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Classic Game Room reviews the USB 3.0 ANKER 7-PORT HUB WITH CHARGING PORT for your computer or USB device!! CGR Anker USB port YouTube review has Anker 7-port USB 3.0 YouTube review footage recorded in space using lasers.


DAudIcI says:

0:47 Let’s take a look at Mark’s “what has my life become?!” face!


hey mark you should check out and review metroid 2 remake if you can get your hands on it since nintendo took it down

Brandon Klopp says:

Mark sleeps in. “Shit I need something to review for today’s video!” He quickly scans his room for anything, anything at all that he could review.

supsification says:

Now if only Anker would send you a device suitable for cable management you’d be all set.

That Guy...Brian says:


Eleventhowl Gaming and more says:

Amazing Mark I have my own studio in Livonia Michigan USA and it’s a game room

LemonSlice says:

Looks a lot like my ICY BOX hub, also 7X USB 3.0 and powered with charging port with the same blue LEDs I put tape over. Only mine looks a bit more robust and higher quality. Had it for 3 years now and have never had a single problem with it, and I’ve got two hard drives and a BluRay burner attached to it. Can highly recommend it.

Mark Racer says:

Dude, you need my cable management 101 class!!!

cgraham6 says:

But….you never mentioned if it was 2.0 or 3.0!

Rob German says:

agreed – those extra weeks of not dusting are key!

Nate Swanson says:

wow thats allot of SSD

SEMS says:

Mark you should review that badass computer you use for drawing.

Kiryu Mekagojira says:

I use different color usb cables for all the devices around the house.

Stories Dreamer says:

Extra Info :
Sametimes You motherbourd don’t gave full power to the USB dvices , that mean they will not work, be slow or not work that will, my mic make annying sound and my camera will not work.

USB HUB with charaging port can help a lot

rotaryfreak3 says:

Mark does all of his video editing on a Mac Mini? I would have guessed that would be a little slow, but maybe not. Also surprising he is using Adobe Premier instead of Final Cut Pro if he is using a Mac.

LemonSlice says:

“If you’re going to buy the game anyway…”
Oh, so it not only sounds, it plays????

TheNintendoFreaks says:

is this a piss take for irategamer?

Joe Digger says:

But can it play TRUXTON?

Samuel Baugh says:

But does it play Truxton?

Foxysen says:

Bringing newest CGR reviews into Internet with the power of THUNDERBOLTS!

BlayzedBlue says:

Marc, do cartridge/box art reviews. Atari 2600 had some of the best box art ever.

defm1 says:

You may need to upgrade to the 14 port one they make.

klauszik says:

Can it play the Daytona USA Song though?

Eric Lamothe says:

can we plug 4 game consoles whit that thing?

girlsdrinkfeck says:

no wonder he dont PC game ,mac mini lmao !!!

OtterloopB says:

The sporadic scene of wires and cables behind Mark’s monitor looks like the mess of cables and wires behind my TV.

And what am I doing with such a messy setup? … Playing Tricky Towers on my PS4.

… Kind of an unnecessary, convoluted mess I’ve got going on. I should consider decluttering.

Alevamltd says:

Mac Mini FTW!

viet411 says:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Mark can review anything, literally anything and make it interesting. Still remember him reviewing a sticker for the Vectrex lol.

Mark, you amazing man you. Keep doing you.

Elvis Sanchez says:

Question, can I use this for my Wii U?

AGT88 says:

Great obligatory cable porn video, Mark.

Sursurk says:

Only few people can make a USB Hub review entertaining, you’re one of them.

TheAxeGrinder says:

No mention of Truxton or Canada? Come on.

Elite GamingWolf says:

hey lord karnage. i been thinking about it and im going to donate to your patreon later. it seems like your still the only youtuber that actually focuses on the content and quality. i might donate 5 dollars if i can. i know its not alot but im broke this mount. i cant even pay my 60 dollar phone bill this month so i went without. its not alot but i want to show my appreation. as soon as i get the credit card i’ll try to donate. however i dont know how patreon works so i might need to figure it out

epicmartin7 says:

Can this do my taxes?

JoarMusic says:

Hey do you think you would have liked making a review of an indie strategy game called Strayspells?

Killerfatepro Official says:

Why is he talking to cable cords ?

Kane Smith says:


Harry Fearns says:

Because 7 marks are better than one.

SolidSnake684 says:

Looks like my room full of classic gane systems. Just unorganized chaos

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