SNES Classic Arcade Stick Review – The Pure Trash Emio Edge Super Joystick

Taking a look at the EMIO Edge Super Joystick for the SNES Classic edition or the NES Mini. Can also be used on PC with the included USB adapter…. but its garbage so who cares about the USB.

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EddieGames says:

How do you have the NES and SNES classic OS on all one classic console? How do you dual-boot?!?

Jason howe says:

I be thinking there isn’t enough power from the usb to power it correctly

tjanas says:

I highly recommend the Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Wii Fight Stick by MadCatz. The stick and button quality much closer to Sanwa quality, and it supports a drop-in replacement with genuine Sanwa parts. Especially fun when installing Hakchi and playing NEO GEO and other arcade titles with it.

Robert Danker says:

Poor build quality, spotty function, and overall a huge waste of money?? Wait…. did At Games make this????

Du sköna nya värld says:

Why didn´t you test on PC software?

Martell Tha Cool says:

Fascinating videos

TheRetroDudeAbides says:

For the NES Classic, is there a LibRetro core you recommend in place of the KachiKachi emulator built into the system? Just amazed that of all things the 3DS has a better NES emulator than their little retro console.

Virgil Kellogg says:

That sucks

Neil Darr says:

Yeah I bought one of their other snes classic controllers and it didn’t work very good at all and didn’t feel good . I ended up just throwing it away. The book was kinda cute but they shoulda just put all the effort in the controller .

james kirk says:

U don’t need a stick to play snes Classic

Victor Martinez says:

What joystick u recommend for mini snes

Paul Deakin says:

Fantastic thorough review! Great to see how a potentially great product can be massively let down by sloppy manufacturing! Keep up the good work!

Spintechfilms says:

You dont like something your reviewing? Im…. completely shocked…..

Damian Wezzterman says:

I bought 2 of these @$15/piece a while ago. The factory buttons and stick were horrible. The stick had a tendency to stick in the right direction and the buttons had a horrible crunch to them when pressed instead of a nice click. Anyway, I replaced all the controls with Sanwa parts and now I have 2 awesome SNES arcade sticks.

Total cost/controller:
Controller ………. $15
Sanwa stick ……. $20
Sanwa buttons .. $18
Sanwa Ball top … $5
Dust & Sleeve ….. $3
Total — $61/controller.

Not bad for an all Sanwa SNES Classic arcade/fight stick. Of course I got a good price on the controllers and had to modify them to make them worth while.

Johnny Digital says:

It’s a joyless Joystick, How Ironic!

Harrison Hacks says:

If they sold just the Classic Controller to Usb adapter, I’d buy a bunch of those. However, no one should have to pay $40 just to Hope they get a “Good” controller

12feettall says:

How to make a Pure GARBAGE product.

George Griswold says:

I picked up both of these a few months ago from a tjmaxx of all places for 14$ each. I still regret the purchase :’(

mrbowtie64 says:

Did the old school original one come with 24mm buttons or 30mm?

Enrique Pinero says:

Such a shame. Nice presentation and packaging for the stick. I dont even have an SNES mini, but was tempted to get this. Seems kinda of a waste to make it for the SNES mini, when most of the games aren’t really for joysticks.

Qun Mang says:

(Reads title) I wonder if @Madlittlepixel likes this joystick? Better watch the video review to find out…


Man, had no idea these even existed and I’ve been buying a few sticks lately. All the ones on Ebay are from USA but some are pretty cheap so not too bad to get sent here in Australia. Nice review m8!!!

Jesse Schulz says:

bulky trash. would have bought the U.S. version. never heard of or seen this like everyone else. pass

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