Saitek X56 RHINO Pro Flight Stick – PB Tech Hands On Review

In recent years the space simulator genre has been re-emerging.

With games like Star Citizen and No Man’s Sky in the works you may be looking for some peripherals to enhance your immersion into these worlds.

Game Controllers:



MisterDeluxia says:

No mans sky ;-;

Gregory Ashton says:

You only have to look at the reviews on Amazon to see this X56 is a piece of shit. They got it right with the X52 Pro if you’re playing E:D all the time

Michael says:

Yea man. Great Review! I’m doing some research into this category for the first time for work and this really helped me a lot! Keep it up!

MADhorseKD says:

Thanks to your review, i think ill buy one. big fan of space sims etc, and i find that my old microsoft sidewinder just doesn’t cut it anymore :p
The X series should prove to be more interesting now as well.

Edit: Bought it and cant say im happy about it. So many effing buttons 0.0

Just one note, you will have to grease/lube up the shaft that the lower spring holder is on, since it seems it was made to narrow to slide smoothly.
Users say it will fade in time but spray lube and vaseline did the trick for me.

Brad B says:

How is this HOTAS holding up as far as quality for you PB Tech? I am curious to know if its still working ok as I see a lot of bad reviews for quality and broken things for this.

The watch. says:

x55 spring inside it broke, hope x56 is better.

- TheUnknownDane - says:

Great edit, straight to the point. Subbed. 🙂

Benjamin Gjuraj12 says:

And is it good for dcs

Bart Blom says:

hmm, this might be perfect for War Thunder air sim battles lol

Presha82 says:

Forgot to mention how many wiring problems this hotas is having right out of the box…

Akis Akis says:

yep pay for this to play “no mans shit” ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? play DCS WORLD

Rodri Aló says:

It’s ideal for fsx steam edition ?


saitek’s controllers belong on a kindergarden playground

Принт Маркет says:

you didnt mention ED on purpose

Paul Bialozor says:

The Concept of the game “Elite Dangerous” is that of the original DOS Game, Starflight and Starflight 2… When I say DOS I mean just that, Tandy 1000 running DOS and Win 3.1… Ok be nice, yes I am as old as dirt… Starflight was an awesome game for it’s time, 1986ish, and I am here to say Elite Dangerous is almost an exact copy… 

Startflight included a Star Map that was used as a security feature in order to leave Space Port. The challenge was to go to a specific point on the map and answer the question of how many Blue, Red or what ever color stars are in that Grid Square. Needless to say, without the Star Map the game is useless because you will not go anywhere without it.

I recently found the game, Starflight, on eBay running it on Win10 with DOSBOX in Jul 2017 and I have to say it’s a great game to this day. I am sure Elite Dangerous is an updated version of Starflight but the concept is the same.

In Starflight you have 6 crew and as the crew gained experience they gained abilities to do their jobs better. It almost seemed real time and your ability to reach the stars was based on the level of your ship and crew. Don’t just land on any planet without first scanning it for if you do don’t be surprised if your Hull is not crushed like a tin can…

With a Level 1 Ship you were lucky to make it to near by Star systems to gather resources or capture creatures to bring back to Space Port to sell for a Profit. Some Planets had life forms and economies that you could pick up local items and sell at various locations. Needless to say if your Rover was caught too far from your ship you would lose it and it’s cargo. If that happens you need to return to Space Port to buy a new one for 10,000 which is not easy to come buy when most things sell for under 500. 

Plus the crew is vulnerable outside the ship and could become injured or die then good luck being able to revive them. I played that game for years, like 3, and probably did not explore 5% of the Star Map. Needless to say, Starflight is a game designed to last a lifetime as I am sure Elite Dangerous will be as well….

Andy B says:

“This game is Unreal”

No it’s not, Unreal’s an FPS ;-).

Rock Star says:

Will you do a review on the newly upcoming

Logitech G Saitek Pro Flight X56 Rhino

To see what the hell the difference is between:

Saitek X-56 Rhino H.O.T.A.S System
Logitech G Saitek Pro Flight X56 Rhino

Maybe better built? less buggy less problems?

PrinzMidas says:

Can we turn the stick horizontal?

stuparris says:

If this stick is built like the 52 pro I don’t know if I would waste my money upgrading to this. I own a 52 pro for about 6+yrs and though it has been good to me it has some deficiencies. Like those thumb dials that don’t seem to work or never truly have. The software support was horrible and though the programming software was abundant it was overwhelming trying to figure out what to do (admittedly an operator issue). The one thing I am interested in though is does each unit have its own USB input or is it linked together with the svid cable

Yeet in Space says:

Would this kind of joystick work for xplane 11 or infinite flight or other non-combat sims?

Tyler Johnson says:

What is the name of the instrumental?

Hyungsuk C says:

what is that space game?

HerdyMerdy says:

My X56 says there is a problem downloading software, any ideas why?

Rovix says:

I read A LOT OF comments and reviews that pulling the piece off to change the spring is very difficult. That is because the spring’s pressure is pushing against the piece. You need to push the spring down to release the pressure and then pull one half of the piece off, preferably with your finger nail. It should go fluent like butter

ulamss5 says:

They really need to sell this in dual-stick package, instead of with the throttle block

The Rin Link says:

No man’s sky? *pukes uncontrollably* “OH GOD THE HORROR!!!”
This game makes me wonder if God just said “I wish I had an undo button.”

Zsavage1 says:

just some FYI.. there are more stars than there is grains of sand on the entire earth, Great vid.. thank you for sharing


Music ?

Rochead123 m8 says:

Love ur vids man… Great job!!! U must spend so much time to do these vids and I appreciate that!!!! Thanks for yet another amazing vid

Gavin's Friend says:

While watching this, it took me a bit to realize this wasn’t porn. 10/10 would fap again

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