MSI GC30 Review – The Best Controller For PC Gaming?

MSI has sent me the GC30 controller over for review, is this the best controller for PC gaming? Lets find out. What controller do you use on PC? Let me know below.

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Percival Apolonio says:

nvidia shield 2017 controller

Sjögel Miihels says:

Have used a punch of different controllers for Rocket League, Fifa and NBA2k. Some unknown brands and then those Logitech F controllers, Rumblepad 2, a Sabertooth and a Xbox One controller. The XBOX 360 controller seems to be the best so far. Besides the Logitech Rumblepad 2 and the Xbox 360 and One controllers everything has broken down at some point for different reasons. Prefer the 360 over One controller since the One seems to be too sensitive. Might need time to get used to it but who got time. Kinda want to try out the Nacon Pro 2 or whatever it is called.

ComputerBase says:

smoke weed?

Fahad Naushad says:

are you related to conor mcgregor

David Lubin says:

i use the GameSir G3S, its the ultimate controller, works with apple android and widows, its much prettier than all controllers too lol.

alphagunz says:

this is def something i OIK

Max Morse says:

I use a Scuf and I’m pretty satisfied it’ll never keep up with the mouse and keyboard, but this is the best I’ve found for running on my 4K TV I have also set it up on my gaming monitor and destroy most guys on a controller notice I said most as some were born with a controller in hand LOL. MZ

Akamaru says:

I use a controller 40% of the time on my PC. Even when I play competitive.

Justin Felder says:

I use an Xbox One controller with the 3.5mm Jack and Bluetooth support. Bought the proprietary wireless adapter.

James Harnish says:

xbox one controllers are sold with bluetooth too and don’t need dongle

Mr MMA says:

I use a controller all the time for pc

MCK says:

The thumbnail made my cry

Taelan Baylor says:

The best controller is called the x box one controller with blue tooth.

Holz nicht says:

Does it work with any console?

The Guy says:

So how is the d-pad for fighting games?That’s what i’d like to know,like compared to the elite controller or the dualshock…please people,those who have experience with this controller,tell me your experiences…

Louis rodriguez says:

i use a controller 90% of the time.

Santissimo says:

neynteeneynpointneyn! subzscreyb!

ХАЦКЕР ` says:


Saaim C says:

I just ordered mine now, coming within a week, excited

Devawrat Vidhate says:

Is he speaking Liverpool accent….

ivonatinkl Ruling1 says:

I use A pdp xbox controller for a my action fighter games and some others. I am a mix of pc and console user so the controller is just more of a staple. But dw I use my K+M for my rts games.

The Nalski Show says:

I can never understand Scottish accents…

Malek Quiñones says:

I like this controller



Spector 88 says:

HAS this guy not heard of a xbox360 controller????????????

Guardo says:

edit: thank you for the heart! looking at this review and a few others, ive decided to buy this controller. thanks 🙂

pickle jar says:

lets explain the tato

Sjögel Miihels says:

Have had mine for a while now. Overall happy with it but need to conf it with every freaking game separately to make it work, unless im missing something.

retro XD says:

holy shit i just heard your voice for the first time and now you are the best person on youtube

Colpo Rosso says:

Looks great, but those glossy ABXY buttons are not for me. Make those matte plastic and I’m on board

GrantPlayz says:


flying formation says:

You definitely “lake” it ? Ah , ah , ah !

Danial khan says:

I like your accent. Never heard this accent.

BeginnersTech says:

Looks like Monday is when stock will arrive for the UK link in description if anyone is looking to pick one up.

Mateo Vasquez says:

Where can I buy these!?

Night Porter says:

lol Steam Controller shits on it. Sorry. Until hardware developers realize the future and stop making shitty xbox controller clones… Steam Controller will forever be the best. I can raid and pvp in WoW on the Steam Controller. Put down the mouse and keyboard and put down the xbone controller’ they are baby toys,

J.L.K. JUNK-LIVE says:

Razer wildcat is the best ps i play shooters

Dentysta Statysta says:

it looks exactly like xbox controller

help me get 1000 subs without vids a says:

Does it come with a type c cable?

Enrico Mazzarello Sim Racing says:

guyas, i`m having issues for connecting the jaypad, someone can help me ?

Harshit Dixit says:

Sir i have a question will i fell vibration in this gamepad during gaming in my pc

Harshal shetty says:

Subbed becuz of yer ekccent

Tokyo ghoul 53 says:

Do it work for the Nintendo switch

fieryspy64 says:

Please please do a review on fantech gp11 controller

john fields says:

Price for the controller ?

benjamin baldesco says:

How to set up in android devices. Can you do a video tutorial how to use forceGC30 on smartphones

CULT_GG says:

Such a discrace to PCMR, do us a favor and macro Alt – F4 to left trigger and Windows – L to right. Kidding.

R4nD0mus3rNam3 says:

What about in game recognition.
I’m tired of configuring 360ce on every game I want to use my cheap 10 bucks controller.
And it fails most of the time …

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