Plugable USB 3.0 10-Port Hub With 48W Power Adapter Review

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USB 3.0 ports can be in short supply using laptops, or other mobile devices. The Plugable USB 3.0 10-Port Hub model # USB3-HUB10C2 makes expanding your system, and charging your devices a piece of cake.


The USB 3.0 10-Port Hub supports 8 standard USB 3.0 ports, with 2 flip style charging/data ports. The hub supports battery charging standard BC 1.2 compliant devices can both sync and charge simultaneously on this hub. Both charge and sync and dedicated charging are supported.

The hub is self powered with a large 48 watt that supplies 12 volts at 4 Amps. It also features 3 different chipsets to support compatibility most host 3.0 controllers. USB over-current protection is provided. The hub supports USB 3.0 SuperSpeed transfers up to 5 Gbps Of course it backwards compatible

This hub is not recommended for older mac pros with PCIe USB 3.0 port cards.

Plugable has provided some testing and device compatibility at their website. The link is provided in the description.

Build Quality.

The shipping weight is 1.2lbs, and the hub itself weighs just less than 6 oz. It is an attractive Piano Black gloss, with a bright blue power indicator. 6 USB ports in the front allow plant of room for connecting peripherals, The Two unique flip ports are located on the top right corner of the hub. 2 additional USB ports, the power connector, and the connection to the host are on the back.

A premium 48 watt power supply is provided. I also appreciate the length of the included 3 foot USB cable , and 6 foot hub to wall extension cord. This added touch makes placement of the hub way better than many less well designed hibs.

My only real complaints are the ac adapter plug doesn’t always connect solidly and the the bright blue light will dim. I do wish the Hub was available in a meta finish. The Glossy Black will quickly become a fingerprint magnet. If you are looking for a versatile, well built hub, look no further than this hub.

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STNL_Stainless says:

are there “usb 3doto” now? how good are they??

Mark Patten says:

Bought one on your review recommendation. Agree with you totally. Marvellous bit of kit. My iMac and peripherals are running at speed and the load never peaks. Thank you for making this review.

Computing Forever says:

Nice peripheral Bruce. Handy tech. Also your video was brilliantly shot and edited. Great lighting and sound. Well done.

William H. Magill says:

Very timely video — just beginning to sort out my USB 2/3/Lightning needs.
And I have the same historic problem you had — a $39 USB2 hub that simply doesn’t cut it anymore.

Robert Schultz says:

I just received the newest Macbook Air for a Christmas present. I have 4 Dell 22″ external monitors I would like to connect it to.. 2 of the monitors have an HDMI port and a VGA port and the other 2 monitors only have VGA ports. The only thing I use these external monitors for is watching the stock market screens. No gaming and anything heavy duty. Just basic internet applications. Can you help me with what equipment I would need to hook up this new macbook air to run these external monitors? What is my best solution with your product line. Here is a link to the specs of the MacBook Air.,loc:2 Thank you for your help.

Joe Jackson says:

New review Bruce, the power cable coming loose like you mentioned makes me worried. But other then that it looks like a solid device.

Amazona's Unboxing And Reviews News says:

Nice hub.

ft of the X says:

Nice Vid.
Well lighted, good sound quality, very professional.

Chuck Glidden says:

They sent this to you or did you buy it?

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