Budget Joystick Review for Star Citizen, Elite:Dangerous, and Flight Sims

This video is about Budget Joystick Review


Richbeans115 says:

Oh my god, the drinking was too much. informative. please dont drink in videos, the sound is unbearable

voyle says:

Do you find that the fighterstick is as good as an aiming device compared to the t16000m? 

SlappyTheElf says:

I have the t16000m. Would it be worth buying a tflight hotas just to use the throttle with the t16000m?

ValJanela says:

Can you recommend a true force feedback joystick? I have bought a few that say “feel this” and “feel that”, but they have not been force feedback. I have a Force 3D Pro but the force is not working on my new computer, any ideas, can´t find a driver for it anywhere? Running FSX on Win7 Pro.Thanks.

Gravity says:

Every Extreme 3D pro I’ve ever had lost all precision in about 3 months (give or take a few months) of use. Along with the precision the deadzone became in and out, sloppy, and at that point unusable. My ATK 3 never had this issue, but sadly I had broken that one dropping it down the stairs immediately after my last 3D pro broke. I’d recommend the Thrustmaster options no doubt.

Lumivox says:

Liking your videos, seems you have the experience and knowledge on joysticks. Im especialy interested on your takes when the dog fight module starts. Keep them coming, thank u.

kkFELIPEkk1 says:

i went onto micro center and they don’t even have either the tflight hotas x or the t16000m for sale, where can i find these on sale

Gravity says:

I have a limit of 55 bucks, and I would like a joystick that won’t crumble under my hands after a year (other then the Logitech),and that has a separate throttle quadrant that I can plug into the USB (preferably with no deadzone). Which one should I get? (I’ll be playing falcon BMS and DCS modules mostly)

MooTaters says:

Where’d you get the CH throttle for ~$90? Everywhere I looked when I bought was right around $125.

iwanthalo3 says:

just fyi: every stick shown here uses spring centering.

the magnetics that you are referring to, is the sensing system.
all of these except the t16000m use potentiometers on each axis, which are mechanical and wear out.

the t16000m uses a hall effect sensor which measures movements using a magnet on the bottom and a sensor below that.

TL;DR: they all have springs, its the sensor thats different

Muphlon says:

ms sidewinders use optical sensors with led(probably IR) on the stick and throttle.

Allen Featherlin says:

Good review.. but you HAVE to lay off the drink/gulping while talking in a mic… ugh

Wulfle says:

Oh man, that force 3D sucks. I’m so glad that I got the Pro! It’s got a little wobble in it but no more that was there when I got it.

Adam M says:

Great info. and well done.
I’ve had the T Flight since it came out and using Joytokey it will nearly double the # of buttons you have (minus button assigned as shift modifier). And for whatever reason whether it be JTK or something to do with Win8 or just muscle memory it’s gotten a lot more accurate and increasing my kills rate by 50% or less but, you still have yaw sway at really low speed zoom.
As for using the TFlight throttle standalone with say a T16000m stick not sure how that would work out since they are hard wired together.

ExoSet1 says:

Dude, great video, got all the information I was looking for. As an aside though drinking while recording… might as well hork your own snot bro.

ze62948 says:

I have my attack 3 and i love it 😀

CaptainZero says:

Solid video dude. The constant water gulps thru the video kill me though. Can’t stand that damn noise. Thanks for the info on the Budget Sticks though

Gregory Matya says:

I’m on a budget and have a Logitech 3d and want a throttle too is the ch pro throttle worth it

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