Old PC Gaming Joystick Review | Best 90s PC Joystick | Thrustmaster, Logitech, Saitek

What’s the best retro 90s joystick for your old retro gaming PC? I made a list of gaming joysticks from the 90s and I bought all six!

How do you determine the best gaming joystick for an old 90s retro PC? I’m looking at four factors: Looks, Feels, Function and Value for money.

I’m looking for a gaming joystick, not a full HOTAS setup. Secondly, these old retro 90s joysticks are gameport joysticks, not USB. This means they’ll work far better in both DOS and Windows and should be a lot easier to install on my Windows 98 gaming PC.

Going to head to head we have the Microsoft Sidewinder 3D Pro, the Logitech Wingman, the ThrustMaster Top Gun, the Gravis Blackhawk and the Saitek Cyborg 2000. We have a last-minute new challenger in the guise of the CH Gamestick, which I won on eBay for 83p delivered!

First up is the Microsoft Sidewinder 3D Pro. Microsoft have always made good gaming hardware and the Sidewinder PC peripherals from the 90s are amongst the best.

Next we’re looking at the Logitech Wingman Extreme. The Wingman is probably one of the most iconic items from the entire 90s. Nearly all PC gamers had a Wingman in one form or another.

Number three is the Thrustmaster Top Gun. This officially-licensed joystick was released some ten years after its namesake, but comes from arguably the biggest name in simulation gaming.

Fourth on the list is the Gravis Blackhawk. Gravis are well-known for their line of sound cards, gameport cards and PC gaming peripherals and the Blackhawk is well-known to flight sim aficionados.

The most contemporary joystick on this list, the Saitek Cyborg 2000 was released in – you guessed it – the year 1999. Saitek have been making PC peripherals forever and the Cyborg is something to behold.

Last but by no means least, our last-minute entry, the CH Gamestick. CH are famous for being one of the first manufacturers out of the gate making joysticks and some of the real vintage sticks are immensely expensive. The Gamestick though was intended to be a budget stick for all-comers.


Spongeyperson says:

I have a saitek cyborg 2000, i love it, i just wish it would work on my modern pcs :/

Eduardo Freitas says:

How do these joysticks fare on new games?? I’m especially looking at the ch flighstick pro.

Rodrigo Seron says:

Anyone has the driver to Saitek Cyborg 2000 for MS-DOS or Windows 95/98?

Ben Rafferty says:

Who did your hand modeling work?

Tounushi says:

I still have my Saitek.

Evan Patterson says:

i found a Nintendo n64ish looking joystick do you know anything about it. D you know how to get it to work like how to find drivers for.

Kristoffer Trolle says:

Great video! 😀

ValJanela says:

USB to Game Port Adapter by RockFire, will this work with the old MS Wingman Force Feedback, does anyone know?

Charlotte Roberts says:

Excellent video guys! One of your best.

Devolving Humanity says:

I just picked up the cyborg 2000 for 4 dollars on a thrift store. great deal.

Camzo5 says:

Are you planning on posting any videos about MGS:V?
Would love to hear your opinion on the game.

Volcanus says:

Also, can someone tell me what connection (port) the Saitek Cyborg uses??
EDIT: ok so it uses the ‘gameport’ connection. Shame, Im guessing my modern PC doesnt have that?

Angered Cheese says:

I like the Blackhawk digital, it is comfortable like the original but has a lot more buttons

najtrows says:

I have the Saitek one! But no gameports on my computer though 🙁

Ruben Witters says:

how did u install the sidewinder? i have an old sidewinder pro (wich is quiet similar to the 3d pro) but i can’t seem to get it working. any tips?

cloner8o says:

Should have gone with the Blackhawk Digital…

No One says:

MATE ! I usually pay people more if they go out of there way to ship things for you and it cost them more then they get ! You know .. ” Consideration ” ! ?

LowEndGamers says:

the production value here. Just unreal.

ENY Films says:

i have a microsoft side winder 3d pro but how can i download drivers and…where?

ENY Films says:

But I have Windows 10

AOClaus says:

The Top Gun joystick is not the one you want, it was cheaply made. If you want that stick go with the higher quality version, Thrustmaster Mark II. And you went through naming all of these sticks but you didn’t mention the Thrustmaster FLCS? F16 replica with fully programmable buttons before that was a common thing, it’s a fantastic stick. Props for mentioning the Wingman though, that was one hell of a stick.

Melted Spoonz says:

Gravis sticks suck now

Cypher says:

I still have the Sidewinder Pro :3

Volcanus says:

Thanks for making this funny video!

I recently snagged a Thrustmaster Top Gun Fox 2 Pro from a charity shop for £2.
Very pleased with it, it is USB – however I dont know any fun games to play with it yet.
I know it works with Battlefield, and probably most other games too.

TheSynrgy1987 says:

some honourable mentions: Microsoft Sidewinder Precision Pro,(well worth checking out and way better than the 3D), Sidewinder Force Feedback.

ProfSmith says:

Would anyone know where I can get the drivers for the Gravis Blackhawk?

Lowspecgamer RSA says:

awesome video 🙂 now i got a choose to get me one of this joysticks haha

tekstyles says:

I used to love the Sidewinder back in the day. Had a force feedback control pad too.

SalviaLadFace says:

0:10 looks like a bunch of dildos… I can’t be the only one?!

Runetone says:

flight stick pro i was missing 🙂

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