Saitek X55 Rhino H.O.T.A.S. System – Fly Like a Pro

The X55 Rhino, the top of the line flight sim accessory from Saitek, should provide a high quality flying experience for any flying game enthusaist. But does it? I guess there’s only one way to find out…

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great for those roblox highschool games

『Yukikaze Flyes』 says:

You ever heard of ralfidude?

Lt. Thumper says:

200 dollars?!?! try 500!!!

Sundrill says:

Hey, the other joystick you had, the thrustmaster. I think I have one, want it?

wingedgecko says:

I use a Thrustmaster HOTAS X in Elite…works great! All you need! I use the paddle on the throttle as a shift, and have it attached to foam board to keep it in place.

Anthony Corbin says:

wow finally someone did a moto e i have the first gen android 4.4.4

Arian Axe says:

I need this

Krzysztof Skolas says:

logitech racing stuff review pls

LifelessHawk says:

So anything that is light feels cheep

Bret Fugate says:

Thrustmaster HOTAS is way better. I’m a helicopter pilot and use it to fly fly sims

rdgd95 says:

“Star citizen coming” Linus, 2015. Laughs in 2017.

Eboywalker 3 says:

Button buttons buttons button button buttons.DID I MENTION BUTTONS?

Lego Larryy says:

Try the x56

Caddy Guy Gaming says:

I got an X52 and some pretty awesome rudder pedals for $50 about 8ish years ago.

Dragonfyre says:

War thunder anyone?


I did click on your face and it pause the video what do I do LOL

Lothar Scholz says:

There is a reason why Saitek is close to bankruptcy

XOLiD says:


Dusty says:

I think it’s time to buy this and fsx to fly with an airbus a320. 😀

bre4dly says:

sorry linus I always like but I dint like this vid

EuroTrashBrothers says:

what a fucking faggot

Nugget Biscuit says:

linus , the stick is liht because it is meant for a flight sim where you do gentle moves

KHS Gaming's says:

awesome if u have time please visit my works…

niccatipay says:


Koroskun says:

Buttons, buttons, BUTTONS!

Charles Castle says:

When your sim peripherals are better than panel in your actual plane.

Aidan Morgan says:


Kaleb Bruwer says:

Stop making me want things I can’t afford and won’t use much!

Anton G. says:

That Voicecrack at 0:03

Devilikg says:

i dont mind arcade airplane games but hawx is trash and second is even worse. old ace combat was fun
id rather get thrustmaster t1600 than this expensive “cheap” trash, which i did xD

Gr33n4reason says:

*B* *U* *T* *T* *O* *N* *( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*

IntimateGamer says:

I own the Thrustmaster HOTAS stick only and i can tell you its a quality piece. very heavy and from what i understand its an exact replica of the A-10 Thunderbolt controls. yes its crazy expensive.

Crafting Ledgendz says:

Add an extra as to HOTAS Hot-As(add it here)

Ridiculous Cubing says:

do an update with the x56

dsgb1981 says:

Are there any wireless H.O.T.A.S?

OLEYO says:

review on the logitech racing gear maybe?

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