Review – The Satechi 10-Port USB 3.0 Hub (BEST USB HUB!)


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Review – The Satechi 10-Port USB 3.0 Hub (BEST USB HUB!)
Review – The Satechi 10-Port USB 3.0 Hub (BEST USB HUB!)
Review – The Satechi 10-Port USB 3.0 Hub (BEST USB HUB!)


Chris Cautillo says:

how is the 10tn port just for ipad

Cheese 1337 says:


John Burzawa says:

Imma buy this

Scharobeit says:

Are you a Canadian?

Keso Eksorganoff says:

So what speeds did you get? Or didn’t you test the performance?

Active Acorn says:

Does the hub give delay in webcam or microphone?


I love my Satechi hub! Awesome review Cameron great to see you back

John Moran says:

Will this work flawlessly with external hard drives? Let’s say 5-8 hard drives plugged in? These hard drives are used for professional video editing and archiving/storage

Teck Kimborowicz says:

If anyone has bought a USB 3.0 Hub and trying to use it with windows Vista but has Driver problems, see my video in my Youtube channel for the solution

Whoolee says:

That adapter is way underpowered for this hub, no wonder most people run into problems, the power is the important part and you should really tell your viewers that.

Brandon Bartlett says:

does it work with nexus player

bollerbolladinaikos says:

i want to connect this to my lenovo yoga tablet to use game pads, mouse, keyboard and external hard drive. if i connect this is my tablet being charged while it receives information from the game oads, mouse keyboard and external hard drive?

Corey Brown says:

Could’ve been a 12 – 15, if they didn’t waste so much room on the top… I do appreciate the 3M sticky tape! Could’ve put the BS Labels on top somewhere else too…

gadgetsystem says:

great video

James Feeney says:

Hmmmm…… Looks interesting. I have all these USB doo dads, and it would be cool to plug them all in, and keep them charged up and ready to go. The power switches are real cool too. The next real cool thing is to have a hub where you can control it from the main PC, and turn on and off the power to various ports under computer control with an app on the PC. Then you could schedule when various ports powered on and off, and give the batteries of various USB things like cameras a little drink of power every day for about 1/2 hour. That would be very nice. I’d pay $100.00 for a hub like that. It would save energy!

Martin says:

Are any of the post Power / Charging ports?

Maj Jam says:

I’ve had nothing but trouble using this hub. The ports constantly lose power causing hard drive ejecting.

@swoosh21 says:

Awesome Video Dude

Matt Halpain says:

super cool USB 3.0 hub 

Stacy Draper says:

A lot of complaints about 3.0 hubs is that all of the ports will down grade to the 2.0 speed. I’m curious what the usb 3.0 speed is if you have a 2.0 device plugged in?

Supreme JCG says:

does this work with USB 2.0 plugs to thanks let me know 🙂

NickAaron1994 says:

Bob. By sucks. Bob, Bob, Bobby sucks WHAT WHAT! Bob. By sucks. Bob, Bob, Bobby sucks.

Chesco says:

***works with up to three external hard drives***

RR123RR says:

What’s the max Amp rating on each 5V port?

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