims tend to have needs/desires. I miss force feedback. I’d also love a couple of analog thumbsticks instead of a 4/8-way switch. One for looking around, and another for gimballed weapons. 

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