Seagate Backup Plus Hub 8 TB Review!

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adwait thete says:

plz give something bro I m kind of poor plz give me something

hgfuhgvg says:

How do we open this without breaking the case? Has anyone tried it?

oscar C says:

what’s the real capacity in Tb for this HDD? thanks in advance for your answer

Tu angel De Corazón says:

Sirve para ps4 necesito ayuda lo compre y no me funciona puedes ayudarme

Hernani says:

bullshit review

alex m says:

When you do a Review show the friking thing! not onley the box!

Creative Visuals says:

I just did an unboxing

KEME says:

Thiiird! BTW Luv Your Vids ♥♡♥♡

Retro Adventure says:

Ok, what about the price? What is the fail rate?

Asim Siddiqui says:

Can this be disassembled and the hard drive be used somewhere else?

Sean G says:

This is a very unreliable machine as I have found out by bitter experience. Do not purchase it just because it’s cheap.
Mine started showing disc full errors as soon as I started using it. It also has a habit of switching itself off for no reason. It has always run on a power- surge protected supply and I always eject my discs before I close them. Just a few months after first use, it now refuses to mount at all, after another self power- down. Recovering my data will be costing double what this drive cost.
The data recovery engineer tells me this kind of break-down is commonplace and normal in this machine. And within the first few months, too.
It’s unsuitable for sale. Do not buy one. You have been warned.

Traps says:


Maryus Knight says:

can i use this for ps4

Naveed lal khan says:

8tb = 8000 gb make 500 gb /8000 gb partitions

Sandeep Baliwada says:

Plz reply

Can i use it as a normal hdd not as a backup by formatting?

Blackman Hulk says:

Can you use this for your laptop?

Fess UK says:

HI, I bought the 6TB backup plus and I have run out of space now, If I buy another one, maybe a 8TB wil that continue backup from previous drive or will it start backing up my machine from the start again?

Mike Houghton says:

May consider getting one. I use shadowplay which is now known as share. yeah, how original eh?

GettinFr0sTii says:

I know that you need to plug it in to an AC output on the wall, but where does the USB input go in from? Is it at the back?

Heaven Doors says:

Great video! God bless you. Can you tell me if I can transfer most of all that’s on my laptop (gigs) including programs to this external drive? And will my 32 GB 2 RAM laptop/tablet 2-in-1 still work as it should? Thank you!

TekZepp says:

sorry bud, I love the glossy look… it doesnt matter you have to clean your desk every week anyways.

Brannan DI says:

whoa, 8Terabytes, That is just as much storage in two of my pc’s!

dinakaran m says:

what is the actual storage space available like a 1 Tb hdd has only 931gb similarly what is it for 8tb


nice review. I like your professional presentation! thanks

TheSupremePhantom says:

Can it work with a 4k LG tv, bought this year, USB wise, can the files be played through a TV?

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