Do you want a joystick to accompany your flight sim/space sim set up? This video will describe the joystick in detail (up to the macro shots of different buttons and features) and offer a sample video at the end.

Hope you liked this review! It was shot on my Nikon D3400.



Hadee Alhassanawi says:

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Chris Davies says:

I’ve reverted from a new VKB Gladiator Mk.II back to a Logitech 3D Pro. Here’s why.

In 22 years of 6DOF PC flight and combat, I have have owned or tested every single possible controller type, and individual controller available on the open market. Since starting to play Elite Dangerous, I have tested everything there is, now that I have owned the latest VKB offering.

22 years of conventional wisdom, and accumulated knowledge has led me to the conclusion no stick is better for Elite than the lowly Logitech 3D Pro. This claim is going to upset a lot of people, I know. And I am sorry about that. But if you have any stick other than a 3D Pro, you are not playing as well, or as easily as you could be. This is a very bold claim, and I’m going to back it up.

There are many reasons the 3D Pro is superior to everything else, and they’re why I have abandoned my brand new Gladiator and purchased a new 3D Pro to replace my decade-old one, which finally gave up because I wrecked it with excessive modifications and broke a critical internal part when reassembling it for the Nth time. It was still working perfectly, right up until I broke it – more than 10 years since I started using it.

I had high hopes for the Gladiator, but as I suspected might be the case, it is not the ideal controller for Elite. It has too few buttons available to the thumb, and the HAT switch is second rate, with the head being the wrong shape, the wrong material (it’s hard plastic), and it’s very difficult to activate to the left and right consistently. It is also not naturally located for extended use.

One thing which I have learned in 6DOF, is that thruster control via 8-way HAT switch is absolutely vital in a HOTAS setup. Or even a HOKAS setup. Thrusters must never be assigned to axes, unless it only applies when you require fine control, as when landing. Ramp time with an axis-based thruster setup means you lose responsiveness, and you fly sub-optimally. Thrusters must activate at 100% power instantly. Or you’re dead.

Second thing is that a stick for 6DOF gaming (and hence, Elite) must have twist on the handle. Whether you use twist for yaw or roll (as I do – I’m old school) doesn’t matter. What matters is that you avoid the use of pedals – which are a pile of garbage in a 6DOF combat environment. Sorry pedal and 2-axis stick owners, it’s true. 🙁

Pedals have their place – and I have two sets – one for car racing, and one for flight simulation. 99.99% of the time, they take up valuable space – and my desk is 3 metres long! Pedals are great for the applications they were designed for. Force Feedback pedals for car racing, and proper pedals for flight simulation – they are superb. But using pedals in 6DOF gaming is low performance and overly complicated, no matter what axis you assign them to.

This brings me to the difference between Flight Simulation, and 6DOF gaming. The two are miles apart in terms of optimal equipment. Elite Dangerous is not now, never was, and never will be a flight simulation. It is a pretty galaxy simulation with a 6DOF combat game dropped on top of it.
What is suitable for proper flight simulation is not suitable for 6DOF gameplay. It’s that simple. Only a stick designed as a pure game controller is appropriate when 6DOFing.

This makes ANY stick which is based on an actual stick in a real plane, from any era, inappropriate for Elite. A plane is not a 6DOF combat vessel, and the ideal controller for each has lots of different qualities.

Replicas of sticks are amazing when they are used for their intended purpose, which is flight simulation. So if you fly a simulated A10, then a Warthog set is going to be perfect. But sadly, a Warthog is far from perfect for 6DOF.

Now, on to why the 3D Pro is the ideal controller.

1) It has the shortest throw of any modern stick.
This is pretty important, because you have to be able to get from one end of an axis to the other as quickly as possible to be effective. Milliseconds matter!!! And that is why low ping players have always had an advantage in client-server games.

2) It is the lowest stick available today.
No other stick has a hand height above the desk lower than the 3D Pro. This makes it much easier and more natural to place on a desk alongside your 10-keyless keyboard. Which you have – right? Because you are not a data entry operator!

3) No other stick is as ergonomic.
This is vital. The 3D Pro has a very forward slanted handle which follows the natural angle of your grip. It places the thumb naturally on the top of the HAT switch, and allows the base of the thumb to activate two more switches, very easily, with easy access to another two switches adjacent the HAT.

4) The 8-way HAT switch is superb.
After many years of bad HAT switch design, the 3D Pro’s ceramic Omron microswitches are properly protected by the shape of the cutaway in the PCB. It is not possible to damage the switches by applying too much force to the beautifully rubberised HAT switch knob.

