BEST Game Controller for PC Gaming? (2017)

What is the best Gaming Controller for PC Gaming? Which is the best PC Controller? Find out in this exciting review video!
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Steam Controller:
(wireless dongle):

EasySMX Xbox 360 Controller:

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Xbox One Controller:
(w/ dongle)

PS4 Controller:
(bluetooth adapter):

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Austin Evans copy.

Jason brown says:

subscribed also WPS

Shalmon Anandas says:

Why is he glistening so much?

Andi Antonius says:

Does that xbox controller works with bluetooth? Without dongle

Thunder Thunder says:

xbox controller can work with 3rd party bluetooth device

Nathan LegoBlox says:

Should I stick with mah 360 controller

Paulo Vitor O. Moreira says:

probs someone already said it, but the gen 2 Xbox One controller (the one shown) does support standard Bluetooth 4.0 connection for PC – the dongle is only needed for the gen 1 controller

ScatterVolt says:

I’m gonna see if I can upload more often, so stay peeled for more future videos coming out on the weekdays *O.O*

Zane Whiting says:

favourite controller hands down is the Logitech F710

HeTheCow says:

What game was the 2d old indie platformer?

Julian Basil says:

IF U OWN THE NEW XBOX ONE CONTROLLER (the one without the black lip covering the home button) AND THE WINDOWS 10 UPDATE (or pinnacle game profiler) U DO NOT NEED THE DONGLE

Sjrick says:

Whats with the shiny face ?

Gaming universe says:

U are awesome

Thunder Grinde says:

the ezsmx looks really cool

Airplane Engine says:

Definitely Xbox’s best because you can customize your controller for 99,99$
Instead of an original boring designed controller

Luis Jaime says:

+n+ Download PC Games

Angel Kitty says:

I have used my PS4 controller on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10, Linux, and Redhat and never had to download any 3rd party software.

Nathan LegoBlox says:

Eeew a PS4 controller

edponpon says:

0:09 – Once a console gamer. . . lol, back when you were a kid right? Hehehe.

NRThunderman says:

“The Steam Controller really just doesn’t hold up in Bioshock Infinite due to what abilities you can activate and what the controller offers.”

The controller has more buttons and more customizability than the other two combined, what does this even mean?

de_Ultimate says:

Well, you can also connect wireless via Bluetooth, without a receiver.

1) Just connect your PS4 Controller with the “Bluetooth and Other Device Settings”.
2) After, you can open up DS4Windows, and it will automatically read your controller, (but you have to setup software, if this is your first time).

Ethan Redfern says:

Mate u don’t need extra software for PS4 controllers it is Bluetooth already.

Rayyan Arif says:

Obviously the Nintendo switch joycons duuuh(jk)

BigJSquables says:

Nothing beats mouse and key

Carlo Nassar says:

There are games where the PS4 controller doesn’t even need a program.

gurbun says:

Great video!

Attona says:

Hey, you can use a xbox one controller on a PC using only bluetooth. No additional software, it just connects and plays.

K D says: ?

Aaron Lane says:

Can you use controllers for mmorpg’s too?

Silviu Cant says:

i like most the steam controller

Julian Basil says:

I Love BB Theater!

Pratende Wortel says:

why are you so shiny

Amp says:

Best controllers in terms of just the feel and functionality that I’ve played were anything from Madcats the only trouble is they aren’t as strong. Microsoft suck because of some licensing issue or whatever most controllers you buy have to be mapped or hacked. It’s annoying.

bbm morgan says:

fyi you don’t need the Xbox dongle to use your Xbox controller on your PC as long as your PC has bluetooth and you’re using a controller that was made after the One S was released. It’s just the OG Xbox One controllers that need a dongle.

Carlo Nassar says:

My advice is to just choose the controller that’s best for you.

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