Dual Joystick Setup Review – Star Citizen

Monkey takes a quick look at a Dual Joystick setup as an alternative to a Hotas, Homas, gamepad or other devices.
You can do a whole lot with Dual Joysticks but I suggest having more imagination than me. It is defineatly a cheap alternative to having an immersive setup. Tho it takes a while to get used to.

Please checkout the Single Joystick Review for the Logitech 3d Pro Extreme – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0PUp-QjqxOo

My System Specs:
i7 4790K 4.5GHz Processor
16GB Corsair Vengeance Pro 2400MHz Ram
MSI Z97 G-55 Motherboard
XFX Radeon R9 290X 4096MB GFX
120GB SSD – Games / 60GB SSD – OS
Windows 7 64 Professional

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starcitzen. says:

you got 2 Right joysticks just like I do lmao

Med Otaku says:

I’m interested in using a system with a throttle, control stick, and rudder pedals (minimum, including keys / mouse). You get more use out of a rig like that if you play other flight sims. I’m not really counting on Star Citizen actually coming out, either. It seems to be pulling an ENRON on you guys. Good luck with that. To each his own regarding control peripheral preference.

Tout's Hobbys says:

I prefer the HOTAS setup. I have a Thrustmaster T.Flight setup, which is cheap and works quite well.

Warblade0 says:

hi I have the same joysticks as you Logitech extreme 3d pro. any chance of  you doing video on how to inverse them as when I do it on the joystick set up menu there seems to be no change after I say yes to inverse in the menu.
I find it hard to fly the way they have it set up now I like old school pull back to go up, push forward to go down like in flight sims. as I’m new  to SC this would be good for me and possible other newcomers in the future.
unless of course you know of a vid already out that shows this cheers.

T'airn'KA says:

Do you still use the duel LE3DPs or have you switched to something else and why?
With any duel sticks, I’m fairly sure, using a splitter (versus two USBs) the computer will recognize the separate sticks (after saving name)?
I have a single LE3DP but just saw a tutorial (using 2 T16000Ms) on duel joystick setup/keybindings (inc “shift”) that may help getting Yaw / twist, Roll / tilt stick and Stafe / hat to work? 😉
I’ve heard that when binding Yaw, Pitch and Stafe I only need to move the control one direction, ie: twist left, tilt right, press fwd and it will automatically save the action for both directions?
It’s very likely I’ll get either a second LE3DP or duel Thrustmasters T16000Ms (not keen on taping or cutting the spring)?

John Unnever says:

Are you still using this setup? If not, what is your current setup / recommendation? I’ve read good things about the T16000M, but it seems like those are no longer in production and there is a new T16000M FCS.. however, this stick is now more expensive than the original in it’s standalone option… begging the question if it’s still the ideal stick at the new higher price, or would these logitechs now be a better route to go?

SausageFingers Gaming says:

This video made me rummage in the attic for an hour for my old stick to go with the x52 and my pedals XD. I might really take the mickey if I get to grips with this and have a bash at head tracking for gimbals ! Are you still using dual stick or any new top tips for us mortals ? Thanks for the video anyway 🙂

eidane says:

emm. I cant get my toughts around the left and right… it have to be wrong! I just dont understand how…

DwhNeo says:

I actually got this setup yesterday loads better than the saitek I brought.

Fred Powell says:

referring to your left hand….its your right hand….lol come on Bored! not know left from right? is the video ,mirrored?

IF ONLY says:

can you help me I have the same setup

Tommy Fresh says:

I got one of those joysticks about 7 or 8 years ago for £20… Still going strong!

lord17c says:

as this is over a year old now. Perhaps an update on how the dual stick is treating you sir? I am debating investing in such a setup, would like to know as much as I can before I buy.

Tim Van Heerden says:

Never mind, I was being a dumbass 😛

Havak37 says:

Yes the video of his joysticks is mirrored. Because the grey thumb button is on the left side of the stick.  Also the dialogue of which one is his right hand and which is his left hand is accurate.

StonedPatriot says:

Eh… I don’t want to twist the controls. Seems a recipe for corporal tunnel or some other injury, but I suppose if you just slave things like yaw to the thumb bit at the top it’d solve the issue. How are they? Do they wiggle a lot? I can see fine movement in the right hand with that and frustration in the throttle. Maybe something stiffer will do, like a thrustmaster or something.

