PS4 Wired Controller Unboxing/Review

Great alternative to the Dualshock, except in terms of stick precision.
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Psycho Nolifer says:

DO NOT BUY. Disconnects, stick precision awful, my ps4 now disconnects any controller

fortnite nice says:

what u prefer dualshock or wires and a reason please

Tashi says:

Haha we have the same camouflauge controller and thank you for the review cause i was thinking of getting this controller

Aimazing_tv says:

Hey how is the dpad any noticeable difference? im playing fighting games and my ds4 keeps breaking the cable port looking for a wired ds4 thanks!

killer potato says:

do you need to connect to the original controller before using it

Thomas X94X says:

I’m an idiot and recently smashed my only DualShock 4 so I’m looking for an alternative because I really enjoy games such as Outlast,Fifa 18, CoD and Just cause 3.would you recommend this to me

ThatGamingTurtle says:

Is this good for Madden? Thanks for this video! It’s the only one but I bought the wireless version (It’s still on its way). But, not much of a difference so thanks!

TheLvkrijger says:

How is the dpad?

Og-bobbybeast 1 says:

Is there one where you can plug your mic in

Teck Loodak says:

Can you use it on pc ?

Ladislav Danc says:

Is it better than dualshock wireless?

WISH You Would says:

Im so happy you broke everything down to what we all need to know about this controller my biggest concern was the analog sticks when it comes to playing games like Call of Duty when aiming because 3rd parties guys can never get that right like the original PlayStation controllers. But thank you so much for your review bro.

Aloo X says:

Does touchpad works ?

joseph galapate says:

if my bluetooth antenna is acting up on my ps4 and wont let my wireless controller connect, will this controller circumvent that???

Phosrai Lacer says:

durable for hardcore fighting games?

Black & Blue says:

I have not update my ps4 system firmware to 5.50(mine at 5.05)

but this controller still turned off after 10-15 min
pls help what I have to do

Mickspad says:

One question before I buy it. Does it seem like it would be easy to take apart? I build a fighting game joystick for my PC and I wanted to make it compatible with my PS4 and It seems like the only way to do it would be to either spend a ton of money on a PCB or to take apart a PS4 controller. So, does this seem like it could be easily taken apart without damaging it?

JohnWayne165 says:

I have a Problem with this Controller it works fine , but after 5 to 10 mins it Turn it self of and the Connection is not longer there .
I selected also in the ps4 Controller Menü Wired USB Connection , and Switch the Menü to Dont Turn of Controller …Can some one Help me ?

Fire Lorde says:

I have that

DudeOmega says:

does it have Gyro?

Bryan Franco says:

Can I use the touchpad ?

BadBoy RoadKing says:

I like it works great it has no lag in it either when you play shooters

Gaz villafc says:

Any good for playing fifa??

Niiiccee Jazzy says:

Does it have a headphone jack?

zarkuza allen says:

after this new sony update my controller keeps timing out like very 10 minutes,is their any new firmware to make it stop

Jens Bols ex OVJ says:

All i needed was a controller not for battery

Psycho Nolifer says:

Don’t buy this messed up my ps4

bran gamer21 says:

Wait it doesn’t has head jack

VZero Ghost says:

Cab you put a Kontrol freek on them and which ?

Jerry Dean says:

thanks for the review I will definitely buy this controller

Kevin Fenly says:

Doesn’t stay connected don’t waste your money… it today.

TronPowerNode says:

So you’re 100% that the touchpad works as a sensor (games like Killzone and Until Dawn require it)? I only ask bc Amazon reviews claim the sensor is just a button on this budget controller.

Edit: I’m referring to using this on a PC for PS Now, not on a PS4

Andy Enriquez says:

I bought one when I’m playing fifa and stop using for like a minute it stops moving any help please

Myles vlogs/ games says:

How do u update the controller?

Shamble Shef says:

Heavily considering buying one. I’m tired of having myriad problems with using my DS4 wirelessly

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