A Mouse & Joystick hybrid?!! – Lexip Mouse Review

My thoughts on the Lexip mouse. A truly different mouse!

Find out more – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/665701421/the-most-accurate-and-versatile-gaming-mouse-ever

I know my camera is awful…one thing I’m saving to upgrade, hope you can still get a feel for what the mouse is like 🙂

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Pigs Nation says:

The mouse looks like it’s very cheaply made to me. The balls on the bottom are cool but it doesn’t look like a comfortable mouse

C4ArtZ says:

Regarding Photoshop: you can scroll left and right while holding controll and scrolling

PrimeSonicYT says:

Really cool. Not sure if it’s right for me but still, that’s genuinely innovative.

ralmslb says:

That looks like an ergonomic nightmare. I would never use it. If I want side scroll I would just use my MX Master 2S
Additionally, I doubt it that it can reach the sensor precision of the G502.
It seems as a gimick, nothing else.

WhiteIndication says:

I dont understand why the G502 is such a popular mouse. As i took my hands on it for the first time it felt so damn cheap and like a chinese product with cheap plastic and way too less weight. It’s shape also totally doesn’t fit me and doesn’t feel like a 70€ mouse

Nulano says:

If you like this, maybe take a look at the Roccat Tyon. Instead of a joystick or tilting the whole mouse it has a ‘paddle’ you can tilt in one direction. I find it very useful for lean in games, and I also use it for Home and End buttons to scroll all the way to the top / bottom of a page. Just beware that (on my mouse at least) the paddle is a bit glitchy and likes to jump all the way to one of the sides when it’s at 0. Also, the software is not quite perfect.

delano88888 says:

3:10, ehm, did you know your G502 also has side scrolling?

Sithhy says:

Might be good for rotating the view in 3D modeling programs

Michael Gusevsky says:

Great vid! It’s quite in theme with the special format u champion too! Keep doing these cool off stream things! How about that “8k” vr headset?

Timothy Hall says:

Great review. I considered this mouse on my last purchase, but passsed for now with concerns that you addressed. Specifically the angle and the stiffness of the “button press” of the joystick. Since the m60 I’ve been hooked on having a “sniper” button. Thanks for the excellent review!

Eggplant says:

Great video! I like how you weren’t biased, and you went over real use cases of the pros and cons.

Tom Gillotti says:

Joystick should relace the WASD for me. As a recent convert from Xbox controller to keyboard and mouse, I’d find this the most useful case. Currently using the Logitech G13 joystick for my WASD movement in PUBG…

Demo114 says:

Hey WAF, could you do a 21:9 review of battalion 1944?

HOLAR says:

OMG! I had this idea not so long ago and now it’s a thing. I really hope this idea catches on.

Kallestofeles says:

I wonder when will Blizzard ban this mouse the same way as they bring the banhammer down on the ultrawide resolutions due to “unfair advantages”. =D

Stormforce VII says:

I actually thought of this once. Would be good for someone who has lost or was born without an arm or a hand, could play games with it by binding movement to the joystick.

Mikkel H says:

great review.. although i’d have liked some more video of the mouse, and less of you shooting stuff with a shotgun. i cant relate to how a mouse feels, when not seeing it

arfhanisbest says:

Wait, you can use Whatsapp on Windows?

Colgate Advanced White says:

As a WoW player used to 30-40 on-demand keybinds for spells/abilities I always find it much easier and faster workflow to take the time to create and learn binds such as CTRL + mwheel for zoom in/out and shift + mwheel for scrolling left/right when using programs/apps. Joystick thing doesn’t improve upon any existing possible setup using a standard keyboard/mouse. So it seems quite redundant on that front.

Your camera doesn’t seem that bad, but what you ought to do is set up the tripod or whatever and do the same shots from different stationary angles and then edit it to your liking afterwards instead of trying to hold it – more time consuming but removes that DIY style. ;p It’s always good to branch out and expand with different types of videos, especially if you want to grow your audience since it’s more about the personality than the actual USP. Well, the personality _is_ the USP. I watch Linus cos I like his banter and have a mild interest in computer tech.

Good luck with the future videos. 🙂

Pizzy says:

Jack Whitehall… is that you?

Ben Clark says:

Really good review! Would love to see more general tech reviews from you.

WAF says:

Kind of the first time I’ve done something like this, I’m very grateful for the opportunity! What do you guys think of the mouse?

Feizet BG says:

WAF PLS TELL ME does the gta flawless widescreen mod will get me vac ban

Brett F says:

I play Final Fantasy FFXIV — MMORPG. WAF, do you happen to know if the Joystick on this mouse, could be technically used as a Character Movement motion? The game natively supports Xbox/PS controllers and KB+M. I would assume yes, and that this would be fairly easy to setup. I’ve had my eye on this mouse for awhile. Aside from that, given your playing experience with this mouse, how would using the joystick for moving a character, seem to you??? Given at an angle, typically moving around your character, the joystick it top/bottom not side controlled. So I’m wondering if it would be awkward.

NCGNexus says:

This would be great for one handed people

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