TP-LINK UH720 USB 3.0 7-Port Hub Review

nVc checks out the TP-LINK UH720 USB 3.0 7-Port Hub with 2x 2.4A Charging Ports!

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Thanks Guys!


Lars Lommen says:

Great review, Thanks.

Kammus says:

Can I put 4 xbox 360 controllers in that? Did you test it?

JackyLee1226 says:

may I know if I can plug my microphone (usb powered) and my logitech C920 on it and able to work smoothly? Please respond and would be best if can…really need help

lotsarats says:

re 3:20 manual from tplink website says that the power is not required. page 2 “hardware connection” tip 3.
version 2. you may be reviewing version 1. but i cant see where you state this



Diego Catalán Leal says:

Hello, one questions, is possible connecting other monitor whith adapter usb a vga? Thanks.

adam8804 says:

Nice 7-ports porn hub

Willem says:

isn’t gigabit ?

Arriaga Two says:

Do you still live in your parent’s home?

Adriano Santos says:

Hello, do you know if it works perfectly on Mac OS? My main doubt is that use many devices connected to the Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and 2 HD External USB 3.0, so why am developer of apps for iOS and Android and accurate guys all connected for testing.

bollerbolladinaikos says:

i want to connect this to my lenovo yoga tablet to use game pads, mouse, keyboard and external hard drive. if i connect this is my tablet being charged while it receives information from the game pads, mouse, keyboard and external hard drive?


Interesting Speedtest

Dung Pie says:

what is the connection between the hub and your pc?  us it just usb to usb or something else? because i’m on a laptop and 2 of my 3 usb ports just died and i can only connect usb to my laptop. currently i’m using a very cheap usb 3.0 usb hub of 12 euro’s so i really need a good replacement because this one is giving me issues (disconnects all the time)

ShinoFuKaze says:

I enjoy the review. I was looking online for a good Usb 3.0 port to buy for my podcast and digital artwork workstation, so i just ordered mines today and can’t wait to try it out. Thanks for the review and keep up the good work.

Mehdi Kasumov says:

Sorry does not work with more than 4 drives attached to it, not enough power

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