T. Flight 4 HOTAS Review PC/PS4

I take a look at the updated T. Flight HOTAS now for the PS4.


foxhuntercustom worx says:

how does this work? it seem I can not work it on my elite dangerous. is the button ps red or blue?

JoeDlfc ! says:

Bought this and I plugged it in but half the buttons don’t work and it’s impossible to fly without them what am I doing wrong there is nothing in settings to change anything related to the hotas

Raven Shadow says:

WTF why us XBOX dont have this ?

Pam Collins says:

What if it you can’t Connect on it when you connect it.

my files says:

is it work with BF1 or GTA5 ??

ZWGamemasterGame says:

just started using this on my PS4 and Elite Dangerous and i luv it

Whill B says:

Looks like garbage. Since its wired, it should at LEAST have some lights on it… pass.

Delsin Witcher says:

meh doesn’t look good to me. I’ll just use my thrustmaster warthog for PC and ps4. Works great on ps4 for elite dangerous. So many BUTTONS!

Veysel Kaya says:

it’s working pc? if only ps4?

Fardean says:

Wtf your useless

DarkNeon : says:

Does it work on GTA 5?

cjyu2 says:

Hi I just got the Hotas 4 for my pc, I tried loading ace combat horizon and dcs world, in both games by default all the buttons work except the throttle control and yaw…is this normal? do I have to configure something? or do I just have a faulty product? thx

MrNinja says:

I don’t want to spend $170 for a game I won’t play. Fuck dude

Kirk Mayberry says:

I subbed just because of the name. Nice video

tranceman22 says:

I’m trying to use mine with a PS4 pro. It was fine with Elite dangerous a grew months ago. Haven’t used it again until yesterday as I downloaded Eve Valkyrie.
Now I’m getting no response from it… can’t swap from dualshock to TM4… The PS button is lit and i do get some response on the main menu, but nothing in game…
Is anybody having a similar issue?

The Moonshin says:

The cord connecting the two peaces is no problem and can be easily hidden.

Dillinger-63 says:

Do you know if it will work with the non-Pro version of PS4?

trekranger says:

Do all you have to do is connect it to play on ps4 ?

omer cohen says:

is it as good for pc like it is for ps4?

Rui Motta says:

Hi. What flight games is this good for?

Manny Maldonado says:

I want this 4 ace combat 7

isaac mack says:

HB new ace combat 7.

Wolf Braziliano says:

Hi I know is a old vid but how do I make it work on bf5 ore maybe I can’t?

BigBadBeef says:

Forget the T-FLIGHT X, now you can have the T-FLIGHT 4, exactly the same with blue accent costing your 3X as much, yaaaaaaaay!

Aviationist55 says:

I agree half of the things you said. I use HOTAS 4 too. I play Warthunder but I am a PC gamer. Why do you hate Warthunder on PC? Just because of Arcade mode? and beacause it supports mouse and keyboard? well, If you want realism in Warthunder, play on PC, use a VR headset, use Logitech X-55 or X-56 rhino with realistic or simulator battles. The HOTAS 4 supports a lot of games on PC. I think that a PC is the best console for gaming and realistic simulators. It has the maximum variety of games then others. I am an aviation lover and play realistic flight simulators like the FSX, P3D, X Plane 11, DCS World etc. All of these games support every kind of HOTAS including the HOTAS 4. I also use the Oculus Rift CV1 VR headset. It is compatible with all the aviation sims including Warthunder and Elite Dangerous.

AlterEgoMidiaN says:

short question: can you plug in a T3PA pro instead those pedals?

potatoprodutionsgaming says:

Are you married/engaged


hi! does this work on other games like gundam breaker 3?

GaggleTheGameScat says:

Will the PS3 HOTAS X work on the PS4??

LuckyGangstas says:

Have you tried war thunder simulator battles its almost impossible to fly with mouse and keyboard and if your using a controller is literally impossible.

alex1030 says:

Have you tested it on Ace combat ?

Dru670 says:

Is this better than the Hotas X?

Ryan Olszyk says:

Your mac is under the cleanex boxes….. bad choice of words…..

World Of Car Models Craft says:

hotax x is for ps3 but work on ps4

craig tibbits says:

So its not fancy rubberized, i got this today and tomorrow I’m going to get some grip tape. Done.

Ultimo D says:

Does it work on Farming Simulator 17?

omer cohen says:

the extreme 3d pro is cheaper then cheap today for build quality – one small hit and is ruined

Farming Lads says:

Does it work on farming simulator 2017

Bashdown says:

how would I use a wired head set with this

Springwood Slasher says:

I got mine used for 60 bucks this thing is very light plastic and mine started creaking within days still the best thing to play elite on ps4 but im gonna have to take it apart to solve the creaking problem

muadib719 says:

looks cool but I’m left handed so I’m sol.

Mr NiceKnife says:

Are you on Ace Combat 7? Thinking about getting this. The HORI looks nice but $200.

Arctic Wolf says:

Does it work with Farming Simulator 17 ?

alnett22 says:

PS4 should release a flight simulator

terrance tyler says:

has anyone tried this controller with Star wars battlefront 2 for ps4??? let me know if you have

Travis Schpeltinger says:

Doggy doggy ^^

frank v says:

I got one works great

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