HyperDrive for Macbook Pro Review : USB-C Hub / Dock with Thunderbolt Passthrough

Better alternative – http://lon.tv/r4ohk (affiliate link) – The HyperDrive claims it’s a Thunderbolt 3 product but it’s mostly a USB 3.0 powered hub. See more docks: http://lon.tv/thunderboltdocks and subscribe! http://lon.tv/s

Amazon affiliate link: http://lon.tv/q1abc

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00:48 – Hardware overview
00:59 – Is it really Thunderbolt?
01:08 – Ports on the docking station
02:24 – General performance
02:54 – Limitations of the HDMI connector
03:25 – Fit and finish – loose connection!

The bottom line is that the device works. But is it truly a Thunderbolt 3 device? Not quite. The 50Gb/s advertised speed is very misleading. The reality is that it has a Thunderbolt 3 pass through built in but the rest of the ports on the device share a single 5Gb/s connection back to the Macbook.

I’m also not pleased with how lose the connection is, so those with hard drives attached should be very careful when adding or removing other devices.

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Eric Hess says:


I’m not sure whether to be happy or sad.

Theerapat Muangpoon says:

I can feel your pain 5:04

user 44 says:

It’s cool, if only the speeds were at least close to what they advertised and the SD cards in both slots can fit flushed in

Khaliyd Fuller says:


Anthony Di Iorio says:

I can see this breaking easily if you tilt the laptop onto it. I’ve had full size USB devices break like this, and the small USB C ports don’t really inspire confidence.

Shaha Paxton says:

I support you but I don’t like Mac I’m a android fanboy

tralexan says:

Duct tape, Lon. Duct tape that sucker in there and it ain’t comin’ out!

Mehedi Hasan says:

Great review. I think you deserve more subscribers than you have.

Vin Man says:

yeah i bought this thing and i kind of regret it now. might have to get that wired dongle instead.

Ralph McMahan says:

needs rubber feet

snc says:

Does it still fit when the Macbook wears a protective case?


It’s been almost 3 years since you did a video switcher review. Could you do an updated one. Something that can switch between dslr camera and Android devices like phone and tablet, Xbox, etc, with possibly a audio mixer in between like the Yamaha mg10xu with XLR mic setup. Thanks

lottritchey says:

I was so hopeful this device would be a problem solver. JUNK. It falls out if you breath on it.I am past the 15 day return at Best Buy. Any adaptors that work??

Furrane says:

0:40 Lon the Magician !

SirMango says:

A separate dock connected via a short cable would be much better than this.

Rey Leon DelaSelva says:

Dongle Life

Steven Schmidt says:

Hey Lon question for you. How do you like the USB micro type b to USB c cables from Amazon? Are they good quality, work fine? Thinking about picking up a couple myself so I won’t need an adapter.

mk17173n says:

Macbooks you pay more we give you less.

krunal mehta says:

like this same device for surface pro 4? please tell me I need…

Assa Laos says:

Wow, I love how honest you are in your review. Great review!

Raphael says:

I got cable dongles because I was worried it would break off

Stacey Luster says:


I’ve got a fix for the secure fit issue: Velcro. I did the same thing with my external USB 2.0 hub that’s on my Late 2009 iMac. I velcroed the hub to the far right top side of my USB Keyboard and the problems of the hub constantly moving and glitching out when I unplugged things stopped immediately.

Keith Keller says:

Lon. Have you considered reviewing Hengedocks? it’s not portable like this product, however for those who need to connect multiple things, they seem to have a good solution.

ed man says:

Hey, what would you recommend for under $100 that has a SD readers with Usb 3.0 / HDMI / etc…?

Jere Forsyth says:

Hey what was that read-write test? For the hard drive?

Layback 98 says:

does it work for music production

Devansh Arora says:

the side which goes in can be magnetic so that it stays intach with the mac

Darkion says:

Easy correction, magnets, if the side had some magnet the problem would not exist

Antonino Sciarrino says:

So if you use dongles, even if not so good looking, you will have 4 times full speed (USB 3.0)…
Thanks for review and tips !!!

Joey Bo says:

so USB – C hub with a pass through TB3 XD

tom_crus8126 says:

it could fit magnetically, why didn’t they think of that

neko77025 says:

Yuk .. who wants Mac stuff or any thing Apple.

tipoomaster says:

What happens when you move it one port down so it’s only plugged into one? Or plug it into a single USB C Macbook?

Dong Hyun, Dee Seo says:

thunderbolt passthrough and usb type-c dock for 99 bucks? crazy!

Phil Ricketts says:

Glad I looked at this review before purchasing. God damn this Thunderbolt 3 bullshit!

All I want to do is simultaneously:
-Charge the laptop
-Use a 4K screen at 60hz
-Plug in some USB devices.

Incredibly misleading image here on this amazon listing: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sanho-GN28B-GRAY-Hyper-Drive/dp/B01MUAEI7J/ref=sr_1_1?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1497354410&sr=1-1&keywords=thunderbolt+3+hyperdrive

Thomas Wilson says:

They should add more strength to it instead of the 2 USB because they could easily snap off

bobsagget823 says:

Cheaply made piece of shit. This is a parody of the awful macbook design.

wikichris says:

Backs it on Kickstarter and still has to pay for it. Shows the insanity of the capital for no shares model.

N.S.Vishnu karan says:

What battery life are you getting on your macbook pro? Is it consistent?

ȘȚɄƑƑɎǾɄ1oo says:

Well it’s another “fix” for Apple’s port stupidity. The OWC Dec should be more interesting when you get it.

MacLikeABoss says:

According to 9to5mac youtube vid it supports 4k at 60hz. I am confused now. Can you affirm that it only supports 4k at 30hz?

RockstarBruski says:

i guess you could plug in thunderbolt extender cables if you didnt want this device to sit right next to the laptop.

hotdognobun says:

Wait wait wait! Thats the Lasertag Starlyte! You have a new subscriber

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