Its throw is tiny, and all 8 directions are simple to obtain using only light pressure.

5) The Trigger is very light weight.
Only the tiniest spring holds the trigger off the switch. In a 6DOF game, you can spend an eternity with the trigger pulled. Having any kind of resistance in the trigger is a Very Bad Thing. The design makes it impossible to pull the trigger too hard, which is something the average noob does a lot. 😛

6) It is very accurate close to the aiming reticle.
The stick is designed to be progressively less accurate as you move away from the centre of the movement. This makes fine aiming extremely easy, and allows new users to quickly become proficient.

7) It is cheap as chips.
It is, I think, actually the cheapest non-joke joystick available new today. This makes the 3D Pro the best 6DOF bargain of all time – just as the Microsoft Sidewinder 3D Pro was, back in the day.

8) It is sized perfectly.
People with normal sized hands can easily use the 3D Pro. Replica and many simulator sticks are actually designed to be used by pilots with thick gloves on, and hence any stick based on them is a terrible size for a normal human hand with no glove.

9) It is easy to modify.
Adding three mouse buttons to the left side of the stick handle adds a plethora of new ways to control a 6DOF game, and develop a truly HOTAS config, where absolutely every single control in the game is setup on stick and throttle.

I simply swapped the modded left side of the handle onto my new 3D Pro. It took about 6 minutes. New stick, modded.

10) It is not tiring to use.
You can use this stick for hours, and the only complaint you might have is that your palm gets a bit sweaty. The base of your hand has a wide flat platform to rest on, so that you do not require any effort to hold up your hand at all, and using the stick is supremely comfortable, even after long play sessions.

11) It is extremely stable.
Many sticks can rock on a desk or table, if not clamped down somehow. The large square base of the 3D Pro, coupled with the low pivot point makes the 3D Pro mega-stable. Even noobs will have trouble tipping the stick, or shifting it in use.

12) It beautifully supports a cheap transition to a full HOTAS.
The stick has its own very basic throttle, so a setup using this throttle, the stick and a keyboard, allows a new pilot to learn how to fly with the best stick, while they save money for a throttle.

Adding a CH Pro Throttle to a 3D Pro joystick makes the best possible combination for a HOTAS for Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen, by far. I won’t get into how truly great the CH Pro Throttle is here, but suffice it to say, there is none better for Elite.

The two controllers together open up the full universe of true 6DOF HOTAS gameplay. With the emphasis on the “O” in HOTAS – “ON”.

13) It is beautifully designed.
The 3D Pro was a game changer back when it was first released, obliterating all other 6DOF sticks then available. And when something is designed well, there is no need to change it. The 3D Pro is now 12 or 13 years old. And the CH Pro Throttle is now over 22 years old. Good design does not age. Tastes and fashions do.

14) It is extremely well made, and highly durable.
When Logitech made the Freedom stick, they learned from the mistakes made, to produce the now proven layout in the 3D Pro. It takes a licking, and keeps on ticking. Mine lasted over a decade of use. The only maintenance I ever did, was to lubricate it, and to re-solder the HAT switches, as the joints got dry, and unreliable after about 7 years of constant use.

15) It is made by a reputable company.
Logitech will never argue about a bad part. They will just give you another one if you ever have a problem with your stick while it’s under warranty. Out of warranty, the stick is so basic that repairing them is even easier than modding them.

And just how long do you expect a $35 item to last? o_O

So, that’s my case for the ancient Logitech 3D Pro. It really is that good. If you haven’t got one – go out and buy one, and see what a difference it makes to your game. Bind your thrusters to the HAT, set the small throttle to be the scanner zoom level, and set your pedals aside.

Dorian Lang says:

Sorry, wouldn’t be able to recommend the 3D Pro with the existence of T16000m, for a few bucks more or same price on sale. Not to mention if you play space sims you can move the T16000m to your left hand, which is not a comfortable transition for the 3D Pro. I own both currently and the 3D Pro was my first stick and had to pick up a T16000m when I was between high end sticks and didn’t want to go back and it was well worth it.

Henry Kemblowski says:

Great video! What flight sim were you using?

RodrupTV says:

Nice review Hadee !! I have this joystick from 2 years , it works really good and I like it , I’m thinking of upgrading it I might choose Yoke and throttle including autopilot panel both costs less than 400$ which is a good price . Its not out yet , expecting to be released on Q1 2018

Subject 38 says:

This is a pretty well made video overall, Hadee. I wish you the best of luck on creating more excellent content.

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