Saitek X52 Pro Joystick Review HD

My review of the fantastic Saitek X52 Pro!


D Berry says:

How does it work on the desk? I’ve had issues with the whole thing moving around when I try to pull up or down

CNL _ says:

do the hats’ functions also change with the mode?

Robert Grimley says:

Excellent review. Thank you. 🙂

honnorgaurd says:

is the LED brightness customizable?  for example; can you adjust it from full brightness, to dim/no lighting?

warlockc4d says:

Thumbs Up! Great review, FlightSimReviews!

ruben vielma says:

Saitek suck is not compatible with DCS World, why the one joystick number 1 in the work is not compatible with the best simulador ever “DCS World”, why, why, why??????

Matthew M says:

Will the x52 (not pro) work with Mac?

bugs181 says:

I don’t know if anyone still comes to this vid but I’m debating on whether buying the standard X52 or the Pro. What are the significant differences? I just like the way the X52 Standard looks compared to the all black of the Pro.

justinspirational says:

thanks for your review- I really only need the throttle- can you run the throttle separately without having to have the flight stick connected as I have a flight stick I prefer already..? thanks for your reply!

gta4everrr says:

Is there any way to get the mode functionality to work on x-plane because x-plane just reads it as another button

Zolitar Iglussey says:

Good review…..    you answered my questions and we’re on the same page with our collection of joysticks!!!   (MS Sidewinder  HA  HA!!!  )

Max Hammerum says:

Can you use it with arma 3?

Flightgamer says:

great review

Ston3bridg3 Viking says:

Hey man. Very good review. I have looked at this Joystick for some months now. And you just sold it 🙂

Warren Blanch says:

Does this work on PS4??

Jason Davis says:

is it plastic construction?

Aeropod Grow Systems says:

I’ve watched dozens of videos rarely commenting but I just signed in so I could say great job on this video review. I Just ordered a new computer system and was going to do the yoke thing. But I like combat sim so this system should give me the best options for all that fsx has to offer. Its 7/2015  now is this still a good bet for me or do you have a better latest greatest new system?

ShadowMSXGrafx 111116 /Lita Mimiya Lukcia says:

Are yu back yet?

Gabriel Swee says:

Can the joystick part be used alone…??

Garreth Kelly says:

No one’s been able to answer weather it works with ps4. Because I want to upgrade to something more than mouse for warthunder…. Thanks

Ron Kramer says:

X52  vs  52pro?  which one?

Warren Blanch says:

Great review my friend. I am ordering this joystick very soon.Using the Thrust master Hotas x at the moment.

Bell's Theorem says:

I don’t know if my experience is typical but I have had to RMA mine twice in the first year, and I’m about to send it back for my third. My confidence level with this product is rock bottom.

SeanG says:

i might be getting this for my birthday would you say its worth it?

aP1atypus says:

You say in the video that you can change the light colors to anything but I have read that it only offers red, amber, and green. Which is true?

A Sky Crawler says:

congratulations for 3000 subscribers!!!

Ohsnapzdawg says:

Are you able to actuate the mode switch without taking your hand off the stick?

AT@Creativity says:

One Question.. WHen You change modes does it only change the stick or can you customize more things on the throttle only… i mean to say in other words is that when you change modes does it only change the entire stick or does it change the throttles too.. please answer .. and thank you

John Donovan says:


lee eburne says:

Unusual for a Saitek / Mad Catz product to last much more than a year lol

Vulture_Food_Network says:

would this work with warthunder?

k.rim says:

Star Citizen ? Of Course !

Urban Takedown says:

would this work for euro truck simulator 2? and do you need to install it or is it plug in and play?

All_Fun_Things says:

I need help setting up my X52 Pro for FSX, the throttle mainly, how do you get it so it’ll activate the reverse thrust from 25% and under? Been looking for hours on how to do it but with no success. Thanks

AT@Creativity says:

the saitek x52 pro will be my first joystick ever.. i haven’t used any other joysticks yet. so this will be my first joystick for a flight sim..

zimizi says:

I trade my used x52 for a racing wheel with force feedback , it works perfectly fine.

Vanadeo says:

I think i may get one of these.. not used a twist grip in a while… but it has to kick my Current speed link black widow’s ass

Mikaela Peart says:

delete pic

Wildcanucks33 says:

I have a question I have fsx but only disc do you need to have the saitek disc in while your playing


Buying one for DCS, thanks!

TEDDSK33T ! says:

Is this thing compatible with xbox one or ps4 as an alternative ? Or is it just pc ?

harleyblue999 says:

as 0f 10 11 2015 saitek x52 pro now fully working mouse control fire and scroll download driver from saitek do not install call up troubleshoot let it install it let the driver install to windows it seems to do it twice but all problems go away wonderful to have it all working again this only worked if you allready had it fully installed before hand

Cnuggat says:

Whatever you do do not get the standard x-52 though

Stieglitz Trash-Channel says:

I ve been using mine since 2006 extensively for basically most AAA flight sims out there. I would not go with any other HOTAS and I have been considering to buy a new one for years (!) because of the “limited” number of buttons – and I always come to the same conclusion – there is nothing comparable in its price class and even the TW has no rudder axis (because it is a replica).
All power to the X52 pro! Ergonomics for long flight hours and perfect handling are so important.

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