What USB Hub for Music Production / DJing ?

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jay cam says:

spot on m8.I had a problem with my controller skipping the music and it was because of the usb cheap hub not getting enough power to the controller changed it no issues now.

Xpertvision says:

hey!!! no more drugs for you ok? all this nonsence 10 minutes videos are getting out of control…

Kagae says:

1:26 what’s the name of that?

Darude Sandstorm says:

Let’s say if you plug some instruments via usb to xlr cable into the hub and if you open up your recording software will it all record into one track or can you record with separate individual tracks

The Gentle Giant says:

That Anker hub is the exact one in my Amazon wish list. So now I feel even more confident in my choice than I did just reading the product reviews.

Bella Junghwee Ryoo says:

Power Pooooower

DJ Jas says:

How about DJS 1000 video too? Thanks

Caries Media says:

Been using the same hub for a while now. Really nice and powerful.

Francis Srečko Fabian says:

Raccoons sing better than me.

Kenji Drake says:

I’m going to use this for music production to plug in external instruments. This thing is not usb type c so what other usb 3.0 to usb C adapter would you recommend so I can plug in this anker to my 2018 macbook pro?

Mad side Production says:

Nice I buy instruments sub me back

MrChase1976 says:

stop saying power please

Ninja says:


Unders says:

Looking for these today! That’s freaky.

holotropik says:

This is why that I will be buying a Windows laptop rather than another MacBook Pro. I can get something with more USB3.0 ports onboard as well as more power for half the price of a MBPro.

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