Mini Monster Joystick Review – BEST joystick for your C64, Amiga and Atari computers!

Tired of using crappy worn out joysticks with your favorite 8 and 16 bit computers? Well Monster Joysticks just brought out their Mini Monster Joystick. In this video I dive into this stick and bring you the 411 on this new offering.

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—-Joystick image Sources—-

Quickshot Joysticks, 1982 – 1988


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Bongo by KV
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Turrican 2: The Final Fight C64 theme by Markus Siebold


Josh Payne says:

Todd, why go so fast with your speech in this video? Slow it down, bud, and enunciate!

TalksToToads says:

Great review, I’ve been waiting for them to make something like this!

Tamás Vándorffy says:

This seems very nice. I have but one question: if the fire button is pressed continuously, will it keep firing? This is a must for me. My hand hurts after a while all because of madly repetitive button pushing. 🙂

The Guru Meditation says:

Todd this is a top quality A+ video bud! Extremely well made and most importantly I learned a lot. I might have to pick up a Mini Monster. I also need to play with connecting my pro fighting stick (with Sanwa parts) to my Amiga via the RysII. I have also been considering the Edladdin stick as well as the Arcade Evolution stick. Have you ever used either of those and if so, how do they compare to the Mini Monster? Thanks Todd and great video!

Nukleon says:

Not that I care but no support for the ZX Spectrum seems like the oddest omission, only big thing really missing from that list I’d say. The Spectrum joystick adapters uses a DB-9 connector but I’m not sure if the pinout is any different. There were two different brands of joystick adapters, so most joysticks had two plugs with different pinouts, and games would ask you which adapter you had, Kempston or Sinclair.

Ray Commend says:

Love that modded Neo-Geo stick. Great job on the review. The minuses don’t seem too bad overall, but that flex would annoy me to no end. I’d like to see a 6 button variant that works on the genesis/Snes/TG16/Jaguar through exchangeable cords.

Modern Vintage Gamer says:

great video man, the best review hands down on this stick

It's a Pixel THING says:

Wow! Todd! Incredible video in every single aspect! Well done!
Thanks for putting this together!

Jonathan Domenech says:

The sound of those microswitches in the stick is so satisfying.

Nemanja Smiljanic says:

Great review! Anyone knows name of platforme game at 9:34?

zaneiken07 says:

These guys really ought to include some spacers with the kit – the JLF isn’t supposed to be mounted flush with the control panel.

Señor Dossier [Retroreviews & más] says:

Nice joystick nwn

MLee814 says:

Will this work on Mist FPGA as well ???

D3ltax55 says:

THey should make a nes version with start and select. i would so use it with the analogue nt mini with the extra cores.
This looks interesting thou.
What you guys think about the cheeper one? is it atleast almost as good?

Lord Santa says:

There is also the minor ‘issue’ of the joystick being on *the left side* – now I know that arcades have the joystick on the left and I *know* that “we are all used to using our left hand for controlling the characters on-screen by now”. But have you tried any of EPYX -Sports Games series, or Daley Thompson’s Decathlon, or Track & Field, etc? Because once you need to start wiggling that joystick like it’s the 1984 Olympics, then you are going to need to use your *main hand*, which in (most cases) would be your right. This ‘issue’ can of course be alleviated by simply holding the joystick differently, but then it will be difficult to reach the buttons and even more difficult keeping track of left/right. Just something to keep in mind and a good reason to always have a TAC-2 laying around… =)

assortednerdery says:

lol Price is Right @ 9:00

Grzegorz Pyśk says:

I have the same Dell monitor model. How did you connect your Amiga to it?

FrankieM says:

I’d like a stick like that for Mame . With USB .

J Chappy says:

Great review on this joystick!

twoquickcapri says:

Dose it only work as a one button controller on the 7800?

Señor Dossier [Retroreviews & más] says:

What brand and model are your speakers?, they are amazing

Alex Brown says:

Great video – took me by suprise to see you playing my game (Worthy) at the end 🙂

Jonny Mullen says:

I wonder if this would work with the FM Towns when they add the x68000 support?

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