Transcend USB 3.0 4 Port Powered USB Hub Review

Transcend 4 Port USB 3.0 Powered Hub Unboxing and Review with transfer speeds that you can get with this USB 3.0 powered hub, this product would be ideal if you would like to expand the USB 3.0 ports on your computer and are looking for a powered hub.

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Sohail Alam says:

Where did you get the Blue Yeti in India? I’ve been meaning to buy one.

Pratik Apte says:

Great video sir how is the speed of this hub i am planning to get one 

Ritesh Nair says:

will this work on tv as well ???

Abdul Rahim says:

It really works well with Raspberry Pi which i am using as a headless media server.

Sunil Simon says:

Hi GeekyRanjith: Can I use this hub to connect 3 multi-display adapters (Kensington) which in turn will connect to 3 LG 23″ monitors through VGA?

Nirjhor Kabir says:

The output voltage and current of the adapter?

manish kumar says:

Do I always have to the power adapter? I mean Suppose i only wish to use a single usb 2 pen drive with this port then also will I have to use the adapter to power it up, or. Can it be used occasionally like other non powered hubs?????


north indian accent sucks.!

phone techniques says:

Do the review of xolo a500s

prasenjit auddya says:

i dont have 3.0 usb port in my pc … so what i do if i using 3.0 supported usb pen drive … can u plz tell me ??

Vaibhav Chauhan says:

Hi Ranjit. Can this hub power my Acer iconia w4 820 windows tablet while in use. I want a way by which I can work on my tablet while it is charging and is connected with a external HDD and a USB wireless keyboard mouse of Logitech. Since Acer w4 tablet has only 1 micro USB port so cannot charge it and run add on USB devices simultaneously. What would you advise as a solution to this and if transcend can make this happen or some other USB hub device available in the market?

Shijil Thachilodi says:

If we connect this to a tablet in OTG mode, can this charge the tablet and work as a hub at the same time ?

Richard Frank says:

Hi, i purchased this nearly 3 years ago and i noticed this is the best review video so far however answering some of the late questions for the people:

It can work without the power adapter, however by doing that it will suffer a performance hit on the speed and transfers, it is not recommended to use devices that are power heavy if you re not using the power cord as it will start disconnecting them randomly, this is caused because the devices that use usb 3.0 are usually power-hungry and a single laptop port usually will not have the impedance in Ampers to supply multiple devices, if you use the power cord, everything will work smooth

If you dont use the power supply cord, expect a performance downgrade to usb 2.0 when you connect more than 2 devices

The voltaje of the power cord is 12Volts

The supercharger port Works really well and can work without the computer being turned on (but connected by the powercord, as a charging station

From the almost 3 years i ve had this device, it hasnt given me a single problem

Will work with any TV, monitor, cel pone and device that can work with usb 3.0

USB 2.0 devices will still work, but will be capped at 30mb/s

USB Hard drives work well on this, at some point i had connected 4 at the same time, provided you are using the power cord, otherwise they will be slow or will get a random disconnect.

Having to use a power cord is not a design flaw, its more because the amplitude of devices that require high power that requires the extra omph to work well, this is limited by the power draw of the computer usb port itself, newer computers have much more impedance Amperage to offset, but its still an issue for most usb 3 devices even by today

hope this had helped

Αγησίλαος Παπαδόκωστας says:

do I really have to connect the power supply cable for it to function?

Ravi Varma Kalidindi says:

Nice review! Can I use this without power adapter? Or connecting it to power adapter is always mandatory. Charging the connected devices is not my criteria. While on the go, where I don’t have access to any power adapter, can I use this for transferring data from four pendrives or external portable hard disks? Will using it without power adapter affect the performance?

jaideep pahwa says:

@Luke Stone Same here
I also think the same

Sam Bd says:

plz sir.
i have a laptop
and i have a usb hub but it discconcted many time daily.
plz suggest me any good hub for laptop and also
plz shre link to buy….plz plz

lamadai81 says:

Can we use it with default usb bus power or not…

Yogesh Kadam says:

Bad about the product is it not take power from ur mac , need extra power cable.

jazz deep says:

does it work on led tv as well ?????????????
Can it connect and play all ports in one time when it connected with single led tv usb port????

Russell Sinha says:

Does This Hub Works Without the power adapter..?

ashiq mirza says:

Will it work with my note 3

Vegan Revolver says:

ho . how long is the cable of the sub?

Bala Subramanian says:

Awesome video sir. I have a usb 2.0 (all ports) powered laptop. But I also have a wd passport ultra drive which has a usb 3.0 connection. I am not interested about the speeds. I am just wondering if this hub would be able to produce optimal current so that I can get my wd hard drives running smoothly? I am just looking for that extra current (amps). Is it worth the purchase??

Techy Farooqui says:

If I use it for charging phones then what will be outout Ampare rating?

Vegan Revolver says:


CurlingTruffle says:

hi, only the ss port has fast one right? whats the speed of the other 3?

yusuf amin says:

what is the best of two
sony xperia zr or htc desire 816
i need a help plese and big screen or small one not bother me sorry for bad english

Sunit Gulrajani says:

good review (to the point) & actually a great video as well.Keep them coming +Geekyranjit

Luke Stone says:

Just wondering but how do you get hold of all these products? It must cost a lot to run thus channel, do you get products sent to you?

Mo Atwan says:

OK I am thinking of getting one how does it stack over time is it still good and how is the wear and tear after a long time…..

Aditya Bhardwaj says:

sir can you please help me out… 
actually i am buying a phone and i am confused between moto g and LG l90 , sir i am a heavy gamer plus i am need a quality camera and a phone which have all the features including my requirements and last for long .can you please help me regarding my confusion ..
AND one more doubt on flipkart there are two models of LG L90 can be seen one with a secondary camera of 0.3Mp and one with a secondary camera of 1.3Mp and i think it is the single sim version so sir is it true that it has a 1.3 Mp shooter or its written by mistake……….
Hoping for a kind response

Wicky Libra says:

Can u Plz check if it supports charging phones via the hub. If it works it could be a great charger as I could charge all four of my devices together. Plz do inform about the phone charging support. Thankyu +Geekyranjit

micheljt says:

try googling Transcend usb problems

kartik sai says:

can this hub support or run two 2tb external portable hard drive simultaneously?

Jero demortal says:

Will it working with scarlett 2i2 audio interface?

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