The EDGE SUPER Joystick review

I take apart the edge super joystick and review it so gud!


VaughnJogVlog says:

L and R are not conducive for SFII, but that price point is pretty sweet.

Bård Baadstø Ildgruben says:

It’s pretty cool that you are the only one (as far as I can see) who has done a video of this joystick. It seems to be pretty hard to get one these days. Both Walmart and Emio are out of stock. Guess I’ll order one from eBay. Thanks for the review.

DJ Dheath says:


Es Unboxing says:

I like your video!!followe brother

Damian Wezzterman says:

I bought 2 of these and they both had Sanwa clone sticks in them that suck. One had switches similar to a HAP with the metal bars used to actuate the switches making Street Fighter accuracy non existent. The other was a more faithful clone but after installing any mods(heavier spring and/or .5mm oversized switch actuator) the stick had a tendency to stick in whatever the last direction was used. Luckily real Sanwa JLF joysticks are cheap and a direct bolt in. As for the buttons, they were complete junk. They have a kind of crunch to them when pressed more than just a click. Replaced those with Sanwa buttons before the joysticks were ever plugged in and played. The upside, I never had any electrical issues with the factory soldering points like a lot of others have had.

Anyway, for $30, this is a great SNES Classic joystick to get if you are looking for a starting point to mod. I would’ve paid $30 just for the case and and internal circuit boards. However, if you’re looking for something to use out of the box without modding, just get a 8bitdo with a NES/SNES dongle.

Bora Chreng says:

Looking forward to see how you mod it! What size should I get for the buttons and octagonal gate? And how do you reduce the dead space in the joystick?

Arcade Party says:

It comes with a USB adapter, freaking awesome!

I was just going to finally get around to ordering that nes version when I saw this one was out.

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