Cheap 2 Player Pi 3 USB Arcade Stick Review & Super Retro-Cade Guide

Cheap 2 player arcade stick for RetroPie Raspberry Pi 3 or the Super Retro-Cade from Retro-Bit with guide on how to wire it.

Buy this stick here:

Or make a better one with these links:

2 Player Buttons/Stick Kit:
1 Player Buttons/Stick Kit:
LED Coin and P1/P2 Buttons:
Gameroomsolutions 2 Player Box:
Super RetroCade:

To purchase a Super Retro-Cade or to view the compatible controllers please check out castlemaniagames!
Use “pixel10” for 10% off and you get free shipping as well.

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Chris Barnes says:

Is there a single player version? I’m lonely.

D man says:

I got the single player one for 38 dollars free shipping. I love it. It has this constant light show too for background that shoots out so it ads to arcade room effect with lights down. I have seen better quality ones, but for the price this is mid rangejoystick. Street fighter 2 has the 6 buttons acuratly, but mortal.kombat will be all.over the place. Still this is better than those crappy 20 dollar ones with the numbers on the 8 blue buttons that only last a couple months.
I have yet to find an actual arcade stick that matches a cabinet one.
Pacman on this is not bad also, and it’s vrry smoothe on airplane games like 1943.
The suction cups are a must.

vfddcv says:

Hello I bought super retrocade from castlemania games. I used the code u gave but like an idiot I didn’t buy any extra controllers. Are the ones provided good? He sells a genesis and a snes one which are compatible do u recommend those?

cwuthnow says:

Has anyone found out if the X-Arcade stick can work with this?

ByGraceThroughFaith says:

Thanks for the diagrams. I’m going to mod an existing PS3 fight stick I have collecting dust with zero delay internals for retrocade. Should be fairly easy looking at this. Great content by the way.

Tim Whawell says:

Does this work on an Xbox one

Virgil Kellogg says:

Become a patreon! Win cool stuff!

Jesus Zamora says:

Any way to find just the shell (no PCB or buttons)? And is it deep enough for IL parts?

Chris Nizer says:

Just purchased one of these 2 player arcade sticks. I have the Mayflash PS2 PS3 PC USB Arcade Stick but it’s not a high quality unit and it’s difficult to upgrade. So hopefully this will be an improvement. I picked up the Super Retro-cade based on your review and have since added 1500+ games with the SD card slot. Thanks again for the tips buddy, Semper Fi!

Ecks Gaming Benchmark says:

If that was 50$ and just a casing i would of considered buying it since i want to have something like that but with American style joysticks.

Angultra says:

For $100 I’d rather get a Pandora’s Box clone, more developed and looks a little better.

Zingsterazn says:

Anyone know it these are 4 or 8 way?

ciasteczkowy potwór says:

can i play tekken 7 on witch tchats and how to have this game what you have?

Tamara Thompson says:

Thats gangster . I thought about buying one

KuroBlacky13 says:

This type of arcade can be used for play in PC with the controllers?

jennings mills says:

how did you access the dip switch settings for metal slug?

DIY Ejuice Man says:

i have this arcade stick it works very well u can possibly tighten the joysticks up also and i agree the dust covers have to be changed

Alex M says:

How long is the usb cord ? Is this a good option if I wanna play the retro-cade on a big screen ? I dont wanna be glued to the TV

Madlittlepixel says:

Become a Patron:
Buy this stick here:
Or make a better one with these links:
2 Player Buttons/Stick Kit:
1 Player Buttons/Stick Kit:
LED Coin and P1/P2 Buttons:
Gameroomsolutions 2 Player Box:
Super RetroCade:

K Z says:

So can I just plug this thing straight into my retro pie and map 2 players straight away instead of having to mod it?

chris ne says:

I’m afraid I bought one of these. It was advertised that it already had a pie in it. I know nothing of pie either.

Aidan Peel says:

What build are u using on ur raspberry pi it looks nice

ARCHA1C says:

Thanks for the great review, especially the wiring guide. This seems like a great entry-level set for casual arcade gamers or hobbyists who might want to dabble a bit in customization/upgrading before going big on a more expensive set, or building their own.

Stephen Newman says:

Will this work on an Android TV box as two controllers if I plugged both USBs in

Coin _Tengoku says:

MLP, I know you’re a mad fan of arcade. Hope you have been reading what’s new on the scene of pi3. They are about to drop lr-mame2003-plus. Check it out. Looks like we are about to get some more working roms. They are working on the .dat right now cause it’s gonna pull roms from different MAME releases. Awesome!

Rokuken says:

Ummm, this arcade stick is not available in Banggood. Nothing remotely close to it either.

Josh Money says:

Any word on if a X-Arcade tankstick will work with the Retro-Cade?

Chris Nizer says:

I just received this unit today and had a chance to hook it up to the Super Retro-cade. I followed the tutorial to reconfigure the buttons and it was very easy. Both sticks are working fine and the buttons work great too. I ordered it back on September 22nd so it took a few weeks to get here. Thanks for review, I’m definitely a happy camper!

Spintechfilms says:

Would you recommend this for someone that’s just getting into fighting sticks?

Mark Boyer says:

Does a Pandora’s box arcade stick work since it has usb?

Kirby Stole My Hat says:

I bought this one for 114 tho cause I wanted FAST SHIPPING so……. I hope this works on pc.

Don Doflamingo says:

will this work on a ps4?

We Deem! says:

i knew there had to be an arcade stick that worked on the Super Retro-cade, but I knew there would be a little work involved!

the Name says:

do you sell extrnal hard drive with hyperspin all set up on it with systems and games I want to buy a 4 tb drive

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