Best $20 controller? – Logitech F310 User Review

One of the cheapest USB controllers is actually really good! I do a user review on the Logitech F310. Get it here:

The contest:


otto says:

dude this controller is bae for pc

Beena P says:

Wait what what what the fuck whaaaaaat thheeeeeee ffffffffuuuuuckkkkkk??? Windows on an iMac????? Then why did you pay over $2000 for this, you could have built a beastly windows PC for that!

SUPRA says:

Ninjalifestyle ?

Nicholas Kimbrough says:

dude looks like a bald thiojoe

OG Dirty Greacs says:

will it work on Windows 7 bro

Meltedspoonz says:

Watch my videos and subscribe please

Jacob Pinkley says:

I tried my Logitech controller on my tablet and it works flawlessly

Take Hiro LOL says:

Mine just died. The cable when is moved loses the connection. It worked quite well for 2 years and more than 3000 hours of gaming. For the price, great controller.

Chilli Mango Express says:

hi, can u use this with fifa 17! plz answer

Júnior says:

Works on ps3?

I like turtles! says:

Hahaha gaming on an imac, you’re funny

Darkness 2099 says:

can i jack it in ps2 console

General James says:

ok firstly u just don’t run Windows is on an imac, u just don’t do it.

StageLined says:

I have one and I love it. I prefer the playstation controller layout, but PCs have read xbox controllers better. So I was glad to find a controller that read as an xbox controller by has a lay out to that of a playstation.

Adam Flowers says:

trying to use this controller on zsnes, and i cant get the buttons to map, any suggestions?

Alex HLUR13 says:

It works in PS3?

04StartyCornOnlineBC88 says:

I have one of these.

Edmond Loo says:

Very true! This controller is very durable! I had it for a year and it is still working great! Before I had this controller I bought the Xbox One controller for my online PC gaming and the joysticks breaks within a week! This F310 is the best and most durable controller due to my hardcore playing style…

Shadow's Shames says:

Buys an iMac, but buys a cheap ass controller for usage on the iMac..

Kashif Max Kashif Max says:

thanks BR o

Dread Simulator - 4K fucking your mom says:

$28 at EB games (Gamestop in USA)

BTW great review & I agree, except change title to :

“Best controller under $50”
serious all others have some crappy deadzones which are the WORST in driving games!

Manav Roy says:

can you control movement speed or throttle with the triggers..

Fauzan Gusti says:

is the trigger analogical?

Robotron 2084 says:

2 months and mine’s dead…logichtec really has fallen

Jordan Wu says:

Horrible review, 0 information about the controller. “Feel very nice” tell me nothing about the controller. Playing a fucking racing game with a controller prove nothing about the performance of the controller.

Lucas Buscarioli says:

Is triggers analog or digital? i mean are they sensible for how much strength you put on it?

Mr. Martell Sincere says:

the controller is ok except mine is broken

wzjmalaw says:

what game is that?

George David says:

you made it! you annoyed me in the first 5 seconds.. dislike and bye…fuck you

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