Sabrent 4 port USB 3.0 HUB with individual switches and power adapter.

Hey guys! Today we’re looking at a new USB 3.0 HUB from sabrent! WIth blazing fast speeds and individual switches, this little hub can easily tackle your day to day usage.

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Salad Soy says:

What’s the power adapter for?

Sam Bd says:

plz sir.
i have a laptop
and i have a usb hub but it discconcted many time daily.
plz suggest me any good hub for laptop and also
plz shre link to buy….plz plz

Luis M says:

Do you need to connect to power or can you just connect it via USB and that’s it? I’ll only be using a receiver dongle for a wireless mouse, Wireless receiver for an Xbox 360 controller, a Wi-Fi receiver, and potentially a USB flash drive. No charging. I want to minimize the amount of cables and don’t have many power outlets to work with. It would be preferable if I could just connect it via USB to my computer and I want to get this one so I can turn off the controller receiver while I’m using the console instead of on my PC, and turn it on when I’m using it on my PC and not console. Thanks (:

SUMMIT says:

Does it need the power adapter? I ordered the one on amazon without the power adapter but when I got it, it had the power adapter plug on the hub. Should I return it since I don’t have the power adapter or should it work fine without it?

pato milbert says:

Just what I need, another cable to pack around, and a device that will be outdate in a year.

CommieDawg says:

Wow you look like your from Malcolm in the Middle. Thanks for the review Reese.

Alex Davila says:

What power a/c model did you use. Cause my usb 3.0 didn’t come with it. Need one. It’s the same as this one too

osama salem says:

what the power adapter making for ?

Fakhrur Razi Mohamad Malek says:

Should I get this or ORICO H727RK-U3-BK 7 Port USB3.0 HUB?

77oscargon says:

power adaptor specs?

classman says:

For what is the power adapter if it work perfectly without it?

NoAnthropoid TV says:

Can it power audio boxes?

Cubyr says:

Nice review! I have a question about the hub. Will the hub work if it’s plugged into the wall via the power adapter, but not into a computer with the USB cable on the end? I’m planning on using this with a microphone for my videos, but I don’t have a computer right next to me while I’m recording.

Gee Daffu says:

does it work with windows 10?

LiamTGS/ TheGoldenSword says:

does this work with a mouse or a keyboard?

Connor Gurr says:

Hi Zack, nice video. Would I still get power to the hub to charge devices and run LED lights if I only had the AC plugged in and not the USB. Basically I don’t want to plug it into a computer, just to power.

Sergio España says:

nice  review!!

Craft a Bucket says:

I thank you very much for this video when I saw this on Amazon I just thought what a crap but you showed day opposite. I’ve bought the device itself and the feedback from the keys is great

HiTechKing says:

Very helpful video this is just what I needed

Firas Mohsin says:

Does that work in USB port car ?

SneakyDiamonds says:

What lav mic are u using? sounds great

Yusuf Ertuğrul says:

Is it possible with this hub after connection to a pc o synchronize the two wd my passport ultra 3tb external hdds. Each of them uses up to 900 mA with a USB 3.0.


hello, you know if there is a switch for webcams? I would like to broadcast live via youtube, and I have 4 web cameras (USB) and still live to pass from one chamber to another without the transmission was cut, I look for a USB device switch or spliter that pressing a button will allow me to spend from one camera to another, you know if there is any device like this? or device used to that?

ashik assis says:

is this good for ipaf

phoenix says:

not compatable with linux ?(raspbian os)

Joshua says:

can this cancel out the static from headphones?

Fred Mun says:

guys whats its usage

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