Cyborg F.L.Y. 5 USB Flightstick Review

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The Cyborg FLY 5 is an inexpensive joystick you can use for all your favorite games. For the games it doesn’t outright support, setting the binds is simple using software such as realmware. Enjoy the informative review!


“Itty Bitty 8 bit” by Kevin MacLeod of (Royalty free music)

The Cyborg F.L.Y. 5 flightstick by Mad Catz


The purpose of the video is informative and educational.

P.S. The stick works wonders for Star Citizen.

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ArmyOfAll says:

Caution, tends to fall to pieces after the first year.

Airborne GR says:

what usb does it use?

Aires Justo says:

With little use and I already have a malfunction in POV! And beacause of that my spaceship was destrpyed when I was docking on Elite game… what a big sh**

avder42 says:

What kind of deadzone does this stick have on the X, Y, and Z Rotation axes?  And how much play does the stick have?  Can you move it at all without the spring kicking in?  Just asking because I’m trying to find a stick that has very good precision around the center for lining up distant shots.

thelightsociety1 says:

i have a windows 10 and im trying to use the same joystick u showed and it hasnt been wrking on my steam games does stem not supprt joystick functions or what?

andy stan says:

NO FORCE FEEDBACK ?? and no mention of it , cut out the middle man and drop it in the garbage bin, its a piece of dog shit, go and buy a proper one, instead of creaming yourself off on a cheap tacky lump of plastic ,

Leif Ohlsson says:

I use the FLY5 for helicopter & other flying in X-plane 10. The throttle is wonderful. You can use it for collective rotor control – or I can divide it up and fly the twing-engine DHC-61 with separate throttle controls. It wasn’t possible for me to land the Mi-2 helicopter in one piece until I got this joystick.

One adjustment is necessary, though: The spring just is too hard and coarse. Solution: bind the coils together, compressing the middle section of the spring. Use strong thread or twine, several double loops around the clock so to speak and between levels.

With this adjustment the joystick is just perfect, smooth and easy. Also, the flimsiness which was apparent before the adjustment is gone now. I’m very happy about the stick now (although I was quite disappointed before compressing the spring).

Luke Forney says:

Anyone know if it works for arma 3??

Peter Whittaker says:

so useless for anyone who is left handed

alienblood alienblood says:

mines sticking on the y yaw axis any ideas?

RudeRaptor says:

Looks like there no spring tension in the stick (floppy)???

redman214214 says:

hey guys anyone knows if it works with x3 games? (particularly with albion prelude 🙂 )

MacedoniaGamingNetwork - MGN says:

Is it good for ArmA 3?

Olsun says:

I been strugling with trying to lock the joystick on the motherboard. Damn it doenst sit 

SeerSmashChannel says:

What’s a “yaaaaaaa” function?

Faze Phiz says:

does it have rudder control?

Brian Garbutt says:

A great stick but i still couln’t fly DCS huey very well UNTILL!!!!!! i used a plastic tie and put it around the springs ,thereby compressing them.
Joy O Joy The joystick acted like a real cyclic now landing and takeoff no trouble
Have a go

¿ретскирТ ¡ says:

Это дерьмо. Самое худшее дерьмо. Я серьезно. Тем кто любит авиосимуляторы посоветую “дефендер кобра м5” либо “вкб чёрная мамба” они не дорогие и качество высокое, минимум пластмассы максимум метала.

Josef Lizard says:

is there smaller joystick on the head, directly under the light above the scroll?

Magno Lima says:

Looking for a SC profile.

Doom Guy says:

Lol, that MS Sidewinder is a better stick tbqh.

I SUCK AT GAMES Skipper toungtastic says:

This is one crap flightstick. So flimsy but so hard at the same time to move the bleeding thing. Also when you took the flight stick apart how did you do it? I got blisters trying so hard.

The Old Man says:

great review i’m shocked that you only have a few thousand subs for the quality of this review. Good luck in future videos.

Nuru Iliasu says:

guys i just got the fly 5. and i plug it in and the keys are very wierd. and i cant find the software to download. plzz help me
And in bf4 it is totally fcked

Josh Phillips says:

This looks exactly like madcatz F.L.Y 5. Are the companies similar?

mbrang00 says:

good review, thanks!

Jag ska ta han! says:

Is this one good for left hand use?

Devilikg says:

well yaw on joystick is just stupid, honestly id rather use keyboard for that

Adolfo Bisi says:

Does anybody happen too have the profiler installer? The software that you use to bind keys and make macros. I always used it, but i had to format my pc yesterday. Now the download and the support page on their website is down and i cant get the installer.
Thank you.

NemesisVS says:

How many people forget that there’s aircraft in battlefield and arma?? It’s a shame they dont produce this stick anymore.

Renata Bliss says:

How does it perform in Arma3?

Alexniclo says:

Dose it work with Windows 10?

Dick Fitzwell says:

now that you have had it a while what do you think of it?

David Olver says:

I want a good left handed flight stick

Dark Shift Music says:

It’s 60 bucks now. #notworthit

PillsburyDoughboy says:

Would it work on games like “Ace Combat Infinity”? I am seriously interested in this game.

Krzysztof Zięba says:

Seeing how this is still a live video and people are commenting, maybe you could help me out with setting this joystick up for Win 7 64bit? When I try installing Windows 7 drivers the software just doesn’t recognize the joystick is even plugged in.

FOX says:

This joystick is the best crap on the market at the moment, if you want to buy cheap Joystick buy Trustmaster T-16000m the best cheap joystick jesus not buy this piece of shit cyborg stay away from MadCatz are really crap,
Fortunately for Saitek Logitech bought the company. I REPeAt STAY AWAY FROM MADCRAPS !

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