Finally my Constellation Delta arrived. Here’s the review! Spoiler alert: this grip & base are really damn good. Check out the video and tell me your opinion about it!

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LordBattleSmurf says:

I’d like to pay more to get extra features like a thumb push button or hat on the left side of the grip like the warthog/CH has, a button for your index finger on the top right of the grip, dual stage trigger, pinky trigger/button, height adjustable palm rest. would gladly pay up to $500 for a quality stick like that

Stéphane Lenclud says:

Yes the stick is is glued together but you can still fairly easily open it without need to glue it back together, see:

Broken Silence says:

I guess the Recess button can be used for Secondary Fire?

Snipekillz says:

Holy shit. I guess low sub count channels can make good quality content. Haven’t even gotten through the video and im baffled how good it is.

James Dunn says:

Thanks for the vid. If you had a link to the company page which directed me to the information/buy it would be nice. 🙂
Keep up the good work.

Brent Williams says:

Excellent review! Thank you, and well done.

Shinypally says:

Plastic. Pass. Thanks for the review though.

Bos Landschap says:

Ejected without a parachute, came back to upvote instead 🙂 Seriously though, nice review, thanks for sharing your observations and thoughts on the joystick.

Pouncing Fox says:

I wish you could have opened the stick up to see the internals.

AirVideo1 AirVideo says:

It took a whole special laboratory to fail disassemble stick??? Give it to the child.

Medi0cr3 R1 says:

why must music volume be 3x as loud as your voice.. extremely uncomfortable

Danakar "Quicksilver" Endeel says:

Thanks for the review! 🙂

Timothy Ranken says:

So in something like Elite Dangerous, what would you bind to secondary fire? I guess one of the hats? Seems annoying, plus you’d need to be able to have a stable grip on the stick while you twist at the same time, and holding two triggers… so the top hats are out of the question for anyone with normal sized hands…

m3t4llic says:

The quality of gimbals is what is important and I heard only positive things from users, but for this one, how do you like the twist axis, is it precise?

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