MONSTERTECH – Joystick Mount Review

Is it the best mount available? or do they need to try again.
The full experience from shipping to using a set of MONSTERTECH.

Products and Pricing

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Captain Rapture says:

Nice set up Noobifier!

Switch-D says:

Anyone know of discount codes or anything for these? Shipping is killing me at $60 and just want to nudge it down as far as I can. Thank you! *Not saying its not worth it but I’m cheap. =]

Gabriel Padilla says:


TheRadrussian1 says:

haha, the gummy bears were a nice touch

Vanov Vonav says:


brievolz84 says:

These would be awesome for my desk but my current chair, for now, is super low 🙁
If I do get a better computer chair, I will buy these in a heartbeat!

You know of any good “mass produced” clamps that can attach to chair arms?

Daniel Sand Thøgersen says:

Nice i have been looking for a hotas mount for the warthog so maybe i’ll pick one up.

p4zuz says:

Those are some fine sticks.

Sigmar Sich says:

They shure are a great piece of work. But there are far cheaper ways to craft such things. I did mine from vises and some scrap wood, They dont look pretty, but hey, they work. And costed me $10 each, only the cost of vises, and those wasn’t cheapest. DRAKE for life =) Hope this idea helps somebody to save some money.

Omikron1112 says:

1:28 You are godlike pulling that off lol.

David Kelly says:

I love mine but, I had to buy mine. Worth every dollar I paid too.

Scorpion313 says:

Love the detail that you go into in your videos. Great review, thanks for taking the time to put it out for us all!

Vortax Wyvern says:

Very nice, but *extremely* expensive. Like… wow, man. I Can understand the extra investment if you own a high quality (= expensive) setup like warthog, but if you own something more affordable, like dual T16000M, each support is worth almost the same than BOTH sticks. So sad… 🙁

Reflections Observer says:

Thank you for a great review. After all this time, could you comment on it’s wobbliness, if there is any. How is your thin desk, no damage ? I’m thinking getting one. Why do you play with two joysticks, no throttle ?


thomas colucci says:

Noob got my monstertech set up an it works awesome, was easy to essemble, loving it very comfortable, thank you for refering it to me your friend gladestone

1ncYp3r says:

Awesome vid! Thank you!

HCS Play says:

I want that left-handed Warthog!

Kaytsu says:

Would be interesting to see if anyone in the community has built “full” cockpits. has some cool stuff for the combat pilot enthusiasts and could either be used as a base or maybe just as a inspiration for us space pilots.

My HOTAS mounting is pretty ok I guess but not very lasting solution or perhaps too lasting depends on how you look at it. I have a thick Ikea desk and I’ve carved a hole for my joystick from the bottom up so that only the stick part sticks out of the desk no pun intended :). And for the throttle from top down and bolted them on. Bases are inside the desk so my arms are in more natural position when gaming. Not a very good solution if I needed to get a new desk but ok for now.

And a great video once again Noobifier, you kinda remind me of my high school history teacher. Everything structured like a bullet point presentation: A lot of information but still just the cold hard facts in orderly fashion :). Keep up the good work.

Dale Christopher says:

Warthogs don’t have twist. Question: what do you do for the other two DoF?
Edit* NVM found it on your other vid.

Braden E Nelson says:

Ordered mine too (yesterday). Gonna be so happy to get these things OFF my desk. 😀

Devin Meares says:

This looks tight. I’m all in.

Colin Smith says:

Interesting product. Will consider.

4§4§r1 says:

wait, do you play standing? how long can you play?

AXM says:

What desk are you using?

Bear Owl says:


D G says:

When the left handed warthog video comes, please link info on how to make one happen. No regrets on a full HOTAS warthog set up, but I am seeing the benefits of two sticks. It would be best to be two sticks of the same kind and most visually impressive . Many thanks for the videos.

