USB hub not working? Powered Vs Unpowered

Today I discuss briefly USB hubs – Powered or Unpowered, what’s the difference?

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Yasz King says:

where to get a 5v 5Amp Usb Hub AC Adapter

Luk3Stein says:

Will a keyboard and an XBOX wireless controller receiver work in Unpowered USB Hub? pls someone help

TH Music says:

i have bought a usb hub same like yours. i connected a 5v adapter in it. then i insert my audio interface (presonus audiobox) to it. my computer is not showing my interface. pls give a solution

SlimeSan says:

My Notebook has only 2 3.0 and 1 2.0. 🙁

Animarkzero ‍ ‎‎ says:

If you plug in power in some USB-hubs they can kill your PC(Motherboard)

RyanWake bradtelle says:

Can someone that link me a USB hub that has omnidirectional output USBS. Specifically my problem is my powered USB 2.0 USB hub with 7 Sports doesn’t let my flash drive and phone with USB on the go communicate when they’re both plugged into the output ports.

Eleanor Fong says:

Hi Josh, thanks for the video. It cleared some of my doubts. I would like to ask a question. Is the power from the powered usb hub dependent on the power output of the computer’s usb port. I am using a usb device on a tablet pc (microsoft surface 3) and apparently it affects the performance of the usb device compared to when I use the device on my laptop. I was told by the manufacturer of the device that it is due to the limitation of the power output from the tablet pc. Thus i was thinking of using a powered usb hub to resolved this issue but I am not sure whether the power output from the usb hub is in part determined by the tablet’s usb power output. My guess is it is not but i would like to seek advice from experts like you. Thanks a lot.

Faraaz Fadra says:

very educative info Josh … I have been tearing my hair apart since dogs ages as to why my peripherals wont work with usb hubs… however, i still have a doubt.. since the usb port recognises a device in that specific port, then how does it differentiate between all devices when connected via a USB hub?
i am an avid gamer and use sim racing equipment which needs to be connected via usb. for example if i connect my racing wheel, gear shifter, other various peripherals, headphones / mouse etc, via a usb hub, will it all be recognised separately as separate devices (given that its a powered hub and drawing enough power) ???
your inputs will b of great help ..
thanks !

fariz ascariz says:

at this time you asking for 50 subscribe? today you have 5K..WD

Carlos Magno Macieira says:

Can you tell me if this HUB would be a good option? It has a power adapter already…

Andrew Crump says:

Can I plug this in a power bank to give it power??

DanteAxe_SW says:

literally the best (at least on english) video on the matter of Powered Vs Unpowered USB hubs. thank you.

Brad Snyder says:

Great explanation!

Muhammad Ali says:

I plugged my hub to an extra power supply it burned out why?


Yo Josh Do U Have Skype?


Great video! Clears all of my problems thanks!

Carla Dasilva says:

exactly the answer i needed, thank you

ryan anthony evans says:

good vid dude, I have a problem where I thought ahead and got a powered hub… still cant get my keys / mouse / headset / webcam to work.

Donielle Brown says:

what is the glowing pad underneath your mouse. just caught my eye

john rush says:

I learnd a lot thanks

Elizabeth Sanchez says:

Im guessing you can’t charge your phone with Ports?

Stijn van der Wulp says:

Thx for the vid, really helped me out!XD

Zoom 111 says:

Great vid but I’m still confused as to what one to buy so if you buy a powered one it won’t work because of the band width so what one should I buy is the question. I have just bought an iMac 2017 help

Miro555 says:

it’s hard to figure out an english pronouciation(((

Kieran McGeehan says:

i have the 7 port version of the hub you have in the video, my problem was that i had 6 devices on it (mouse, keyboard, mic, webcam, usb sound card and my phone cable) all of my peripherals were lighting up but then, they all seem to have cut out, but the lights were still on. once i switched them off and switched them back on again, it still wasnt working. (i didnt try plugging an extra power supply in yet cuz im lazy and i dont wanna run up to my attic rn)

Ed Straker says:

Thanks mate. I learned something!

artsandlife says:

Guys… What happens when sudden power outage occurs? And you have and External Harddrive connected to self-powered hub… Will the External HDD be damaged?

eazyrat says:

jesus that background music is annoying. turned the video off.

Mark Hamilton says:

I have nearly the same device as that what is the power supply called to connect up to it?

iJamie8467x says:

I should buy this. I recently bought a Oculus Rift and that used almost all my ports 🙁

uksuperrascal says:

Hi Tech ? – you keep calling it power ? power relates to volts and current, you are very poorly explaining, it is not a lack of power, it is a lack of one component of power, the current, ie, current is the amount of energy flowing in a circuit, not the voltage. In a circuit if you try to draw a higher current than the supply Current can deliver, then the voltage will fall as well when overconsumption occurs. So for the 4 input usb hub = 4 * 500 m.a = 2000 – I recommend a 5 Volt 2.5 Amp P.S.U. – I score your video 4 out of 10 : I will not click a thumbs up or down or subscribe 🙁

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