Android Gaming Joysticks

These joysticks aren’t the best solution for gaming on your Android.
These are the joysticks reviewed in this video (affiliate link):

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EzA_234 EzA says:

infonya dong please?nih barang bsa di beli dmna?

Theories,GamePlays,Creepy_Stuff ,Vlogs & More says:

I have one of those!

Neasia Rhynes says:

wishApp have them for 1

Kuba Sawicki says:

just lick them and they’ll stick. seriously

pilgrim arl ausan says:

where can i buy this joystick

Ilya Reznikov says:

It’s not red jumping

AmPerE Sv says:


Sploogiezl says:

Continuing the trend of slapping a joystick on a D-Pad

Diva Of Deco Bling says:

lick the cup

GabrielCp says:

prefiro meu íPega 9021!


How much it cost

Headbanger Metal says:

I have one of those and they do not work, do not buy it

casper. do it all says:

you know if you lick the bottom of the suction cups stick better to the glass if you put them on dry they fall off

beatboxer gaming says:

I been try to make a joystick but it didn’t work

Funkez says:

play a bootleg and say that he isn´t good at gameboy games XD

James Perkins says:

Well that sucked…

Eunice Enuka says:

Just by and connect a controller to your device

Kigama says:

Is there something similar available for the buttons?

The Mighty Muse says:

Awesome I need to get one of those!!

Ron Williams says:

Which tablet is that used in the video?

SuperRaeMe says:

this whole video had me like wtf

Mughaho Chishi says:

People who don’t get this brand of humor are really missing out on some gold.

Crazy Gamers says:

Hello bhai nyc video can you tell me which football game was that

Freddy Kruger says:

This dude is hilarious. I want more!

johnny scars says:

wtf kind of review is this?

Muhammad Ilham says:

can i use this for mobile legends ???

mary ann Del Rosario says:

how to repair it

DiYGrGamer says:

I saw these with a quick search on ebay for 0.88

Brian N. says:

This guy is funny

kanishk pathak says:

what the f*** was this?

John Raymond T. Domingo says:

glad you show a review of this. i almost buy one. the sucktion cao is not verry good.

armaan modi says:

disliked because this person never speaks clearly.

ThatWolffe says:

I am gay for your voice

theniceneighbor says:


Depopa says:

satan xD

xdadevelopers says:

What gaming accessories have you tried for your Android device?

Dennis Zank says:

my finger always the best controler

Stc 120 says:

This is a good ideal but there here sucks

wings says:

lol i was gonna buy that like 2 years ago bec i always play gba games on my android phone but i figured that it’s not gonna work properly bec it is cheap and i will just look like an ass

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