Thinkgeek’s Joystick-it iPad Arcade Stick review

A review of Thinkgeek’s Joystick-it iPad Arcade Stick.

Review post:


Clyde Phalanx says:

I was wondering about Gun Bros. Great review

Mr D says:

Think it work on agario ?

Carlos Mendoza says:

Hey, thanks for the video, it made it a lot easier to help me decide whether I want it or not. Quick question, where can I get that background that you have on your ipad?

rtselby says:

Hmmm a game like dungeon defenders that isn’t affected by extended movement? Answer: X-men for the Arcade. My top 4 apps of All-Time: 1) Garage band 2) X-men Arcade 3) Street Fighter IV Volt 4) I Am T-Pain (autotune app) and I haven’t played this one yet but I heard the new Simpsons Arcade is awesome too.

meanmachine says:

a smaller joystick would work better

caio de oliveira ferreira says:

Very good

Ricardo Cabrera says:

Name games ????

To No Avail Records says:

There’s actually a mobile version of the JOYSTICK-IT. It’s smaller and fits on the phone great.

MegaDman321 says:

they make smaller ones for iphone

Dee Jay says:

it’s sad that this little stick cost about the same price as a Wiimote Street Fighter Arcade Controller that can be used on tablet games.

hristaki99 says:

Wow! 25 bucks? I found this for $2 bucks. I think it’s worth it.

AuT NaWaMin says:


viewtifulzfo says:

Bizarrely enough, I can think of a game that would be useful with it.

Any of the Cave shooters currently available would probably be better with a joystick.

f1ipm0nk3y says:

pacman works perfectly for my with the joystick

Matthew Wylie says:

hahahaha ur a gay fag!!!! i bought it of DX for 4.00 ur a newab no thats an insult to gay people.

Sherry Xiao says:


LS650 says:

Great review with lots of useful detail!

Noah Davis says:

Hey, I created something like this a while ago. If you want to extend the range of that, put some sponge around it. Sponge IS capacitive, and cleans your screen. I used it to create a “ghetto” stylus. Just fine some pure SOLID sponging, make sure it works first, and then cut a circle for it. Cheers.

mistklmon says:

$3.00 on eBay…

Darren Jaundrill says:

nice n helpful vid would it work on samsung galaxy tab 10.1 gt p7510

adrianTNT says:

I thought it is some kind of wireless joystick :))
This video clarified it.

Guugle Suxballs says:

oddly not stereo

Feifeizhang001 says:

You can get 2 on slick for $6.00

Jon Miller says:

Thanks for taking the time to make the video dude. It was very helpful and exactly what I was looking for. I ordered this for FFIII and I think from what I just watched it will work great. On a side note as far as “worth it,” for 25$ no way, however i snagged mine under 5$ new on ebay.

Zeliq Austerlitz says:

Stop fondling it and use it already!

Jurassic says:

You deserve way more subs! 😀

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