MrUself says:

oh my , no bullshit , I’m definitely going to have a kick ass set up due you my Mann ….thank you.
especially I’m really getting into this PC gaming , Star Citizen

Rickbearcat says:

Stellar overall review on the product as always. There is only one weak point on this product. The round pivot plate attached to the screw piston that clamps to the underside of the desk are too small in diameter. I understand the reasoning behind this (there is a non-slip rubber or silicone orange disk attached to the pivot plate that is a standard size and could be outsourced cheaply) but a larger (2x) disk or semi-circle disk (flat part would face the user and be flush with front edge of the table) that has twice the surface area of the current one; would be much more solid and provide four times the stability as the currently installed piece. Also, if the ball and socket joint could be made larger it would provide more surface area to spread out the loading forces for even pressure across the larger disk.

ProteusX2 says:

Will this work on a desk with 6mm safety-rated tempered glass? It’s my understanding that this type of glass is quite strong. So I’m guessing the clamping force will be within safe operating range. My main concern is whether it can _actually_ clamp to a surface so thin? If not, is there some sort of material I can add to improve clamping? Thanks

stcaillou says:

Awesome video. Looking for that dual stick rig with state of the art mount system ! Tks a lot for your work. /shared.

Tony Shaw says:

Beautiful setup! I got the Obutto full setup for my Warthog HOTAS, But I’m really curious about running dual sticks… I’m currently using Solarfly’s keybindings and don’t know how to program my Hog 🙁

TrakosHD says:

Gummibärchen <3

Nick Jackson says:

Excellent stuff – probably going to get a couple for my 16000Ms

Roger Diking says:

Hey Noob awesome review quick question i may need this for my own fleet in SC but i have a ch products full hotas now i went to the site and notice it said fighter stick and another for throttle is it together or individually priced? 89 stick 89 throttle? and the gummy bear wife deployment flare is awesome.

Michael Dyer says:

Just ordered mine 20 minutes ago, I’m actually now a bit worried bout how far you have to sit back from your desk in order to use these.

Goli4th says:

I cant say anything else then that this is one of the best Youtube channels I’ve come a cross. Your doing a fenomonal job! I hope StarCitizen becomes as good as it promises, If it does, I will buy all this stuff you got got rigged up now! Thanks!

Caster says:

nice thx for the entry 🙂

Larry A says:

Thx keep up the great work. And in your opinion which has the more pilot control firepower connie or redeemer.

James Taggart says:

I received my Monster Tech mounts last month. My daughter stole my gummy bears. They work perfectly for my older Thrustmaster Cougar HOTAS. I added an adjustable keyboard under desk mount to bring my keyboard out in-between the throttle and stick. Perfect solution. Excellent review as always Noobifier!

almightyjoygasm says:

I bought a pair of these for a CH Throttle and VKB Black Mamba HOTAS. From start to finish, service, communication and the products themselves have been excellent. I cannot fault the mounts at all. The one thing I would say is that once installed, the mounts push you away from your desk by a good 30 cm. Doesn’t sound allot, but trust me its very noticeable. I have to lean in to use my keyboard and mouse which is uncomfortable given they are set between 10 and 15 cm into the desktop. To counter this I’m considering a pull out style keyboard tray to bring the keyboard out level with the HOTAS. This is NOT an issue with the mounts themselves, just something else to consider. Cheers AJ

Carl O says:

Been looking for something like this for a while. Saw the Joyloc plates and then found out they’re defunct. DANG it all!!!!!! Well, anyway, I’m going to be ordering a set of these. I don’t play SC. I play the other one, and no, not No Man’s Lie. But no matter what you play, it’s always better if you do it right. Finally be able get that Stick and Throttle off my desk. Thanks for the great review.

Jeffrey Brown says:

The Gummybear distraction was key. Excellent stuff Noobs.

TheLT says:

Did you do the QR diffuser yourself?

leetperkins says:

I’ll be grabbing a couple of these

Michael Einberger says:

Was it a problem to get used to it? It looks like the distance to your monitor increased.

ShadowTheULF says:

Got a pair of these for the stock Warthog HOTAS back in March and they are still going strong.

They are really unrivaled and totally worth any extra cost you spend over building your own homebrew mount.

GamingWitMykol says:

Dude your vids are awesome keep it up!

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