SNES Super Famicom USB PC Controller Review

I pick up a SNES controller form eBay for under £4 that needs no drivers and works via USB.

It is not too bad considering the money, all the buttons work. Well worth the money and far better than keyboard!

I try bSnes emulation of Super Mario World as a test.

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Edward Elric says:

it can never be good~

GPD XD: everyone praises it to high heaven and beyond, some reviews literally 9.8/10, but most people have ONE Minus point about the device: the face buttons are a bit soft and mushy. They work perfectly though.

2 euro 45 incl. registered airmail snes controller: it’s great but the buttons are a bit hard. XD

This seems to be a trend XD buttons soft, people complain, buttons hard, people complain. I prefer non-mushy ones. XD Though I love my XD. but seriously, they can never do it right, can they? XD

Jimmy Two-Times says:

The game looks choppy or is that your video capture shit?

TheFantasticFreak says:

I’ve got this controller, Its very unresponsive

MikeSolo84 says:

People ask me why buy a wired controller, i said is the real deal i play when i was a little kid. I never gonna forget when my mom came home that rainy night with that NES, then for the SNES she took me to the store to pick a SNES. Love my gamer mom. This legacy will be for my 2 daughters

maxi ortiz says:


tecnico pc says:

waht is the version of emulatot used ??? my control is not reconigze

LSD Playtime says:

That’s a ripper! LSD

MOS6507-1.19MHz says:

There is only two emulators worthy for the SNES and thats SNES9X for casual play or Higan for enthusiasts. Although Higan is CPU intensive due to it’s attention to high cycle accuracy so SNES9X is probably best for those wanting a good experience.

After Art Productions says:

controller does not work on snes9x

Luke Young says:

Did they soften?

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