Satechi USB Type-C Hub with Passthrough Charging for MacBook – [Review]

The new version of the Satechi USB Type-C hub allows you to charge your MacBook while using USB devices!

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Ricardo Rodriguez says:

Will this device work with the nexus 6p?

Bertie Barrett says:

Would a Tardisk storage SD card worth with this?

maddhattertime says:

It seems like having all the weight of the accessory plus the weight of the cables that’ll be connected to it all resting on that one usb type c port is a bad idea. Won’t all that weight cause damage to either the accessory or the port on the macbook over time?

Michael Coates says:

This is the nicest looking adapter I’ve seen – when I saw the keynote I thought that they should give something like this away with the MBP to soften the blow but of course apply wouldn’t do that. If Satechi made one of these that was longer and had a hdmi, an ethernet and a couple of thunderbolt/display ports it would be amazing. Would easily be worth $100 or so and would make people care less about the ports on the new MBP. I’d stick a headphone jack on it as well to make it future proof when apple take it away on the next MBP!

Xabier López Corres says:

Hi. Is there any overheating problem with this device?

Dream Beats Muzic says:

so you have to pay extra money for BASIC stuff that should be there on the computure in the first place? 2016 I HATE YOU

Dean Paler says:

Will this work with a case on?

Gianna Therese StaAna says:

Will it still attach perfectly if the macbook had a case? No loose attachment whatsoever? And does it heat up easily?

GGMinty says:

Wait, can you connect the previous hub to this hub to get 5 USB 3.0 ports and 2 Micro and Regular SD Card slots?

toocoolforu says:

Is it a battery sucker ?

Michael Tan says:

I wish they replaced those card slots with a HDMI port

NAU DIT says:


Michael Gabriel says:

Did you try using the USB C from satachi to External display using HDMI >?

Joel Gallarde says:

often u talk too fast bro. cant catch u mumble. thanks. ie 1:40 onward

SweBass says:

for the MacBook pro, i wouldn’t mind a satechi hub that would be bigger, and that used the two USB C ports when plugged in: that would make it more stable and offer much more ports with more bandwidth, and why not adding ethernet, HDMI, Thunderbolt2/mini display port etc. that would be a great hub solution both on the go and also to just let it sit on your desk with all cables plugged in, so you would just have to plug that adapter on the mac to get all the peripherals going

Nathan Chan says:

Do you prefer this one or the HooToo one?

Enok Bong says:

Hey are there any other usb c adapters? Thanks!

Erik Miller says:

Your reviews are great. I wish this was designed with a cable though. I think i’m leaning towards a hub you haven’t reviewed, the 4 port hub from dodocool. Unfortunately, none of the hubs available are exactly what I want.

Kit Black says:

He sounds like Chris from Family Guy! Am i right???

Siddharth jathan says:

great video very helpful

KL Yong says:

Can I connect a USB-C peripheral like a pendrive to this hub or is the USB-C port on this hub strictly for charging only?

bloodguzzler says:

It doesn’t appear to be very durable either. I have one and only had it for a few months and I recently have to jiggle it around to get the little blue light to come on. But it is very hard to get the light to stay on

Alfie Barnes says:

This may sound stupid but i just want to check to be sure, this will allow me to plug my Iphone into my macbook right? thanks haha

Tat says:

some said the passthrough charging heat up the macbook quite a bit, is it true?

Luis Vargas says:

does this hub work for the Macbook pro 13”

naveen gulati says:

Will it work with android phone with USB C port?

Sun Kim says:

Does this work with external hard drives that requires power through USB such as WD Passport?

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