Head over to for more info on the Fly 5.

Apologies for the bad quality of some of the video – seems I need to invest in a new HD camera now as well.



patrik streng says:

I got the Cyborg V1 as my first joy stick. I really don’t want to spend so much on my first

TheDeathlord21 says:

I am using that stick for 4 years now together with the saitech pro ruddes as a left-hander. I never experienced any problem using it with man left hand. It simply safes a lot of space on my desktop.

Geoff Goldplum says:

this is such a yoke

Nimrod says:

I know this is an old video, but froogle I’m disgusted at these reviews that you’ve been doing,

You obviously sponsored by saitek/madcatz whoever it is, yet you do these reviews, praising these absolutely dreadful joysticks and other equipment, acting like they’re the best thing since sliced bread.

Accepting money and doing a review of a product makes it completely unbiased, and since you haven’t disclosed anywhere that you’re sponsored by saitek. Hell you even said ‘they sent me two’. So saitek sent you free stuff to review?

We’ll obviously get an unbiased review with no criticisms from someone sponsored by saitek and getting free stuff to review from them.


For anyone wanting a proper review of this joystick, it’s a pile of shit. It feels cheap and nasty, the spring is stiff and gets stuck, there’s a stupid blue LED light that shines in your faces, the buttons are wobbly and are likely to fall off at some point, and it’s just generally rubbish. I had mine replaced by madcatz, then it broke again and I gave up.

Mechanical Pants says:

+frooglesim Thanks for the excellent and amazingly thorough review, its so good to get info about all the nueances of this stick. I think I might get this stick because it is in my price range and seems to do everything very well indeed. I want to play Rise of Flight and Im hoping it will run okay on my i5 2500k, Radeon 7850 2Gb and 16Gb.

Bye the way, what was that game that you were flying the helicopter in?


Robbert says:

Does anyone have any experience with this stick in arma 3? how does it handle?

Oliver Madilian says:

Does anyone else see the faces at 3:19 on the top of the joystick

DaRuling Thunderz says:

Bad quality of video; Bad quality of joystick. This product is only designed so that it breaks within several weeks of hardcore flight even though it is quite cheap. That’s also a way to get you upgraded or replace it making Mad Catz more money. This is a manufacturing technique that even Apple uses.

Kartoffeljoghurt says:

I had a V1, it was broken since it was plugged in

Alastair says:

Hey +frooglesim thanks for the review. Though I have a couple of gripes about the joystick itself and one part of your review. The bit about the deadzone that you say people complain about. The problem is there shouldn’t be a deadzone when you yaw in the first place. It should’nt be there, but for those that want the deadzone can put the deadzone in there by adjusting it later if it wasn’t there. But because the deadzone for the yaw IS there I haven’t found a way to get rid of it which for me and I can imagine several others have found to be a bit of a problem. We have to live with the fact that you cant get rid of the innate deadzone on this joystick.

Also another problem I had with mine I’m not sure if you’ve experienced this problem yourself: I found the stick itself wobbles slightly on the top to its base. I wanted to know if this either was a problem for you as well or not? It doesn’t wobble at the base of the stick which it is attached to, but wobbles where the rake is. Its a slight wobble but it causes issues when flying my flight sim. I’m thinking of returning it but I wanted to see in your review if you had that problem as well, but it doesn’t look like you do so I think its just my stick.

Lisa Lefteye says:

If your thinking of buying one, DON’T! It’s the worst joystick i have ever had, The Strong Spring with zero adjustment is terrible. Looks the part but lacks basic control.

Ario GnL says:

how if u fly a Quadro engine plane??
the thruster only 2

Marco Tulio Mora Marin says:

Can you help me? I am confused. Does the blue light always turned on ????

Dathien says:

hey man have you ever heard of frooglesim? He is a great youtuber make sure to sub him!

Danni jensen says:

Great review! its nice to see a person actury use the product in game 🙂
overall it was great really 😛 you kinda changed my views on this joystick >.<

XpertPilotFSX says:

3:26 :  The top of the joystick looks like some sort of alien mouth 😛

Hannes Hauptmann says:

Compared to the 3D Extreme from Logitech, the Cyborg is pretty crap 😐

Have both, I use the Cyborg for throttle, the Extreme for steering 🙂

Noah Weber says:

So would this be a good joystick for a beginner or is there a better joystick for beginners? Also what would be a good game to start flying sim in

Clodan's World says:

Very nice review, very informative. Thanks!!

Spartan536 says:

Frooglesim, I have been using the X-55 RHINO, its been pretty good, some issues with buttons randomly toggling on the throttle, and the throttle being extremely difficult to move until its been “warmed up” even on the easiest tension. I was wondering if you have had that issue with the X-55 or if you have even used an X-55, thoughts?

BryanAM7 says:

Cyborg F.L.Y 5 Joystick or  T-flight Hotas X?

Niko Kytölä says:

its shit compared to 3d pro

Robert Beslija says:

Hi frooglesim,

Do you still use this stick? How is it after 2 years?
I have Logitech extreme 3DPro and after just 1 year stick is useless couse it cant be calibrated do to roll and pitch potentiometer wear out.

Great review BTW, tnks a lot!

KidWithGoPro says:

Awful product just terrible

Hugh Walsh says:

hey does this work with mac?

