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When someone wants to throw their hat into the ring and challenge one of my reviews, who am I to deny them the opportunity.

Having seen our recent review of a competing Pi Joystick Case this new arrival landed on my doormat, and the fight was on.

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Carson B Wagner says:

I’ll take a Mayflash F300, which is compatible with about every current and last gen device, for $60 on Amazon. That would leave me $70 to upgrade the buttons, etc., however I might like, becaus Sanwa buttons and the restrictor plate aren’t that expensive. With 99£ being $130-odd dollars, that’s too bad, ’cause it has potential — for 25-35£ less money, depending if you want to pick the colors of your buttons, which I do.

Casual Commodore says:

Ooh, Last Ninja II..!! 🙂 – In my world, none of those two buttons were purple. They were two shades of blue. But maybe I don’t know purple either.. 🙂 Anyhoo, this looks like a sweet product. I love it when things are easy to assemble (except for the screw/nut part..), and the end result yields something much better than it should for that difficulty (if that made sense). Maybe I have that feeling from my LEGO days. 🙂

Zack says:

Looks nice 😮

Nukleon says:

Could you use this as a controller for other systems? It’s neat that it’s primarily a standalone unit (although I wouldn’t count on microusb to stay in there for hectic on the lap sessions), but it’d be a deal maker if I could also hook it up to a pc or console for the more demanding things a Pi couldn’t run.

saarek srk:. says:

Nice. Miss the creative english though 😀

u2bemark says:

Just ordered one of those base don your review.. pi-noob here.. what else will I need? I assume a pi3B and power adapte.. some kind of cable to my TV.. microsd card with some retro-pi on it.. I can look up how to build it.. I think the monster site had a link to a retro pi dist

Jassi Games says:

Nossa que coisa mais linda do mundo!!!!!! TOP LIKE INSCRITO

Mat Recardo says:

1:18 is that a short circuit on that hat? (nearest two pins).

Michael Vaughan says:

This is significantly better than the Chinese one you reviewed earlier, and very tempting, but once again, the finish is spoiled by screw heads sitting above the surface. I just wish they’d gone with countersunk screws, to sit flush, and a vinyl stick down sheet over the top. The use of HIPS instead of the lower grade acrylic plastic is a huge step up in quality, and in durability, and the inclusion of Sanwa branded parts makes it something buyers can be far more confident in. I’ve used some great Chinese stuff, before, but with unbranded Chinese components, you just never know if you’re going to get a great deal, or absolute junk, so the confidence of a known brand is a great selling point.

Aside from the top surface finish, my only other wish-list item is that they’d throw in a USB joystick encoder, for those who don’t want to put a Pi in the case, but use it as a USB stick.

David Phantom says:

Great review/overview! The video is very well done. I think your conclusion regarding price is spot on!

swardmusic says:


EXITMUSIC2011 says:

That looks great. Good video.

Christopher Born says:

No tricky! Great music selection as always.

Duco Maritiem says:

Why not use some tape to hold that case-nuts in place?

Lipi19821 says:

Controler over gpio pins on RP is suposed to be quite quicker…less lettency…so i would prefer one of these over my usb connected one…

Mr C says:

Good to see a company responding to criticism by improving their product rather than getting arsey about it.

Trystan Davis says:

Wonderful content! Subbed! Really enjoying the vids so far!

Graham Eida says:

I have found to make the installation of the captive nuts easier, put some electrical tape covering the inside slot, the nuts go nowhere.

holnrew says:

The times I’ve lost my nut inside the case…

Luke Morrill says:

Great review! Subscribed!

Brian Bock says:

I’d really like one with a spinner. Tempest, baby!

Larry Bundy Jr says:

That does look awesome, also a fun build to do! 🙂

The Lizard King says:

Can the assembly be done as a mirror image? That is, can the assembly be done with the joystick on the RIGHT and the buttons on the LEFT?

John-Paul Parker says:

I am starting to like the look of these sticks to be honest. Another fine video sir.

Gabriele Riva says:

So… I have to stay in HDMI-cable-range to play, since the PI is in the joystick.

NovaBro says:

I love the videos. You obviously like retro video games so why dont you livestream them cause that would be really cool to watch!!!

therushden says:

How was the whole drivers thing? Easy to set up? Getting a pi as an Xmas present to myself, going to use ps3 controllers but I like the look of this stick.

Larry says:

How easy is this to configure, I’ve never set up a raspberry pie before

Operative says:

I really like it but the price is a bit on the high side

Orlando Brown says:

What about 2 Player/Multiplayer Games like SF2 and Turtles?

S B says:

Nice review, but 1 thing I would say is definately try the Seimitsu LS-32 joysticks. Once I tried Seimitsu I fell in love with them, and now Sanwa JLF/JLW’s feel sloppy and loose.

Me Too says:

Can someone please link me to something similar that uses HAPP style parts? I absolutely HATE HORI style buttons and the ball-top sticks. I vastly prefer the baseball-bat style and concave buttons.

Regalya says:

Price wise it looks ok as if you were to buy them seperately you’d be spending 40 for decent DIY stick + case kit and 35 ish for pi alone
Good stuff i am hooked.

Wiggysan Wiggysan says:

It’s videos like this that are really making me want to buy a Pi (just for the retro games).

Many thanks RMC. Another well made video Sir.

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