The Controller Chronicles HD – NES Advantage Joystick Review (2.0)

Second time’s a charm.


Warbot says:

Hi, I’m currently putting together a video on Nintendo’s hardware history that briefly mentions the NES Advantage and I was wondering if I could use this footage?

IBM and SEGA Freak says:

Why does my nes advantage joystick click? It works perfectly, but what could be wrong?

Invader TAK says:

Once you go Sanwa or Seimitsu, you don’t go back.

Also yeah, THIS time the video works.

Josh says:

Remember me? i am the guy with the idea to get a psp and mod it…. and told you to get a tri pod……. do you remember that?

anyways i thought i would get a retro duo and a mod a dogbone controller or get a 3rd party or legit snes controller, would you suggest this?



Michael Capers says:

1987 that sounds familiar

Virtual Robots Revolt says:

Just picked this up yesterday finally for $15. I don’t notice the buttons getting stuck at all on mine. Perhaps its not nearly as used/worn as the one you’re using.

Pisces_Yoshi says:

I don’t even care, I want one of these so I can lplay all my NES games with a joystick! that sounds so much fun.

Harlequin314159 says:

Great review! I still own my childhood Nes Advantage and I completely agree. I think it looks awesome and I love it, but I don’t recall ever thinking it was actually a good controller. Cheers!

megaman x says:

Awesome dude!! works this time..  and have you ever played super baseball 2020??  I don’t really play baseball games but this ones bat shit crazy!!

PixelatedNate486 says:

can anyone tell me how easy it would be to mod the joystick with tactile switches?

Helios Centaur says:

Do you have the Generation NEX Arcade Stick?  If so, how does it compare?

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