Double Joystick Review Saitek ST290 and ST90

This is a double review on two different joysticks! Both are great and cheap, but watch this video and you’ll know which joystick to get! This is a review of the Saitek ST290 and the Saitek ST90.

Saitek ST290 Link on

Saitek ST90 Link on


Jack Mcslay says:

Buying both sounds like a great combo for a dual joystick setups

TikiShootah says:

@cy535 the fl 5 is horrible with bad balance gtfo

AJay Bogie says:

there is a a blue light in the top of boths buddy own them both

crazyirish77 says:

still have my pro i got at wally world a few years ago, still works great but yes, get it set up on a solid surface where it wont move on your own

João Luiz Marini says:

@TheKingDannyboy Comprou nesse valor onde? O mais barato que achei foi na casa dos 90,00 mangos! Abraços.

James Schultz says:

I cant get my Throttle to work any more with the newer games I have the st90 pro

Klaus Trophobie says:

you forgot the point that is the most interesting for me: the basis of the st90 can be fold up, so it takes very little space. Does that work well? I have very little space in my small room…

Daniel Araújo says:

I bought a ST90 for R$ 48, +- U$ 23 here in Brazil, i hope it was a good investiment as i’m still waiting for it.

Fl0pPy diSk says:

my ST290 has leds in the blue thing


@BestTechStuffVideo,can u recommend me a website for the SaitekST290

Repaired says:

Helpful, thanks.

doubleclutch92 says:

Works well on battlefield 3!

oldpreach says:

The twisting effect (yaw) is absolutely essential if your going to be playing a combat game!

Shady_McBrady says:

cuma212 says:

i find the st90 in 6$ in a backyard sale so is just buy it XD

Flux Richard says:

hey… can u help? i need driver 4 this. cuz wen i press the the middle butten it wont shoot…. and i balance it forward it goes backword….

Mango says:

Wondering how you program the ST90’s buttons.

Deimos says:

I bought a Cyborg FLY 5 and it broke in like 5 hours..

LTDanno360 says:

your LIGHT  is broken cause im looking at my st290 pro and it has a blue light in the top under the clear lenz

Ramon Banda says:

Ive owned the ST290 pro for a few years now and have had no problems with it, its a great stick. and yes there is a blue light in the top of the ST290PRO mine does and its bright. Yours being newer than mine must have Been revised to not have one.

Synic08 says:

thats an st290pro…. which i have, and i tore apart to repair… no lights in the top

bnbb says:

That super high-pitched ring gave me a headache.. if you didn’t hear it you’re probably over 40 years old. fuck!

Shawn Swigart says:

the light works on my st 290

fetB says:

Whats the difference between the Cyborg Evo and the 290?

gotdemagot says:

Thank you for you video, it help me a lot. I got an used ST290 and no manual, so I learn the basics from your video.

Daniel Araújo says:

@joaomarini comprei numa promoção de fim de semana na megamamute

MrCamocreeper says:

so what games can i play on this any like flight simulator because i got the st290

Haxyl says:

My St290 has LED’s in the top.

M. Molli says:

Hi What’s the difference between this one (Saitek ST290) and the Saitek Cyborg Evo ?

Shazeen82 says:

I like the simmetric stuff. I am Lefty! Think buy one! ST90

doubleclutch92 says:

I found mine at goodwill for $9.99

cns180784 says:

I’m selling the latest state of the art from Saitek, the ST50. £500 offers considered.

Giancarlo Molino says:

is the st90 compat with mac

DeathToTheDictators says:

I’ve had the ST90 (ebay $11) since 08 and it’s great. I’ve since upgraded to a Saitek AV8R (also great) but i got great use out of the ST90…perfect for (like the guy in the vid says) a first time flightstick, or a casual flight simmer.

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