Classic Game Room – XBOX 360 DREAM STICK arcade joystick review

Classic Game Room HD reviews the Xbox 360 DREAM STICK arcade joystick from Dream Arcades. The Dream Stick is a real 8-way arcade style joystick that is perfect for games like Ms. Pac Man as well as Frogger, Scramble and Ikaruga. It is also ideal for the numerous fighting games on Xbox 360 like Street Fighter IV, Tekken 6, Street Fighter II, UIimate Mortal Kombat 3 and Soulcalibur 4. Awesome build quality and heavy construction make this one controller that won’t slide around the coffee table with vigorous gameplay. This is a wireless controller that runs on two AA batteries and has six buttons on front. Those wanting a joystick to play games with the triggers and dual analog sticks should stick with the standard 360 controller though, the Dream Stick is made for fighting and arcade games only. Manufactured by Dream Arcades, a developer of home arcade machines, cabinets and cocktail video game arcades. The Dreamstick is an Xbox 360 arcade player’s dream come true. This CGR review of the Xbox 360 Dream Stick reviews the Dream Stick on video showing the Dream Stick in HD.


Lady says:

I think I’ll just stick with my TE stick. It works just fine.

Unhexennium says:

I’m not big into playing classic games. It’s funny to hear someone use Pacman as a selling point in this day and age. To each his own though.

shamlix says:

it is an ipod. ipod touch actually

Juan Reynoso says:

IDK. A Streetfighter IV TE stick has more functionality than this stick although I do love the realism in how the US stick is made in this video. VERY realistic to a real arcade stick(obviously).

Henry Ramirez says:

Too bad you cant play MvC1 because it needs 8 buttons so in short I want a 8 button than a 6 button arcade stick….

Fabricio Choco says:

ps3 ??

knightofdreamz says:

So youre good at pacman and you play it right handed. Youre not so good at fighting games but you have to control those left handed…. connection? Maybe youre like those ppl who drive with one foot on the break and the other one the accelerator and cant figure out how to drive with one foot.

Ryan Pascual says:


John Phillips JP says:

i just got an xarcade solo with all the adapters which feels quite similar. I got nothing aginst japanese style sticks but USA STYLE has and always will be my preference in my 30+ years on earth.
ps…mad kats sticks always break. And they feel light and cheap to me.

Dustin Nunn says:

It’s sad that Dream Arcades never made an arcade stick just like this one for the PS3. That would have been awesome.

Godz29 says:


TheKHfan358over3d says:

dream stick ironically it is not for dreamcast oh wait theres a 360 to dreamcast adapter finally 3rd strike with the Dream stick on dream cast

Bbfishman says:

your favorite game is Ms Pac man? theres so many amazing games out there with a real story and depth, why Ms Pac Man?

Edan Laxamana says:

I need this

TurtleGalaxies says:

in greece? i wonder why?

DontPaniku says:

I have one like this but it’s wired. Which means it still works on PC. Basically what they did was take apart a regular 360 and connected the guts to the arcade parts.

Blake Shelton says:

Right you are!

Garfi Duper says:

thats what i call portable.

Dr. Slump says:

I’ve always been an old school kind of guy growing up on arcade machines and it seems this and the X arcade are the sticks to get to replicate that experience in the home. The music in the background of this is beast, and I wish I knew what it is. Anyway awesome review dude.

Penis says:

you never been to an arcade ? , oh , i starting to think kids these days retarded

alpineracerr says:

Check out my “XBOX360 joystick”

Gamer_For_Life_GR says:

Works on PC ? I can’t find it in Greece 🙁

Blake Shelton says:

I was.

Nub Smoo says:

God damn it’s out of stock 🙁

X says:

full of that’s what she said moments

Blake Shelton says:

I dont have Arcades where I am!

dragon born 243 says:

The dream stick is sopose to be for the dream cast

MaximRecoil says:

Pac-Man was a bad example. The Pac-Man arcade machines had 4-way joysticks, while that “Dream Stick” joystick is an 8-way. Pac-Man and other 4-way joystick games suck when played with an 8-way joystick.

Darcknes says:

You in Florida?

cause all I have is a fun depot

Richard Cheese says:

well i mean the layout is fine, but just look at 4:21, a 360 controller pcb? really? they actually sell these things. The inside is a fucking mess

WTFSweatshirttt says:

? Not really. Maybe mind isn’t so far into the gutter i guess.

GroovinFunk says:

This review is painful to watch. As an avid fighting game player I can tell you that the mad catz TE stick is worlds better. Sanwa stick with a ball top and Sanwa 30mm buttons. The stick is this vid is not worth it if you take fighting games seriously

SuperDeluxe80 says:

i could make one cheaper in about 1-2 hours and maybe $$20-30 of the other stuff.

Ivan Pineda says:

i need one with a p360 stick not 8way

Aidan Wilks says:

The joystick on the dream stick is pretty much like the mortal kombat joystick

RyoGamestation says:

I would love to get my hands on and own the dream arcade 32 vision arcade cabinet.

Blake Shelton says:

Yeah, all I have is fun depot

Sheepdog actual says:

I use it for afterbunner

DenVu says:


Calamari Chris says:

Thanks for this review. Playing Capcom’s Commando and Ms. Pacman with the OEM controller suuuuuucks. I ordered two today.

Infra Violet says:

something something dick joke something something suck my dream stick

RukiriPlays says:

The fact these are wireless makes this sort of bad, and I agree with stock parts on the Madcatz sticks but with any stick just swap them with better arcade parts and there ya go!  I prefer them wired not wireless.  $120(when they were selling) was a decent price.

Tay TYLERIENMAM Station says:

More like nightmare stick!! Where seimitsu stick?!!!

Zane Roote says:

Why is it called The DreamStick if it isn’t for the Dreamcast?

godfatherofgaming 05 says:

that’s one ugly arcade stick

Nub Smoo says:

Is it wireless?

freewilliam93 says:

American sticks are horrendous. Sanwa and seimitsu are galaxies better.


I love concave buttons.

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