NZXT Internal USB Hub: Installation/Review

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Dean O'Connor says:

Hey dude I have a question, So my motherboard, the Z270i doesent have any USB2 headers… there any way that i can still use this?

Dr Lulz says:

I had the same concerns as the poster below. Thanks for your answer and the vid.

AssaultPlazma says:

you look like Kevin Owen’s from WWE

Flaming Fury says:

Thanks man
really helped em

Sam DeRenzis says:

These are on ebay but without a case around them, various kinds can be found there from hong kong etc

Jan Majnik says:

you buy an expensive motherboard and then get 1 USB 2.0….are you kidding me?!?!?! I have the same problem and only found out today during building.. My 6 year old average mobo has tons of internal ports…

Kuba Borowiecki says:

Very nice video!
Made up my mind and subbed 🙂
Your intro is great!

Charles Tebbutt says:

Get a tripod

Jan Majnik says:

I need at least 4 internal connectors due to my stupid expensive NZXT case…any other products out there? Pls help.

Vadim Fedossev says:

Im sorry man, bad in english, i need in 4 USB 2.0 ports, im gonna buy ASUS MAXIMUS IX CODE, and there’s find only 1 USB 2.0 (BUT I NEED IN 4 (KRAKEN X62, NZXT HUE+, NZXT AER RGB, THERMALTAKE RIING PLUS) but i can see hee 4 ports but 4th it’s for motherboard. So totaly only 3 USB 2.0 here? 4th it’s motherboard. And i can’t get 4 ports here, right?

norravind says:

This is basically the only video I could find that actually did an installation of the thing, there’s a few unboxing videos but no installation which I am of course interested to see with the main question in mind – will this gadget fry my mobo? lol I need more internal USB 2.0 and been looking at the 1st gen hub from NZXT, but with so many bad reviews I really don’t dare to go down that road. So, how is this hub working out for you? Any issues or hiccups? Also, thanks for uploading this – your feedback is very much needed!

Cristian Miranda says:

hi, Is it possible to connect hd audio?

Ropya says:

Thanks for showing this. Just what I need.

Side bar, what is that brace you are using for your gpu..?

chiefersutherland says:

does the CAM software control everything hooked to the hub? thanks for the vid im putting the hue+ into the s340 elite as well, I found this review incredibly helpful for my build!

bigky226 says:

Thanks for the install vid, just ordered one

Siggi says:

Hey man! Just wanted to say that this was a great and informative video. Will definately pick up this product, especially since I just ordered a HUE+ and already have a watercooler. Thanks for bringing to my attention that I may need this product 🙂

Linkhunter says:

I ordered one with Kraken X62 and found out its has molex connector it’s kind of weird it don’t have sata to power it so i found an sata Male to Molex Female from china don’t make sense for me to power it with one single cable the rest of my stuff in my computer using sata power connection

William Mattox says:

i have the same issue … need more usb 2.0 … wondered how it worked … thanks for the great vid!

Robert Garcia says:

I was looking for a solution to this. being that I just completed my first build, I ran out of usb 2.0 headers and didn’t know what to do. glad you posted this!

_ WereWolf_Engine _ says:

my mobo doesnt even have a jfp1 wht do i do?

Leandro Simas Marques dos Santos says:

I need to plug 2 corsair link usbs and 1 for my BT adapter, and my new Maximus IX Hero got just ONE fuc***** usb 2.0 header. And this little piece of plastic costs a lot down here in Brazil.

Glenn Mora says:

Mh power supply only came with one molex connector. Are you using two molex connectors that are connected to your power supply? Because I know the hue plus has a molex connector and so does this.

Grease 2 says:

Please stop or edit out the lip smacking or whatever the noise is that happens randomly when you are talking. Very annoying and distracting. (constructive criticism)

Only2Genderz Gaming says:

Nice, this will help me

Peter Ian Staker says:

A molex? seriously? I dont think I have a single thing in my computer that uses a molex anymore. So if I wanted to get one of these I would have to add a massive molex cable just to plug this son of a bitch in?

Haroon Ahmad says:

Can u tell me what rgb should i get for me desk and the back of my curved monitor and whats rgb for inside the case and can you tell me how do i controll the color of my rgb strips and rgb fans and rgb aio cooler when i get it and finally can you tell me should i buy the following items when i build my pc (amp,sound card,wifi card) ?

Edward Mohar says:

Thank you for showing the installation process!

Nate Johnson says:

Where the other end of that molex plug into bud?

BubblerRL says:

is there a certain orientation that the female molex has to be plugged into the male molex?

Daniel says:

Can the USB be used to charge a phone or something like that?

ericimi says:

thank you for this video it helped a lot .

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