Review On Logitech Attack 3 Joystick HD

This is my Review on the Logitech Attack 3 joystick

Name: Attack 3
Cost: 24.99 (GBP)
Make: logitech
Connection: USB Plug and Play
Date: 2009

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Paul David says:

does this work for xplane 10?

Brittany McCoy says:

im getting mine in 6 days

Dom Dominic says:

Suck at bf3!

AdminAddmix says:

I couldn’t get it to work on any games

Priyanshu Kundu says:

does it connects with ps2

Matthew Noyes says:

How did you get it to work for Mac?? I have the same joystick, and i have Mac OS X 10.8.5 (12F45)

Corey says:

$25.99 HA! i got mine in a 2nd hand store for $5.99…

Septic Mystic says:

A game you can play with on t s “War Thunder”

King Darthrog says:

I picked mine up for $5 used

michael meagher says:

i have a logic 3 pro flight 2 usb pc joystick it not setup with disc a blue screen it dumps the information not loading   xp home computer…..

Pentium says:

twen-ee pence! that woz a roit steal at woz LOL shillins to me pence HAHA

Corey says:

$41.34 actually sorry what a rip

RcLlamadude says:

i miss the uk, but the one thing i don’t miss is 20% vat, mine cost me $14.95 (about ten quid) here in the states. one tip: get a servo extension lead from any hobby shop, use it to extend the wire on the throttle potentiometer, and build an external throttle lever from wood and foam. SO much nicer than using the little knob on the back of the joystick.

vabese says:

i found one for $4 i’m not very impressed since there is little support on my platform, also the lack of a 3rd axes is too bad also since my hands are fucked up i can’t use the buttons on top comfortably

Marc Mohan says:

i got mine for $5 aud at vinnies but cant fly planes with it in beam ng drive

JaffaJuiceProductions says:

I got mine at a Good Will for  8 US dollars

Score. :3

Xuan Zheng says:

where is the throttle?

Zach Garbutt says:

I’ve used mine for like 5-6 years and still working fine

Ozay Martin says:

I’ve notice when i idle the throttle it doesnt idle completely, do you know how to fix that problem?

AKS says:

I have a Saitek joystick (slightly better) and tried it on HIS (a quite similar game) and if their joystick setup is anything like the crap on HIS, it sucks.
Some settings I couldn’t change and no matter what I did with the sensitivity controls it never reacted well. Every time I went to turn it’d suddenly react and swing to the side, or tilting down a bit it’d suddenly go full nosedive.

LlamaFluff says:

did you even watch this!

Mike Perez says:

Hi man! good Review!!! can you tell me please if this joystick works fine on Battlefield 3 Jets???

NodNarb185 says:

why would you use a mac for gaming?

Raija says:

yeah 18.99 at you got ripped off

agcxv says:

Mine is 4 years old and still working

HypieTehGamahr says:

Found this joystick on an swedish site for about 5-6 pounds 😀

Dany Rocha says:

Have you tried it on War Thunder?

Jarno Vermeulen says:

29.95 euro in belgium

KobY says:

will it work for car games liek Euro truck simulator?

adzschon says:

THIS JOYSTICK IS ONLY GOOD FOR ONE YEAR!! then it will turn you crazy. N1 is normally at 26% but this joystick would go upto 45%. that’s already pre take-off throttle.
turning the stick also triggers the throttle. and applying brakes would also trigger the throttle to jump. DON”T WAIST YOUR MONEY IN LOGITECH. CRAP JOYSTICK.

AKS says:

Saitek, all the more advanced ones I’ve used have had twist/rudder control.
Got one for $5.

Devon says:

Literally just got this for $1 at a goodwill today.

raphael dayan says:

This joystick works on H.A.W.X.?

Corey says:

$41.33 retail in Canada then LOL


best for it

Assassin king115 says:

On war thunder I can’t do the newbie stage and I can’t beat it with it because it say Logitech Attack 3 – Axis 1 press and hold I can press and hold it that how I increased and decreased help on that

SmellMyHand1207 says:

Does it have twist capabilities for rudder use???

Gary says:

it’s a nice joystick, but it sort of ‘clunks’ when changing axes

Kwyjibo O_o says:

Just got one for $2 at a thrift store.  Everything seems to work, so now I just gotta find a flying game that I want to play.

Chaloner says:

For some reason mine doesn’t work on BF4 but works in any other game wtf!

Paul Williams says:

someone shoot me boring make it more exciting mate

Na Na says:

I bought this in 2005 at a swap meet for $5….works good

Pearl B1P1N says:

how to reverse thrust?

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