Classic Game Room – HAPP COMPETITION JOYSTICK review and installation

Happ Competition Joystick review with X-Arcade Tankstick. Classic Game Room reviews the HAPP COMPETITION JOYSTICK and shows installation into a X-Arcade Tank Stick. The Happ Competition Joystick will fit into the X-Arcade Tankstick with a slight bit of modification. This Modded X-Arcade Tankstick now has a red Happ Competition Joystick for superior controls in fighting games like Street Fighter IV and space ship shooters like Thunder Force V and Gigawing. The X-Arcade Tankstick is a wonderful piece of design and engineering but has some weak links to cut costs. The joysticks in the X-arcade are lesser quality joysticks than the price tag would indicate, but with $15 and some elbow grease you can replace one joystick with a Happ. This CGR video review of the Happ Competition Joystick shows how to mod and install a Happ joystick in an X-Arcade Tank Stick and reviews the resulting modded joystick controller.


Superdimensional says:

the Player 2 side is handicapped lol.

PAN says:

Found a local arcade selling these new for 8$ each >:D

memoto memoto says:

En castellano porfa o espa?ol

Chris G says:

I cannot play with US Arcade sticks. awfull

Alex B 36 says:

Cameo appearance by the Nintendo 3DS!

freewilliam93 says:

Get a japanese arcade stick to review like the mad catz te2 stick that opens up at a touch of a button. Hori and qanba that are $150 are great sticks too. American sticks are archaic

TheCrampz says:

When you use needle-nose pliers to undo a nut…

charley222 says:

x-arcade HAPP suck for fighting game , i play maybe 40 hour  1 happ look dead and also  this cheap happ got a lot of dead zone 45% miss edge ,  easy mods euro happ is a bit better  harder mods Crown 303-FK Korean thank for this video

UnforgivingCritic says:

I’m learning and laughing my ass off at the same time 🙂

John Phillips #JeyDoeProductions says:

Just buy better switches and replace the old ones…a stick is a stick.
Much easier and quicker!

Nexus of ice says:

Mark you are awsome!!… but you installed the dust cover upside-down…

WillDuhFoh says:

I installed a HAPP Joystick in my X-Arcade Dual Joystick. I didn’t need to grind at all…. thats wut she said…

GregLH0 says:

I always wonder, why not just get longer bolts and just install the joystick more deeply into the case and bypass the original hole completely? The joystick looks it has enough clearance to do that and it lowers the joystick putting both hands on a more even level which should feel a bit more comfortable.

Tay TYLERIENMAM Station says:

That stick look disgusting compare to Japanese sanwa and seimitsu

Darryle Furlow says:

well after seeing both the arcade stick of the tank and this one about the controll i will get this and operate on it even though it the normal $200+ and $30×2 for both side i’m always looing for a way improve me and my friends fighting games experinces

SitarKnight says:

Hehehe, he inserted his joystick 😉

Alex Paulsen says:

Might I suggest unbolting the joystick first, and just directly swapping the wires across to the new one, wire by wire. Less chance to get it wrong, then the new joystick can drop in and you’ll be done with it, less room for error.

Salva says:

Why there is some random salsa song playing in the background?

linksysrouted says:

Still can’t watch these videos.. host talks like a retard. Be natural, god damn it.

TheCRTman says:

Now that’s pretty awesome. HAPP competition sticks are the best for fighting games. I’m not sure how the Tank stick actually works, but the HAPP ones are nice and simple with that adapter hitting the switches.

Vincent Haot says:

great explanation, thanks 🙂

Igor Klopotski says:

Hey! I’m Anthony.I did -35 lbs in 1 week.More here

0carou says:

Everytime a person says that I ask em “have you played with an american setup!?” Usually they say no, I bet ur the same uve never even touched a bat handle!!

robkam643400 says:

Can you test the x-arcade with the Wii/GC adapter with a game like Super Smash Bros m/b and Luigi’s Mansion? I’m a disabled gamer trying to figure out if I should purchase the adapter. I used to love those games, but can no longer use gamepads.

ML V says:

thanks for the great video.

Trilkin says:

You’re remembering analog sticks, then. Digital sticks all have that click.

Anthony Durant says:

Is it a 4 way and 8 way joystick ?

Kira665 _ says:

dat Tropico 3 music lol

Helical Gaming says:

your new happ hole dust cover is upside down 🙂

CrackerJayherber says:

do they all make that clicking sound? The arcade joysticks I remember didn’t have that sound.

John Phillips #JeyDoeProductions says:

Just replacing the switches with Cherry switches. Easier and quicker.

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