G.R.L | Saitek X52 Joystick Review

I’m selling this on ebay! http://bit.ly/gBqH8t

Another great review from the people at Gaming Reviews live! This time, we’re taking a look over the X52 Pro Flight Control System from Saitek.

It features 24 illuminated buttons, a selection of rotary wheels and sliders and a separate throttle for pinpoint accuracy in the air! Great for games like FSX, BF2, Hawx, Air Combat etc.


GamingReviewsLive says:

@seifster USB bud 🙂 Joystick plugs into throttle – throttle into computer USB 🙂

DemonsWrath616 says:

It might just be. I looked at the Star Citizen site, and on the kickstarter website, watched a video on KS and saw Chris Roberts, he had this Joystick.

Having said that, if you want this for that game, I’d go for the Saitek Pro Flight Sim, as opposed to the Saitek Flight Sim (this one). The Pro is slightly more polished, slightly more durable, with more metal and less plastic, and different colour scheme.

Alex says:

The throttle is wrong handed!

mrteknologik says:

You say the LCD screen has a clock on, being a multi function display can it also control the autopilot functions? It would be real handy to be able to see and set the functions when flying.

Harrysound says:

Man why did you put the music in there I can bearly hear you.

Samuel Willem Heyligers says:

@GamingReviewsLive should this joystick work on a mac and on x-plane?

sploochable says:

That’s not the pro version lol

General Makaba says:

what song is that

VastFlux says:

Mine is two days old…it already has calibration issues and believe it or not…is the only joystick that I’ve EVER OWNED which won’t allow the user to calibrate it. It’s “User Profile Interface” is bug-laden and more often than not won’t work inside the game. I mean, how irritating is it when you pull the trigger (and nothing happens) and your vehicle is always moving/flying into the ground because it’s calibration is off and is always pointing down. LOL

Nicholas Guerrera says:

@lucasr MSTRKRFT’s remix’s the shit

Madani Sofiane says:

u r ugly!!!

Alex says:

Oh right….

GamingReviewsLive says:

@spyder8631 Yeah bud, its a great piece of kit. Highly recommended.

GamingReviewsLive says:

@fsinte11997 No it doesn’t buddy 🙂

AverageJoeDude says:

Idk if you’ll answer this but are you playing star citizen and is this good for a space Sim

jebbadiah says:

awesome review thx!

Paddyo11 says:

if its so great why are you selling it?

Purplecatcat says:

i just bought this!!!! WOOOOOOOOOO!!! does it still work now???

GamingReviewsLive says:

@splashjump Wow that is a cool Joystick! Unfortunately Mad Catz, the company who own Saitek are real stodgy with their review samples so its unlikely that I’ll get one for review 🙁

HappeNinG says:

Having problems with mines the throttle works perfect but the joystick doesn’t respond the lights turn on but doesn’t respond need help

GamingReviewsLive says:

@razorblade42069 Watch our new videos bud – We’ve changed a lot since this video haha

fsinte11997 says:

does this joystick have force feedback

iTalkAppleOnly says:

i’ve just bought it off of FS Pilot Shop

Archdevilneverfails Baggins says:

would this work on in BF3?

Storm Commando says:

@NopeMusic I know, sounds like it right. I’m pretty sure it’s probably someone they sampled from if anything though lol. Definitely ain’t one of their songs, b/c I would have heard it before :P.
There are a LOT of artists who use that noise so it could be anyone really.

Grunge LovR says:

Please sir next time don`t put music over your clip because we can barely understand you. We`ll go in a night club or play MP3s if we want to hear some music. I want to hear some reviews about this product.

MonkeySpirit 1992 says:

WHats the song playng on blackground ?

xShadowPro says:

I’m selling these if anyone’s interested

DidierAdam says:

Can this be used for ps3?

Fenrir says:

It’s either PS2 or proprietary, which means your fucked and need to get one from saitek.

f1.madness says:

Can this be used for ps3?if anyone bought this product please reply asap thanks.because i thought of buying one

AvidAboutCars says:

why is there 2 hat switches great review btw 🙂

MustNotRead says:

you need to ditch Hawks and start using that stick to play REAL flight simuator. Falcon 4 BMS is the only true sim

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