Review: Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick: Affordable & Durable!

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A joystick that deserves some special attention: the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro, a joystick that is affordable, smooth, and has a great durability! Check out my Patreon page and receive great rewards, such as personal flight training, by becoming my patron!

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Why am I still using FS2004?!?

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This video gives you a small review of the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick. I choose to make this video, because this joystick is used by a lot of people and deserves the attention as for its low price it has quite a good quality and will be your mate for quite a few years. Mine is already 7 years old! What do you think? Can this be the best Flightsim joystick taking into account its affordability and durability?

This video was made in FS2004 using the following addons:
– Ultimate Terrain USA
– RealAir Spitfire

– Smooth feeling of the control axes
– Many programmable buttons
– Low price and good durability
– Perfect starter joystick for new flight simulator enthusiasts

– Some buttons are hard to press after a while: they don’t respond as well (although some internal cleaning might fix that).
– Axis get a bit jumpy around the zero position, although this can be controlled using FSUIPC.

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Edward O'Donovan says:

I love the 3D Pro, myself. I bought one new, a number of years ago. Since then, I’ve bought two more at a thrift store, this last one for under five dollars. They all still work great. You may hear a lot of fans of the Thrustmaster T1600m say how flimsy the 3D Pro is. Don’t believe them. As long as you don’t slam your stick around like you’re a bull on steroids, it will last a very long time. Plus, it has the BEST ergonomic handle in the business. There are plenty of buttons and the thumb button totally rocks. I use TeamSpeak 3 and use the thumb button for push-to-talk, as does the guy in this video.

If you need a left hand stick to go with it, for something such as a space sim, try the Logitech Attack 3. It has a similar configuration, similar handle, but is non-twist and ambidexterous. They go great together.

pitts burger says:

I love this joystick. I have mine for 5 years now and dropped it several times and still works! now you mentioned steering tiller? how do I use it when flying Boeing?

Roger Studer says:

I use it also for left hand over 4 years whiteout any problems. very durable and smooth. I just recommend it.

Yu-Hsuan Chen says:

Yes it’s a great joystick. Have been using it for 6 years without any problem.

Daniel Neugebauer says:

Thanks for that nice little review. Glad to hear stick rotation still works after 7 (!) years. I’m still using an old Logitech Wing Man Force 3D (long out of production) on which rotation axis broke after about 3-4 months as in all other Logitech joysticks of that time (~2002?). Looks like they have finally found a way to fix these issues. 🙂

I’m no longer making use of its force feedback feature but I still have to put up with the annoyances resulting from it (requiring external power to get a “spring” force emulation, having very large dead zone and incredibly rough centering). I don’t like fighter-like controls so when I’m looking for a new joystick it always comes down to the Extreme 3D Pro.

The only thing I don’t like about the Extreme 3D Pro that has kept me from buying so far is the poor-looking thrust control “knob”, it does not look either precise nor durable – my old Wing Man Force has a very comfortable large slider rotating around the joystick’s center, unfortunately that seems to be a complete thing of the past… Still hoping we may see a wider selection of better (and not so much fighter-like) joysticks if the current VR hype revives space shooters/sims & Co. for a broader audience.

Aiden Herrera says:

My friend uses this joystick a lot. It is very solid and well built. Great video!

Martin R. says:

+ They use it at the Lufthansa assessment training center 😉

Sven Francke says:

i used mine for 5 years now, and it still work great!
very good review

Dennis says:

i am also using it!!

shuhaib shamsudeen says:

Great video mate, I always loved your videos because every video you creat it gives some kinda tips/ knowledge to the viewer great video mate…….!!!! Further to this I’ve been using flight simulator almost closer to 3 years now and I want to invest on a Saitek yoke so could you please make a video like this about the Saitek yoke and how it responds in the simulator…!!! Thanks mate….!!!

jimmy wrangles says:

I’ve owned 3 and every one broke the same way, the rudder becomes impossible to calibrate and the stick becomes unusable.

Caleb Fincher says:

I just picked it up today and I can already tell that is a magnificent flight stick.

Luke Skeggs-Bennett says:

I have this joystick and for the price it’s very good

Bud Fields says:

I have two, both new. One is still in the box, unopened. Looks like I’ll have them both for a very long time! I agree with your review, and thank you for it.

Brandon Wilkinson says:

Your voice, is boring. Bye.

Lázaro Blanc says:

Do us a favor and buy a popfilter for your microphone 😉 There’s ones on amazon for only a few euros.

nicholas johnson says:

I like the saitek joystick a lot, but I have always used the T Flight stick X. it is a very similar joystick with some splashes of red and a large throttle.

GeminiJets ORD says:

Nice review! I have this one too- works great and I got it for a very good price.

lpphoenix131 says:

I found a working one in ner perfect condition for $4!

White and Black says:

I’m using mouse and keyboard to control my flight ;(

Aaron Price says:


alias Kan says:

I thank you for the good work that we have benefited from it

Syed shuja uddin says:

does it work with FSX gold edition

totoritko says:

Hey man, feel sorry for you having to use the Saitek yoke. It’s a POS. I know, I own one. The deadzone in the center is infuriating and I had to resolder the pots to a Leo Bodnar custom joystick controller board to get rid of it. Still, the mechanics of the pitch axis binding with the roll axis are atrocious. I still have it as a second yoke, but my primary yoke is the Saitek Cessna yoke now. Much, much, much better and almost the same price.
Highly recommend you try it. In terms of fine control, it’s night-and-day different.

blockspawnernl says:

Yo, ik heb zoals je misschien nog kan herrineren die joystick gekocht. Alleen mijn pushtotalk wil niet meewerken op squawkbox (vatsim) kan hij hem niet vinden en op fsx kan hij alleenmaar AAN en UIT dus niet push to talk.

Weet jij hoe ik dit kan fixen?

Alvast bedankt.

Trouwens wat is je echt naam?

PeterMac83 says:

Does in your joystick click something when you move it up and down ?

Nick S says:

I have that joystick and it’s very good.

oscar C says:

Im left handed and I would rather pick a attack 3 (more neutral) than choose extreme 3d ,cause 3d is mostly for righthanded

Hectarea says:

+AviationPro which are your addons for the camera and for the ground and sky textures?

Julian Koh says:

Does that throttle switch feel ‘loose’? I just got a used one and wondering is it suppose to feel loose

musicalaviator says:

My favourite joystick to this day was the Cyborg EVO. Ambidexterous joystick, with a button setup that works very well on the left hand. That way you keep your right hand free for the keyboard, mouse, throttles, volume adjustment knobs, repositioning your headset and glasses, and never have to let go of the joystick.

6 buttons on the head of the stick which can be activated with the thumb or index finger on the left hand without releasing the grip, and the hat switch too.
Large ‘throttle’ axis on the base of the grip which covers the entire rear of the stick base.

The buttons on the head are fully adjustable with a screw to skew the top of the joystick in preference for right handed or left handed use.

Vlad. A. says:

when I was thinking about buying a joystick, I had in mind this and the Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS X. I opted for the TM as it has thrust. absolutely awesome joystick, very nice on handling. Never wanted thrust in the same part whe the joystick is. That’s probably the worst parameter on this Logitech. good video mate.

C. Castro says:

the angle of the stick seems a little odd. Is it confortable?

Orian angulo erazo says:

vandaag gekocht echt blij mee:)

Laurens Handels says:


AviaFilms says:

Very good video 🙂

DanLi says:

I use it and I have to say it is amazing… Although a yoke would be better 😀 but for start it is an amazing joystick and affordable!

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