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In this video we review the ORICO High Speed 9 Port USB 2.0 Data Hub. For use as a way to select between joysticks and powered Force feedback wheels.

– Groups USB ports so you can quickly go from flight simulator to Racing game at the push of a button
– Reduces conflicts in games
– Works with Powerd FFB wheels where some hubs dont
– Comes with two charging ports
– Only £20
– Well built
– Each port has a LED light


– Charge ports don’t do data ( they do on the 3.0 version)



Chinmay Khante says:

Can all the ports work at a time? Means 9 ports work at a time? Plus 2 charging ports? And yes then what about the speed, is when all the ports is in the working i.e. 9 ports?

MillerTime says:

Thanks for the tip, GM. Purchased.

Dean Wright says:

Buying one right now because of this review 🙂

xOwnage133 says:

I assume the USB Hub only comes with an UK compatible wall socket, or would it also be supplied with a standard EU wall socket when ordering outside of the UK?

LogiForce86 says:

+GamerMuscleVideos Why the decision for a hub that splits a single usb port’s bandwidth and adds potential latency? Wouldn’t a USB add-in PCI-X card be a better solution?

Steve Allan says:

thanks, ordered, been searching for ages for a decent one and same pretty much same kit as you.

BuToNz says:

I use the ‘Anker USB 3.0 7-Port Portable Aluminum Hub with 5V 4A’. Perfect with no problems, have T500, CSv3 Pedals, TH8A, TH8RS, Arduino dashboard and mini LED display connected.

Alex Vinnitsky says:

Thanks! Good Job! If you want to see my opinion about this – https://youtu.be/Oy7YdCxSg8A

forollkin says:

Nice! I think i will get one of these. Always a pain when you go from a simulator to a game and my hotas warthog is recognized as an xbox controller for some reason 😛

Stefan Sparco says:

That’s the hub I purchased last year when I built a new X99 based PC. The PC wouldn’t boot when I had my game controllers plugged in. Tried lots of things in the bios with the help of Asus support but ended up buying the hub as it made it easy to switch off the USB ports until the PC had finished booting.

Dario Cruz says:

This video is filled to the brim with DANK MEMES.

Marcel Pfister says:

Never had the problem of reconfiguring buttons in AC because i used another USB port. But frequently I have the problem i can´t drive because i have my xbox controller plugged in and it puts itself infront of everything else in the priority it seems

btw. nice video, alway fun 😀 had to laugh because of the mouse lol

sven wever says:

Thats not a keyboard…. thats a MOOG!!! 🙂

joe says:

Make sure the other hub you connect to is not a power hub also , this will blow lots of stuff — you being WARNED 🙂

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