Best Value Joystick for Space sims? Thrustmaster T-16000m!

Hey guys!
I remember growing up pretty much every gamer had a joystick, but over the last 10 years or so they’ve become much less common!
Now that space games are big again it seems like everybody is running out and grabbing the most expensive HOTAS rig they can find! This is great for people with money to burn but I wanted to show you that you don’t really need to spend $$$$$ to have a good time flying round in space!
I’m gonna focus this video around Elite Dangerous as that’s what I have the most experience with, but I’m sure this thing would be awesome with Star Citizen and more!


SleepingSerpent says:

Thanks for the video! I can’t get into flying around with a keyboard and mouse either. I just heard about this joystick and appreciate your review. Also, your three screen setup is very creative and I may do something like that too.

Sheldon Cooper says:

Is it just me then that prefers mouse/keyboard for E:D? Admittedly I rarely do combat,just trading/exploration and delivery missions.

Bobby Low says:

HOT ASS!!! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Freddy Gabriel says:

I don’t agree with you I’m sorry. HOTAS is not for everyone but it sure changes the experience of the game. I love my X-56 Rhino.

pccalcio says:

“T-16000- im “

Oldgames1000 says:

Will this work for older games I purchase on Good old

Zetexx says:

what is the best Space SIM? Beside Star Citizen…

CowwieNZ says:

Its the best joystick around for a Dual Setup due to its inter changeable leftright hand grips, other than needing a few more buttons and sligthly better hat its a great stick.

If only the 3D Pro and the T1600M could have a baby.

2 x Flighsticks + a raised tenkeyless keyboard in the middle(so the base of the joysticks can be put closer together) = awesome.

My biggest issue with that setup is throttle is bit of a issue, you can use the left twist to temporary increase/decrease speed and other buttons above to set static speeds but its not ideal, sadly there aren’t at least in new zealand many options for foot pedals with out throwing down a large amount of money for something designed for car sims.

It won’t be so much space games that will make joysticks popular again its gonna be gamers having a stationary VR experience imo.

One-Eye says:

For us left-handers this is the only option for us, since it’s ambidextrous.

Eduardo Freitas says:

I really want a hotas so I ordered a hotas-x and later I’ll add the T-16000 to it and use the hotas x throttle! =D

Xedilian says:

Razor Orb weaver with extra buttons would go perfect with that joystick

Adam Trembath says:

Nice Ill have to get this one, cheers for explaining how the hotas systems work in comparison. Looks like you dont really need them cuz you could just use the keyboard with the other hand anyway

OptimusHighMegaBong says:

Shout outs from Auckland. Love that you guys are from NZ, Awesome Vids 🙂

Gammanoize says:

I bought it. I give it a 9 out of 10. Awesome

LordDoom1985 says:

Why is it a guilty pleasure what is there to be guilty about. It is a good game.

Abadai says:

“Space sims” Seriously space sims? do you people know what simulator means? I didn’t know we already have real space ships and space fighters in space……
Simulator means: A machine with a similar set of controls designed to provide a realistic imitation of the operation of a vehicle, aircraft, or other complex system, used for training purposes.

Genetic_Drifter says:

Already got a t16000. I hope somebody in NZ will stock the new thrustmaster throttle so I can pair that up with it.

b kace says:

bean head

herptyderpty says:

probably worth mentioning it is one of the very few ambidextrous sticks, great for dual stick setups.

Florijin says:

There is an 16000m REV.2 coming called 16000m FCS. There will be also a Thruster ccontroller.

X caliber says:

Thanks. I Use 2 X Thrustmaster 16000m’s for Elite Dangersous (becsause it is easy to have one for left and Right hands. I love it. Not only does it feel good, but I also feel more Immersed in game. I agree with everything you mentioned. I would like to hear the details on your monitor setup. By the way, I did not know about the press and hold feature. How do I get this to work In elite Dangerous?

TKG says:

Who won the PC?

SaltyG0D says:

Lol can u use 2 joysticks for this game?

Murkelost79 says:

Im running dual t16k, one is thruster the other roll pitch yaw. Really neat when not in supercruise mode for precision flight. Also the double amount of buttons make it easy with for example menu navigation.

Dot Matrix says:

2:05 All the joysticks you mentioned don’t have microswitch directional control (unless you mean the hat switch) but have potentiometers (= variable resistor), so you have typically a polling rate of 256 per axis. The digital control you mentioned is commonly used in arcade and fighting sticks.
Other than that I fully agree with the T-16000m recommendation though, it’s the best joystick in value for money.

sid crimson says:

I am looking at thrustmaster 16000m.. i dont play space sims but i do play flight sims like aerofly 2, FSX these sticks any good for sims?? or my other option is HOTAS X!! 🙁 i am actually planning for dual setup 2*Thrustmaster 16000m one for thrust purpose… Any advice?

crush smith says:

uh joysticks arnt on and off…. The conventional analog joystick design does this with two potentiometers or variable resistors. that joystick uses hal sensors 🙂 hal sensors dont touch so should last

Andrew Cantrick says:

Totally agree, I wanted to play Elite Dangerous a while back and spent ages researching what to get, while not spending too much in case I ended up not liking ED.
I went with the T-16000 in the end, and cannot fault it. WAyyyyy cheaper than HOTAS without actually losing much functionality.

AyCeeAreyy says:

does anyone know why its out of stalk everywhere???????

Vulgaren2012 says:

Thank you sir, great help and exactly what I was looking for. Ordering the 1600M now.

PlaytechNZ says:

Anybody else got some space game recommendations?

Pseudo Soul says:

Ay bud, use bezel correction. It raises immersion.

UltimateEnd0 says:

Best value joystick since the Sidewinder 2 :)-

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