Honestly, I’m not sure. I’ve been reading around. I have a friend that uses a Thrustmaster T-16000 and he likes it, but he uses the whole Hotas thing and I think dual sticks would seem better. Of course, he’s using it for Elite Dangerous, but whatever. I’m thinking I might go for the Logitch for the right hand and Thrustmaster T-16000 FCS for the left. What do you think? I’ve also seen others who like pedals for yaw…

Lee82 says:

I have tried this with these very HOTAS, and I haven’t made it work yet ! Could you make an updated tutorial
on how to get this to work?

Anton Ward says:

Add voice attack and your set.

Abdulrehman Murtaza says:

can you set the throttle to just be forward and backward on the joystick?

MadBeausuff says:


xXSkyassassin says:

How/where did you get a left handed joystick, I’ve been trying to find one for a while now

Leaperite Productions says:

Good video and is helping me figure out about the logitech joystick.. but maybe try flipping the joysticks so it is in the perspective as if the viewer were using them? Would be a little less confusing when picturing it being used. You could also flip the video around in adobe premiere pro, etc.

GawkyOrpheus510 says:

why is it mirrored??

Sam Davies says:

do you have any idea how to set up the joysticks? just bought two 3d pro’s and am not sure how to set it up 🙁

Unholy Trinity says:

Please review ANNA.
Its a fully state aware voice recognition system to control your ship.
Id love your input. I am considering buying it.

Tiberius Cerelius Tigris says:

I know I’m so late to this vid but man, I don’t have the room for that shit on my desk XD

Sherrilynn Gray says:



x52 pro has an 8 directional analog on throttle for lateral movements. it’s very easy to use.

Peter Millar says:

Good concept and great idea but in your vid some section look of setup in the options would be a nice addition thank you. The joysticks themselves are cheap in australia at $47 AUD at EB games.

Med Otaku says:

Why would you want to use two control sticks?

Lockness T says:

Thanks for all your great video’s about Star Citizen, two joysticks is just so much better than one.

Mahgoul says:

Can you tell us how to set it up like that?

Sam Rawlinson says:

is there any chance at all you could post you keybinding please ? i have these and im struggling setting them up :/

Tim Van Heerden says:

Hey BoredGamer, I have the same joysticks you have. I’m having an issue though with my 2nd joystick.
The game does not independently recognize the positive and negative y/x axis. i.e. it only recognizes the y or x alone. So if I configure “strafe up” it picks it up and works, if I then configure “strafe down” it says “That input is already used by the following. Is that okay? Strafe Up”.
Any feedback from you or your followers will be greatly appreciated.

The Ellenders says:

Nice setup, definitely looking into this!

David Gonçalves says:

@Hey BoredGamer. First let me thank you for the great job with all your vids. Your channel is pretty much my “Go To” on Star Citizen info and updates.
This particular vid conviced me to actually try dual Joystick in the game, and I’d like to know if you or any of your subcribers have an opinion on the MadCatz Cyborg F.L.Y. 5.
I already own a Logiteck Attack 3, and I’ll use that one for the left hand as a test, but if I like it, I’ll probabbly get a MadCatz Cyborg F.L.Y. 1 for the left hand and keep the 5 on the right.
Searched the RSI forums for a while, but there are split opinions on the MadCatz Cyborg F.L.Y. 5. Youtubers say something else as well, so I was hoping that either you or your subscribers could help me on this decision.

Thanks a lot

Aqrekkt says:

Any chance you can post your mapping file for those of us with the same setup? I’m having a hell of a time getting my 2nd joystick working.

Gunma the retro gamer says:

this must be a setup of playing virtual on

The Sasquatch Gamer says:

I’m confused why would you need two joysticks for flying? Or is this just a see how hard it is?

JuanCena meme lord like me? says:

does the logitech extreme 3d pro have deadzones around the center? i was considering doing t1600 duals, but I hear its hard to aim with them cause the spring causes them to lock up

BoggWeasel says:

Would like to have seen you go into the controls menu and show how to set it up, is there another vid ?

ghostltk says:

so after watching this vid i went out and got my self 2 x3d pros and hooked them up but am having a hell of a time getting both of them to work at the smae time any advise?

Richard Alestock says:

Do these still work with Star Citizen? I bought two of these to try it but the second one is not recognized even though it works. Star Citizen will only recognize one.

WuppieF says:

Hey, i was wondering can you play joystick + keyboard? I’m thinking abbout buying this game but would like to know this

thePavuk says:

I’ve just bought 2 of them in pawnshops. Like new, $15 in total.

SCLoreCast says:

LOL!! “extra hand…or some sort of…extra tentacle…” I’m dying. I can barely type.

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