Logitech G940 Joystick Review

This is a SUPREME Joystick from Logitech. Its suited to the “Pro’s” out there who really take flight simming seriously, but its a proper good piece of kit which just works brilliantly with all the biggest flight sim games out there!



JN Racing_Official says:


bertoxxulous says:

@LogiForce86 Slight correction. The connector is called a 9 Pin Sub-D Male. RS-232 is a connection protocol. RS-485 and many other protocols are also commonly used in conjunction with a 9P Sub D 🙂

TheSillypig says:

waiting for mine to arrive… im gonna need a bigger desk!

B. C. Schmerker says:

Notwithstanding known bugs in the force-feedback, this is a good comprehensive package for a generic fixed-wing simpit build for the gamer. Bugeye Technologies has an a la carte approach to similar capability, with far better durability and predictably higher cost, as it is meant for serious flight simulators for aviation task training.

raabgunner says:

@splashjump FC2/DCS BS / A10C beta / IL2

Lux Aeterna says:

works for fsx?

GamingReviewsLive says:

@Fennecfox10 Thats coming in another vid bud 🙂

OmegaFlightmaster says:

Nice review! Thanks. Going to get this one!

Jesus Christ says:

How would you know if it works for a game or not

ydyammo says:

While the “sloppy centre” has been mostly addressed, (still very detectable with strong FFB-settings), there is also an unsolved issue known as the “Reversal Bug”.

Try taking the A10 into a high speed strafe-run on a tank. As you try to align the crosshair onto the target tank, you will notice the as you pitch up and down, the motion is not smooth, but rather makes a “popping” reaction often leaving you over-compensating back and forth.

This bug is for many a strong deal-breaker.

Falco Cyruz says:

X52 Pro vs G940 for FSX/XPlaner/HAWX 2, who wins?

Sam Fisher says:

Thumb up for British accent 🙂

metalux1971 says:

does this joystick also work with X-plane?

GamingReviewsLive says:

@LogiForce86 haha 🙂 yeah, that was before my time 😉

Airborne GR says:

does it work with windows 8.1?

GamingReviewsLive says:

@n1ckm926 YouTube needs a like button for that comment 😀

Tom Newton says:

Will it be worth getting it for a laptop us ?

dirtydog288 says:

was totally fucking pain with lockon no driver update or support sent back for refund ,, dam shame

manuelkong10 says:

Love your reviews

Huesudo says:

I had a Saitek X52 and it recently died after 6+ years of heavy usage. I bought this joystick (Logitech G940) to replace it. Compared to the X52, the G940 SUCKS BIG TIME. It costs more than twice and is much worse in every aspect; profile programming software, manufacturing quality, ergonomics, precission… just about everything!

Abdul Rahman says:

It’s too expensive though

IIJG27Rich says:

Problem is these FFB sticks add less realism than they put into the game. The jerky jerky movement when you’re on the runway just doesn’t happen. The only thing I would want would be stiffness in fast dives and some jerking in turbulence and that’s it but they seem to want to go overboard. Oleg Maddox said the way FFB sticks are made it’s much more realistic to fly with a good plain one

[EmP] DEF says:

Saving for the Saitek x55, but would the Logitech 940 be worth saving the extra $100?

GamingReviewsLive says:

@Terandolus G940 by a long way.

raabgunner says:

@ydyammo That is also true…

Drebln893 says:

Getting this for ARMA 3 next year 🙂

GamingReviewsLive says:

@splashjump Nope – No special games. It will work with any game that accepts joystick input – so even Battlefield 2 would work with this joystick!

Nannu papa says:

I think you have a gluten problem, pls do check it out. Love your work. your well wisher

Nico de koninck says:

I have a huge problem:
I want to buy the G510 and the G940
I can buy the G940 for 250 euros and the G510 for 90 euros
But i havo only 250 euros : WITCH ONE DO I BUY FIRST?????

Mark Holtze says:

This seems to be more of a PREVIEW than a REVIEW. A proper review would test it along with various sims. I’ve been doing a lot of reading on this stick and there are apparently countless problems with it. It was nice seeing the details and up close shots, but perhaps take it one step further and actually TEST it out with some software. Black Shark, Lockon, Falcon, Rising of Flight whatever. Previews and reviews are very different.

raabgunner says:

@GamingReviewsLive plus having a button as a shift key…

lvl10doctor says:

would this stick be fully functional in arma 2

Tzeff NL says:

Great review! 7:34 I would tape the joystick and throttle down unto my desk! 🙂

tom211t says:

I want this… First pay cheque xD.. First pay from my new job ima get this sucka.

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