USB Hubs Are Input Lag Monsters?

Many gamers avoid the USB ports on their gaming monitors or keyboards, as they fear that these increase the input lag of their gaming mouse.
But do they?
I spent over 40 hours testing many different use cases to find out if there is some truth to this theory.

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Halil Cifci says:

man you have alot of patience for all these tests…

Eduard Anton says:

very good video

Jozef SK says:

speaking of lag, will the introduction of world-wide low-orbiting satellite array which promises around 30 ms ping to other side of the world, finally remove the necessity of localized game servers?

Dargus Maximus says:

Nice video, i was impressed with the way you came up to measure USB latency with high camera and rigging a LED to mouse.

BIGGS says:

love your videos man 😀

Andrea Stucchi says:

Nice, it would be interesting to see the results on the moving mouse test. I would advice to, instead of “pulling the mouse really fast”, to use some weight attached to the rope, for repeatibility sake…

René Pauls says:

Great video. Well done!

SirFairPlay says:

You are the best PC Analyst on Youtube, no question!

Niklas Schwartzerd says:

There WERE minor differences in input lag. Very minor, but still there. Why did you not adress them? Were they too low, so that they wouldn’t matter? Really interesting stuff btw!

I just bought a new keyboard, because the cable of mine was too short and I wasn’t sure if a cable would affect input. Damn, now I’m considering a refund.

The Firehawk says:

Amazing work, liked and subscribed, thank you.

Marlon Alucard says:

good, because i have around 8 pots on my ps4 used. (a 4usb hub connected to another 4usb hub, lol)

Krash #42 says:

That one mystery solved! Thanks!

pliqo says:

How about usb extension cables? Is it possible to play competitively while your mouse is connected to your pc via let’s say 5m extension cable, maybe even a usb connected to that?

meowthx1985 says:

Hello Chris, have you tested the Input Lag for both USB and PS/2 ports for Keyboard and Mouse? I do know that PS/2 port are ancient and are not designed to be hot-swappable. But I do know unlike USB that they send interrupts to the PC System, rather than for the CPU to relay the current status for the keyboard and mouse. Question is should we buy the PS/2 < -> USB adapter for our onboard PS/2 ports as well buy a motherboard that still features the PS/2 port? This could be very useful if players want to use their PS/2’s NKRO or even allow the lagless advantage when playing as Sniper to use our Sniper skill on quick trigger firing reflexes on a high tickrate server and high FPS Monitor.

You can learn more over here:

lamey98 says:

my mouse defs lags up when ever i have my usb 3.0 hub plugged in

matzoe123 says:

really good analysis. u have a logitech gaming mouse g402…have u ever tested input lag comparing different mice/models ?

KEINNAME21 | LUKI1051 says:

Hey Chris! I was wondering if you could test the new game mode, which will be introduced in the Fall Creators Update of Windows 10. And if the XBox DVR bar still affects performance on games, like CSGO tells me

ARRides says:

Would be interested in seeing this test revisited for a USB over Ethernet exender hub. 1, having only keyboard and mouse connected. And 2. Having both in addition to a webcam and mic connected. – over 50/100/150ft. CAT6A. AV Access USB Extender 165ft over Cat5e/6,with 4 USB2.0

Temp. says:

What game is that in the end of you video?

Chen Tong says:

I bought an USB HUB but it’s causing inputs lags :/

morgun_ua says:

Does mouse polling rate influences input lag? My mouse has 125(USB default), 500 and 1000Hz polling rate. Do we actually need those or it’s a marketing bullshit?

Miguel Montaño says:

You are really answering the questions humanity needs answers to

A анонимный says:

I use an EWI1131 and I noticed zero added delay. That said I only play Plat in Overwatch, and Eagle Master Comp + ESEA in CS:GO. Maybe I am just way too much of a scrub to notice, I don’t know.

After watching: No, there is no noticeable input lag added by the HUB at all.
There is NO scenario where added 10ms real time delay would cause any issues. I mean most events have 60hz display and whatnot. This has to be the smallest added input delay ever. I mean sure, another thing that scrubs can blame for losing.

TheCgOrion says:

This is fantastic news, and once again you have done a wonderful job. This is the kind of channel that provides a useful service and deserves funding from those it helps.

PhrontDoor says:

Beautifully done.

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