Kevin C says:

This stick is garbage!! After soldering the wires at the base at least 4 times. This is due to the connect point rubbing the base, because their design engineers couldn’t figure out how to bend the 4 corners down{like the 3d pro} and drop the base 1/4 inch so components don’t rub. Also first to break lower left top button, don’t use for flaps because obviously with the little plastic connection support point it is only to be used 2 or 3 times a year and not hrs on end. Second to go right top button don’t use for rockets unless you only plan in firing 2 or 3 a year. Lastly and the end of this stick came when the trigger snapped off in mid battle, ya the trigger and check out the connecting point it is utterly laughable!! Good design and layout completely lost to cutting corners.

Timothy Ottosson says:

Does anybody know if i need rudder pedels for yawing with this Joystick, In Star Citizen?

David Olver says:

I want a good left handed flight stick

DaRuling Thunderz says:

nose down rudder counter the spin that was a fast recover

lmatiottA says:

Which simulator are you using?

The Last Pilot says:

I have a F.L.Y. 5 and contacted Madcatz about setting up the stick so the trim wheel worked they told me to contact Steam (FSX) Steam told me to contact Madcatz  Where do I go from here?

bahorized says:

Actually, yesterday I had to resolder the wires on the yaw/rudder potentiometer because they were disconnected by the movement. I havent used it for more than a few days in total. They are on the bottom of the stick inside. Other than that its nice stick.

CNL _ says:

sell out detected. no offense intended, but it’s true.

Patrick--- says:

Hi frooglesim,
Very good explanation, please could you continue for all of the buttons.
After a long pause on FSX I do not remember how to use these.
Thanks by advance, Cheers. Patrick

Sebastian Kahrs says:

Very informative review, been looking around for one that also shows some in-use footage.
currently looking to buy one and this one seems to be the one right now

Geraint Jones says:

Bought this stick on a whim (originally just to control helis in BF4) but I’ve now bought FSX and started to get in to sims.  Great to see I made a decent choice for my first stick 🙂

TKnightcrawler says:

If the scroll wheel re-centered itself and was analogue, I’d buy this stick in a heartbeat. There are NO sticks on the market that feature this, and it’d be GREAT for 6DoF games like Star Citizen. Does the scroll wheel click like a normal mouse scroll wheel? Because that’s a feature that’d be great to have, too. They were so close… A multi-stage and/or pinky trigger would be excellent additions, as well… 🙁

Brian Parker says:

It’s working ok here and has been for a couple of months. So far so good.

Daniel Mottram says:

I have used this joystick for about 4 months now and the only problems I have is that it always adds about half a degree of left aileron ( not effecting any autopilot system) and I can never make my throttles stay still at idol making it near impossible to engage reverse thrust but overall I would recommend this to anyone who needs a cheap, semi reliable joystick. it is perfect for beginners and likewise the experienced simmer.

WiiBlackOpsMan says:

could you do a video on entry level sticks? wanting to pick one up but not sure which to go for.

Cameron Wilkinson says:

yes you can trim

maxload1969 says:


nice gaming dk says:

How do i get fsx to fill the whole screen? With me there is Black On the left And right side

Tuomas Pönni says:

Design of FLY 5 is good, but you don’t mention anything about the quality of the insides.
FLY 5 doesn’t last for long in gaming. RZ-axis breaks 90% of the time within first 20 hours of gaming.  While I heard about buttons falling off that hasn’t happened to me. But I had to re-solder all the wiring inside of it since they are badly done.
I would recommend not to buy this stick if you need it more than for one gaming night.

Mark McGuigan says:

Really disappointed with this joystick as the null point on the rudder control is about 5 degrees even after setting all the FSX control settings and mad cat driver settings. Its back to the Microsoft Precision Pro for me. Not recommended froogle.

KaPeer says:

Rudder broke for me after 2 weeks of using. Magically it started to work again after I gave it another chance 6 months later and stopped working again after 2-3 days… Not impressed at all :/

Jeffry Moore says:

Hello, I just ordered a Mad Catz F.L.Y.5 Stick after watching your video. I assume that they work on Mac as well as a PC. Am I correct? Thanks! Padre Jeffry P.S., I really enjoyed your review.

yo-whens-mahvel says:

does anyone have any idea about the hat switch not working properly in a certain direction 
it’s not registering that i’m pointing the hat switch in any direction to the left 
up, down, right, up right, and down right all work fine, but any left direction does work properly 
it doesn’t even show it in the software for it 

RoflSeal says:

Meh, I hated this stick, it was WAY too stiff for me. IMO best stick under £50 is Cobra M5 which uses MaRS sensors rather then pots, stick forces are much lighter, so much better control near the center of the stick, no stupid lights like on Cyborg or T.16000M.

It has a very solid base, I found that on the Cyborg, it was so stiff, that if I want to nose down, usually the whole joystick would begin to tip before the stick itself actually rotated, really annoying, had to tape it down to my desk.

Then it has other things like double stage trigger which can be fired together or independently and pinkie trigger which you see on high end sticks.

Another advantage is that all the buttons are accessible from your right hand and there are very few buttons. Why is this an advantage? To me personally means there is less confusion, especially a problem on say Logitech 3d Pro or T.16000M where its just a column of buttons on the left side of the stick. There is an equivalent to a shift and control key, so you can map the same buttons to different controls three times.

Another advantage of all buttons being accessible in the right hand is that you don’t take your left hand of the throttle like you have to do on Cyborg, T.1600M and 3d Pro to access the buttons on left side of the stick.

And whilst it has same precision as T.16000M, it’s buttons are not flimsy as hell.

Only problem with it is that its made in Russia, so its almost impossible to find it in the EU, you usually have to import it from the CIS or Russia itself.

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